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From old English:  The state of being AT-ONE & process to be such

      Atonement = To be reunited with God


Similar to Reconciliation (Latin:  reconsilio “to be seated again with



Redemption (buy back) from Greek (katallagein): exchange (change from

      enemy to friendship) 


Celebrated by all religions.


Nibley (Temple & Cosmos p. 380): 

“At hundreds of holy shrines, each believed to mark the exact center of the universe and represented as the point at which the four quarters of the earth converged – 'the navel of the earth' – one might have seen assembled at the New Year – the moment of creation, the beginning and ending of time (that’s the eternal round) – vast concourses of people, each thought to represent the entire human race in the presence of all its ancestors and gods.”


Examples:  Great Pyramid at Giza & Silbury Hill (2750 BC); Stonehenge

     (2500 BC); Angkor Wat; Borobudur

     Similar to what 1st happened at Adam-Ondi-Ahman (means: Adam

     in the Presence of God; Adam before God)  Ahman is another

     name for God.  Giza:  Pyramid symbol for bread & Christ

     (Christ is the bread of life) See my notes on Book of Abraham Facsimile #2.




Purpose of sacrifice:  Restore primordial unity that existed before

life on earth.  Restore the whole that preceded the creation.  Corruption of Christ’s sacrifice.


Primal Unity:  One-ness between heaven & earth


Mystery (Nibley):

      “…a mystery, by definition, is something that you keep to yourself; the Greek muo means 'to shut up.' A mystery is something you've been initiated into, and you don't convey that to the general public.”  (Brother Brigham Challenges the Saints p. 414)