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Victim                 Story  Weapon

Aaron, Bertha          EM     Jade chunk to head; strangled with Wole's


Abrams, Rachel         MB     Pushed from 7th floor window

Althaus, Morris        DR     Smith & Wesson .38 pistol (in heart)

Amory, Ann             NE     Strangled with scarf

Annis, Hattie          AB     Hit by car

Archie                 BD     Pistol

Arden, Phoebe          MM     5" kitchen knife (in chest)

Assa, Vernon           BM     Cyanide in Pernod

Ashby, Dennis          KN     Petrified wood chunk to head; pushed out

                                of 10th floor window

Barstow, Peter         F      Poisoned needle shot from golf club

Bassett, Harvey H.     FA     Smith & Wesson .38 pistol (in heart)

Baxter, Tamiris        CM     Kitchen knife (in chest)

Bell, Charles          AM     Pistol (to body)

Bilic, Jube            TB     Unspecified

Birch, Matthew         GS     Car driven over body

Boone, Cheney          SS     Monkey wrench (to head)

Bottweill, Kurt        CP     Cyanide in Pernod

Brandt, Delia          AD     Strangled with cord

Brigham, Corey         DS     Bowdoin .38 pistol (in chest)

Brodell, Philip        OD     Pistol (in back and throat)

Bronson, Howard        SB     Pitchfork (in chest)

Brooke, Susan          RD     Billy club (to skull)

Brown, Cynthia         DM     Strangled with scarf

Burton, Loring A.      LM     Colt auto pistol (4 shots to body)

Bynoe, Mrs. Millard    EP     Poisoned needle (in head)

Ceasar (a bull)        SB     Anthrax

Childress, Charles     MI     Pistol (to head)

Corrigan, James A.     MB     Marley .32 pistol

Cross, Albert          BT     Pushed from 12th floor window

Dahlmann, Louis        BM     .32 pistol (in heart)

Daumery, Helen         MA     Unspecified

Denovo, Elinor         FH     Car driven over body

Donahue, William A.    MD     Ashtray to head; strangled with necktie

Doyle,                 HW     Granville .38 pistol (in heart)

Drossos, Peter         GS     Car driven over body

Ducos, Lucile          FA     .38 pistol

Ducos, Pierre          FA     Bomb in cigar tube (expodes in face)

Dykes, Leonard         MB     Paperweight to head; drowned in the East


Eads, Priscilla        PB     Poker to head; strangled with cord

Eber, James            DS     Bowdoin .38 pistol (in head)

Eisler, Wade           RM     Steel rod to head; strangled with rope

Faber, Kenneth         MC     16-5/8" iron pipe to head

Faber, Rudolph         OB     Knife (in chest)

Ferrone, Nick          WK     Baseball bat (to skull)

Fleming, Barry         DD     Bristol .22 pistol (in head)

Fomos, Margaret        PB     Strangled with cord

Fromm, Laura           GS     Tire wrench to head; car driven over body

Fyfe, Bertram          AW     Dry ice placed on two hot water bags on

                                his chest while he had pneumonia

Fyfe, Mr.              AW     Open window in winter when ill

Gebert, Perren         RB     Nitrobenzene in saucer

Getz, Adrian           SM     Archie Goodwin's Marley .32 pistol (in


Gould, Harry           BO     Pistol (in head)

Gunther, Phoebe        SS     1-1/2" x 16" iron pipe to head

Haskell, Barney        AM     Pistol (to body)

Hatten, Doris          DM     Strangled with scarf

Haverhill, Harriet     DO     .32 pistol (to head)

Hawthorne, Noel        WW     Shotgun (in head)

Hazen, Barry           D      Drexel .32 pistol (in back)

Heller, Leo            ZC     Gustein pistol (in heart)

Holt, Philip           JP     6" carving knife (in back)

Howell, Arthur         IE     Car driven over face

Huck, Beryl            IT     Ptomaine poison in pickled artichokes

Huddleston, Bess       CI     Tetanus in cut toe

Jacobs, Simon          PY     Knife (in chest)

Jaffee, Sarah          PB     Bookend to head; strangled with cord

Jensen, Ben            HW     Granville .38 pistol (to heart)

