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     The following lists include foods that have been served at Nero Wolfe's old brownstone house on West 35th Street, New York City.  They also include foods Wolfe and Archie Goodwin ate outside of Wolfe's home and those Archie ate when on assignments.




Anchovy omelet                       Apricot omelet

Bacon                                Bacon & apricot omelet

Brioches                             Broiled ham

Canadian back bacon                  Caviar with coddled eggs

Chocolate                            Coffee (2 cups)

Corn fritters                        Corn muffins

Crackers                             Creole fritters

Creole pork sausage                  Crescent rolls

Croissants with blackberry jam       Curried duck

Eggs a la Suisse                     Eggs au Beurre Noir

Eggs cooked in black butter &        Escargots Bourguignonne

  sherry                             Figs & cream

French toast                         Grapefruit

Grapefruit juice                     Green tomato jam

Griddle cakes with honey             Grilled ham

Ham & eggs                           Kidneys & waffles

Melon                                Muffins with honey

Muskmelon                            Oatmeal cakes

Oatmeal with cream                   Orange juice

Pancakes & wild Thyme honey          Peaches & cream

Poached eggs                         Poached Eggs Creole

Poached Eggs Burgundian              Prunes

Sausage                              Sausage cakes

Scrapple                             Shad roe & avocado salad

Shirred eggs                         Sour-milk buckwheat pancakes

Strawberry omelet                    Summer sausage

Tea                                  Toast





Almond balls                         Almond tarts

Apple pie                            Bar-le-Duc

Black bread & sturgeon               Breaded pork tenderloin sandwich

Brie cheese                            with onion grass

Bursatto melon                       Cheese and watercress

Cheeses                              Chocolate pie

Coffee                               Coke & lime

Corned beef on rye sandwich          Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese & pineapple           Crackers

