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NAME                   ACTION                             BAIL     STORY

Archie Goodwin         Material witness (MWIT)                       AV

Archie                 MWIT; in jail                      $10,000    BF

Archie                 MWIT                                          DS

Archie and Nero Wolfe  MWIT; in NYC (bail for each)       $30,000    FA

Saul Panzer, Fred      MWIT; in NYC                                  FA

 Durkin, Orrie Cather


Wolfe                  Witness for the prosecution;                  MA

Archie                 MWIT; murder suspect               $20,000    MC

Archie and Wolfe       MWIT; in Albany (bail for each)    $20,000    MD

Archie                 MWIT                               $20,000    MH

Archie                 MWIT; in jail                                 NE

Archie and Wolfe       Witness for the prosecution                   NW

Archie                 MWIT; in county jail, Montana      $10,000    OD

Wolfe                  MWIT; at Lily Rowen ranch, Montana            OD

Archie                 Obstructing justice                           PA

Archie                 MWIT                               $500       RM

Archie                 MWIT; Crowfield County Jail, NY               SB

Archie                 MWIT; Sullivan Act                 $20,000    SM

Wolfe                  MWIT; NYCPD HQS                               SS

Saul and Fred          Obstructing justice                           TR

Wolfe's home           Search warrant                                TR