Jerin, Paul            G      Arsenic trioxide in hot chocolate

Kampf, Phillip         LD     Hit on head; strangled with dog leash

Karn, Naomi            WW     Strangled with blue wrap

Karnow, Sidney         WM     .45 pistol (in head)

Keems, Johnny          AD     Car driven into body

Kerr, Isabel           DD     Ashtray to head

Keyes, Sigmund         FO     .38 pistol (in chest)

Kimball, E.D.          F      Plane crash

Kirk, Bonny            BW     Vodka bottle to skull

Koppel, Deborah        AV     Cyanide in candy

Koppel, Lawrence       AV     Cyanide

Lauck, Molly           RB     Potassium cyanide in candied almonds

Lauer, Dini            DT     Knocked unconscious with morphine;

                                ciphogene poison

Lazio, Phillip         TM     Knife (in back)

Leeds, Cora            NE     Smothered with pillow

Leeson, David M.       IM     Wooden club to skull

Lewent, Herman         IT     Green marble paperweight to skull

Linville, Sparky       LC     Tire Iron (to head)

Ludlow, Percy          OB     Epee with col de mort (in heart)

Maffei, Carlo          F      Knife (in back)

Meade, Royal           SI     Pistol (2 bullets to head)

Mardus, Carol          MH     Strangled with cord

Markham, Hale          BV     Pushed down Caldwell's Gash

McNair, Boyden         RB     Potassium cyanide in aspirin

Milbank, Orson         BP     M2 Garand rifle (to head)

Mion, Alberto          GW     Pistol (in mouth)

Molloy, Michael        AD     Marley .38 (in head)

Montrose, Delia        BF     Car driven over body

Moore, Waldo Wilmot    MW     Petrified wood chunk to head; car driven

                                over body

Murphy, Angelina       BD     Pistol (several bullets to body)\

                                (Strychnine in abdomen)

Naylor, Kerr           MW     Car driven over body

Nieder, Paul           MA     Window-raising pole to face

Nobby (a dog)          BF     Steak knife (in side)

Odell, Peter J.        PG     Dynamite bomb in desk

Ogilvy, Jane           PY     Knife (in chest)

Orchard, Cyril         AV     Poison in soda pop

Osgood, Clyde          SB     Pick (in chest)

Peacock, Sam           OD     Rock to skull

Perez, Maria           TC     .32 pistol (in head)

Perrit, Dazy           BD     Pistol

Poole, Beula           AV     Pistol (in head)

Poor, Eugene           IE     Exploding cigar in mouth

Postel, Titus          D      Drexel .32 pistol

Pyle, Vincent          PA     Arsenic in food

Rackell, Arthur        HR     Potassium cyanide in vitamin pills

Rackham, Sarah         BF     Steak knife (in chest)

Rennert, Kenneth       PY     Drugged booze; knife (in chest)

Reyes, Ella            AD     Wooden club to head

Rony, Lewis            SC     Rock to skull; Wolfe's car driven over


Ryder, Harold          BT     Hand grenade

Scovil, Harlan         TR     Pistol (5 bullets in body)

Stevens, Milan         ME     Stabbed 4 times with letter opener

Swartz, Andrew         FB     Margle sculpture (to head)

Tenzer, Ellen          MH     Strangled with cord

Thompson, Richard      BP     Pistol (to head); manipulated suicide

Tingley, Arthur        BE     Iron weight to head; throat cut with


Usher, Faith           CO     Cyanide in Champagne

Utley, Dinah           FD     Head hit; car driven over body

Vail, Jimmy            FD     Drugged; bronze statue dropped on body

Vasso, Pete            KN     Hit and pushed off cliff

Vaughn, Peter          RD     Snubnose Haskell .32 pistol (in heart)

Voss, Bianca           FM     Marble paperweight to skull; strangled

                                with scarf

Vukcic, Marko          TB     Pistol (3 bullets in chest and stomach)

Wallen, Jacob          CK     Scissors (in back)

Walsh, Michael         TR     Pistol (in head)

Wellman, Joan          MB     Car driven over body

Whitten, Floyd         OF     8" knife (in back)

Willis, Marie          NW     Strangled with phone cord

Wolfe (Britton), Anna  TB     Knife; thrown off cliff

Yare, Sarah            FM MJ  Cyanide in whiskey

Yeager, Thomas         TC     Pistol (in head)

Zeck, Arnold           BF     Carson Snub .30 pistol