Crackers & raspberry preserves       Cremona Gorgon Zola cheese

Doughnuts with blackberry jam        Fromage de Cochon

Georgia country ham sandwich         Green tomato pie

Guava jelly                          Headcheese

Herring                              Herring in sour cream

Il Pesto and crackers                Lemon sherry pudding

Liver pate on thin toast             Madrilene

Marinated mushrooms                  Milk

Milk toast                           Minced rabbit sandwich

Mint julep                           Pate de Foie Gras

Pickled mushrooms                    Port cheese

Raisin cake                          Rhubarb pie

Roasted chestnuts                    Root beer

Soup                                 Sturgeon

Sturgeon sandwich                    Tea

Toast                                Tongue sandwich





'28 Marcobrunner                     Albacore

Almond parfait                       American duckling

Anchovies & celery                   Anchovy omelet

Apple pie                            Artichokes Drigante

Avocado                              Bacalhau

Baked beans                          Baked blueash

Baked bluefish                       Baked brook Montbarry

Bananas                              Bar-le-duc

Beans                                Beet and watercress salad

Blueberry pie                        Braised sweetbread

Breaded pork tenderloin              Brie cheese

Broccoli                             Broiled chicken

Broiled ham                          Broiled sausage

Buttermilk biscuits                  Cannelloni

Cantaloupe mousse                    Casserole of lamb cutlets with

Cassoulettes Castelnaudary             gammon & tomatoes

Caviar                               Celery and mushroom omelet

Celery and mushroom salad            Cheese dumplings

Cherry pie                           Cherry tarts

Chestnut soup                        Chicken fricassee and dumplings

Chicken liver and mushrooms          Chicken livers and tomato halves

Chicken pie & dumplings              Chicken pie with truffles

Chicken Quenelles                    Chicken sorrel soup with egg yolks

Chocolate egg malted                 Clam chowder

Clam juice                           Coffee

Corn cakes                           Corn fritters with anchovy sauce

Corn fritters with autumn honey      Corned-beef hash

Corned-beef on rye sandwich          Crab meat omelet

Creole fritters                      Cutlets

Diced watermelon                     Dill pickles

Duck                                 Duckling with Flemish olive sauce

Eel stewed in beer                   Egg sandwich

Eggplant with chicken fat            Eggs au Beuffe Noir

Eggs Boulangere Casserole            Endive & watercress salad

Endive with Martinique dressing      Endive with tarragon

Fig & cherry tart                    Fricandeau soufflé

Fricassee                            Fried potatoes

Fromage de Cochon                    Gammon-tomato casserole

Green-corn pudding                   Ham sandwich

Ham and sweetbreads mousse           Ham Timbales

Hashed brown potatoes                Hashed clams with eggs & mushroom

Hedgehog omelet                      Kidney pie

Kidneys                              Lemon ice

Lemon-sherry pudding                 Lobster bisque

Lobster salad                        Malted milk

Marinated watermelon                 Marrow dumplings

Meadowbrook dressing                 Melon

Milk                                 Minced lamb kidneys

Mixed salad                          Mushrooms Polonaise

Mussels                              Pate de Foie Gras

Peaches                              Peruvian melon

Pheasant                             Pig knuckle and sauerkraut

Piroshki                             Pork & beans

Pumpkin pie                          Pumpkin puffs

Raspberries                          Red snapper filet with almonds

Relish platter                       Rhubarb pie

Rhubarb tarts                        Rice cakes with honey

Rice fritters with black currant     Rice and mushroom fritters

  Jam                                Ris de Veau Amandine

Roasted sweet corn                   Rognons aux Montagnes

Salad                                Salade Beatrice

Salami & cheese                      Sausage

Sausage cakes                        Sautéed shad roe

Scallops                             Scallops in the shell

Shad roe casserole                   Shad Roe Fines Herbes

Shad Roe Mousse Pocahontas           Shad roe & pork baked in cream

Shallots                             Shish kebab

Shrimp Bordelaise with garlic        Skewered lamb kidneys

Sle Veronique                        Smoked pheasant

Smoked sturgeon                      Soufflé

Soufflé Armeville                    Spareribs in sauce

Spiced brandied cherries             Split-pea soup

Squabs a la Muscovite                Sturgeon Fume a la Muscovite

Sturgeon sandwich                    Sweetbreads Amandine

Sweetbreads in Bechamec sauce        Tambo shells & mushrooms

Tomato & cheese sauce                Tongue sandwich

Veal cutlet                          Veal & mushrooms

Vitello Tonnato                      Wine

Yogurt & crackers





Almond parfait                       Anchovy fritters

American duckling                    Apple baked in wine

Apple pie                            Artichauts Drigante

Artichokes Drigante                  Avocado salad

Avocado Todhunter                    Avocado with watercress & black

Bacalhau                               walnuts

Baked grapefruit                     Baked oysters

Baked pears                          Baked potato

Beaten biscuits                      Beef stew

Beer-stewed eel                      Beer-stewed pork

Blackberry pie                       Blinis with caviar & sour cream

Blue grouse                          Blueberry Grunt

Blueberry pie                        Boned ducklings

Bouillabaisse                        Braised beef in red wine

Braised duckling with crabmeat       Braised pork filet

