Accomplishments of Joseph Smith Jr.

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Spiritual Visits:
1.  Father and Son (proof of being separate entities; love for humanity; 
      reality of existence; need for true church)
2.  Moroni (Book of Mormon) - many visits
3.  John the Baptist (Aaronic priesthood; baptism)
4.  Peter, James and John (Melchizedak priesthood)
5.  Jesus Christ (special vision in Kirtland Temple to show 
      degrees of glory after mortal life)
6.  Moses, Elias and Elijah (temple work; missionary work; genealogy)
7.  View of inside Hill Cumorah cave (Brigham Young - Journal of 
      Discourses vol. 19)

1.  Aaronic Priesthood:
    - Baptism
    - Priesthood offices
    - Sacrament (bread and wine - later changed to water)
2.  Melchizedek Priesthood:
    - Holy Ghost
    - Priesthood offices
    - Blessing the sick
    - Temple endowment for living and dead
    - Celestial marriage sealing of family
1.  Book of Mormon (Urim and Thummim; seer stone; diligent study)
2.  Doctrine and Covenants (revelations)
3.  Pearl of Great Price:
    - Book of Abraham (revelation and papyrus fragments)
    - Book of Moses (direct revelation)
    - Articles of Faith

Church Organization:
1.  Organized general structure on April 6, 1830
2.  Priesthood offices/duties (D&C 20)
3.  Relief Society (started in Kirtland, Ohio)
4.  Zion's Camp (relief effort to help members in Missouri; 
      this became essential training needed by Brigham Young 
      and others for the exodus to Utah.)

Missionary Work:
1.  Organized missionary work to United States, Europe, 
      Indian tribes and Polynesia

Studied with language instructors in School of the Prophets 
  and on his own:
  1.  Demotic script (reformed Egyptian).  This was a shorthand 
        written system developed by Hebrews in ancient Egypt a few 
        decades before Lehi. Lehi and his sons would have studied 
        this script due to frequent caravan trade to Egypt.  The 
        system combined Egyptian and Hebrew words (similar to our 
        shorthand system); symbols represent phrases and words.
  2.  German (Joseph said the Bible translation in German was 
        more accurate than in English.)
  3.  Greek
  4.  Hebrew
  5.  Latin
Temporal Achievements:
1.  Founded several towns and colonies, including:
    - Hiram and Kirtland, Ohio
    - Far West and Independence, Missouri
    - Nauvoo, Illinois (largest city in his day)
2.  Organized Bank of Kirtland; stores for church members; 
      newspapers in USA and England
3.  Mayor of Nauvoo
4.  Lt. General of Nauvoo Legion (he had the highest military 
      rank of anyone in the United States at the time.)
5.  Candidate to be President of the United States
6.  Stated the Council of Fifty (church members and nonmembers).
      This was designed to form the basis for a world government, 
      with Jesus Christ as the head.