Braised wild turkey                  Brazilian lobster salad

Bread & apple butter                 Broccoli

Broccoli & stuffed potatoes          Broiled chicken

Broiled pork loin wafers             Broiled turkey

Broiled turtle steak                 Brook trout with brown sauce

Cape Cod clam cakes                  Capon Souvaroff

Caramele dumplings                   Casseroled kidneys

Cassoulettes Castelnaudary           Caviar

Celery and cantaloupe salad          Chateaubriand

Cheese                               Cheese fritters

Cherry pie Fried shrimp              Cherry pudding

Chestnut soup                        Chestnut whip

Chicken breast with beef marrow,     Chicken Marengo

  Chablis & cracker crumbs           Chicken sandwich

Chicken sorrel soup                  Chili con carne

Civet de lapin                       Clam cakes

Clam cakes with chili sauce          Clam cakes with mushroom sauce

Clam chowder                         Clams

Claret                               Coffee

Coffee ice cream                     Consommé

Corn fritters                        Corned-beef hash

Corned-beef sandwich                 Creamed potatoes

Crème Genoise                        Creole curds with cream

Creole tripe                         Cucumber mousse

Cucumber & shrimp sandwich           Curried beef roll

Curried duck                         Cutlets

Danish pork pancake                  Darst sausage

Deep-dish blueberry pie              Deviled grilled lamb kidneys

Duck a la Mr. Richards               Duck Mondor

Duckling roasted in cider & Spanish  Duckling with grapes & cherries

  sauce                              Egg & anchovy sandwich

Escargots Bourguignonne              Fig soufflé

Filet Mignon                         Filet of beef in aspic

Filet with Abano sauce               Finnan Haddie

Fish                                 Flounder & cheese sauce

Flounder in mussel & mushroom sauce  Fried chicken

Fried chicken with cream gravy &     Fried clams

  Mush                               Frog legs

Fromage de Cochon                    Germiny a l'Oseille

Glace de Viande                      Goat milk

Goose with stuffing                  Goulash

Green lima beans                     Green salad

Green tomato pie                     Green turtle soup

Grilled squab with Venitienne sauce  Grilled sweet potatoes

Guinea Chicken Braziliera            Guinea hen

Hash brown potatoes                  Honeydew melon

Huckleberry pie                      Hunkiav Beyandi

Ice cream                            Jellied consommé

Kentucky Burgoo                      Kidney

Kidneys mountain style               Lamb hearts

Lamb kidneys Bourguignonne           Lamb loaf

Lamb stew                            Leg of lamb

Liederkranz                          Lima beans in cream

Liver & bacon                        Lobster Cardinal

Lobster Newburgh                     Lobster with tarragon & white wine

Marinated squabs with Madeira cream    sauce

  Sauce                              Melon

Minced lamb kidneys with green       Missouri Boone County ham

  Peppers                            Mock terrapin

Mondor patties                       Mussels

Mussez bisque                        Neptune Bouchees

Oeufs au cheval                      Onion soup

Oyster pie a la Nero Wolfe           Oysters

Papaya custard                       Partridge casserole

Partridges in Mariade                Pasti Grey Riesling

Pastry                               Pate de Foie Gras

Peafowl                              Peas

Pecan sour cream pie                 Petits Poissons

Pheasant                             Philadelphia snapper soup

Pineapple sherbet                    Poached flounder with mussel & Poached & truffled broilers            mushroom sauce

Pork tenderloin                      Porterhouse steak

Potatoes with cheese & mushrooms     Pudding with nuts

Pumpkin pie                          Pureed sorrel

Quenelles Bonne Femme                Raspberry sherbet

Real Montana Trout Deal              Remisier brandy

Rice croquettes                      Ripe tomatoes

Roast beef sandwich                  Roast corn on the cob

Roast Duck Mr. Richards              Roast duckling in cider

Roast pheasant                       Roast quail with a sauce of white

Roast Watertown goose                  wine, veal stock & white grapes

Rognons aux Montagnes                Salad

Salad with Devil's Rain dressing     Sally Lunn

Salmon mousse                        Saucisse Minuit

Sauerkraut                           Sausage cakes

Shad roe aux fines herbs             Shad Roe Creole

Shad roe en casserole                Shad Roe Mousse Pocahontas

Shad roe with Creole sauce           Shashlik

Sherry and chicken broth             Shish-kabob

Shrimp                               Smoked pheasant

Smoked Sturgeon Muscovite            Snipe cooked in brandy

Soup Tureen                          Spaghetti

Spaghetti with anchovy sauce         Spareribs

Spinach                              Sponge cake

Spoon bread                          Squabs with Sauce Printemps

Squabs with sausage & sauerkraut     Squash with sour cream

Squirrel stew with black sauce       Starlings with sage and polenta

Steak                                Stewed rabbit

Strawberries Romanoff                Stuffed capon

Stuffed eggplant                     Suckling pig

Summer salad                         Supremes de Volaille en Papillote

Sweetbreads                          Tagliarini

Tennessee opossum                    Terrapin Maryland

Terrapin stewed in butter            Touredos a la Béarnaise

Tripe a la Mode de Caen              Trout Montbarry

Truite Montbarry                     Veal

Veal Birds Casserole                 Veal Birds Casserole

Veal cutlet                          Veal knuckle

Venison loin chops                   Venitienne

Walnut pudding with cinnamon         Wild duck with Vatel sauce

Wine                                 Woodcock

Zwieback with grape jelly