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††††††††††† Sunrise over Phuket.Six ďcommandosĒ silently paddle a black dingy into the bay, which fronts Bill Hyattís isolated plantation.The men quickly rush up from the surf as several dogs bark a warning.One of Hyattís guards shoots at the attackers and more guards stumble out of an out building, guns blazing.A brisk firefight between the two forces ensues.A commando hurls a grenade into the main house, causing a fire.Boon, Hyattís chief guard, fires an Uzi at the commandos and wounds one.


Boon:††††††††††††† Ay ngang, ying bai taang nohn.Sadruu yuu nohn![Idiot, fire over there.The enemyís over there!]


Guard:††††††††††† Khrap pom.[Yes, sir.]


††††††††††† The situation looks grim for the defenders until a Thai police unit careens through the main gate.The police rush forward to assist Boonís men and compel the commandos to escape.Another commando is wounded, but all six make it to the dingy.Boon is wounded slightly in the leg.A motor on the dingy roars to life and the commandos speed to safety beyond the bullets which zing about them.







††††††††††† Victoria and party inside Hyattís partially-destroyed living room.Stephen comes back from talking to a Thai guard.


Stephen:†††††††† The guard claims six black men attacked the house early this morning but no one knows why.They came in a motorized dingy and escaped, although several were wounded.Thai police were patrolling nearby when the raid occurred.They helped drive the attackers away.


Cap:††††††††††††††† It had to be the same group which attacked our boat late yesterday.The Brotherhood must have agents here in Thailand, keeping very close watch on us.


Victoria:††††††††† That comes as no surprise.But where is Bill Hyatt?Was he home during the fight?


Stephen:†††††††† No.He and his family are up north in Chiang Mai to celebrate the Thai new year.I knew that he has a home there, but Iíve never been to it.Weíll need someone to go with us.Boon is the best choice.


Ace:††††††††††††††† Who is he?


Stephen:†††††††† Hyattís head guard.He was wounded in the fight and is in a local hospital.The guard says Boon can take us to Chiang Mai.I know Boon.He is tough and furious about the attack.Heíll want to explain what happened here to Bill in person.We can see him in the hospital.


Cap:††† ††††††††††† Victoria, I suggest you rest here while Stephen, Ace and I see Boon.


Victoria:††††††††††All right, Cap.I donít feel up to a hospital visit just now.


††††††††††† Fade out.







††††††††††† A Thai nurse escorts Cap, Ace and Stephen to see Boon, who lies in bed.


Nurse: ††††††††††† He sick.You please to speak only short time.


Ace:††† ††††††††††† Yes, thank you.(nurse leaves) Go ahead, Stephen.


Stephen:†††††††† (to Boon) Sawatdee pee.Farang law nee ben puan pom.Khaw maa haa khun Bill na khrap.[Hello, older brother.These westerners are my friends.They have come to find Mr. Bill.]


Boon:††††††††††† Sawatdee Khun Stephen.It more better I speak English with them.


Stephen:†††††††† OK.Boon, this is Cap and Ace.They are friends of my uncle and need to see Bill.


Boon:††††††††††††† He in Chiang Mai for Songkran festival.Come back next month.


Stephen:†††††††† We must see Bill tomorrow.The attack on Billís plantation happened because the bad men wanted to kill Bill before he could see us.


Boon:††††††††††††† (his eyes narrow) Why?


Cap:††††††††††††††† Because Bill Hyatt is the only one who can help us.Can you tell us where to find him?


Boon:††††††††††††† Those men try to kill Khun Bill again?


Ace:††††††††††††††† Yes.We must warn him.


Stephen:†††††††††Tell us where Bill is.Weíre leaving for Chiang Mai today.


Boon:††††††††††† (getting out of bed)I take you.We go now.


Ace:††† ††††††††††† But youíre wounded!


Boon:††††††††††††† (smiling)Mai Ben rai[It doesnít matter.]


Ace:††††††††††††††† (to Cap)Hey, donít talk him out of going.We need him and heís one tough Thai.


Boon:††††††††††††† Come, we go now.


††††††††††† Fade out as they help Boon.












††††††††††† View of Doi Suthep mountain and a lovely temple on one of its upper peaks.The mountain backdrops Chiang Mai.Various angles of the Songkran parade and general water-throwing in the downtown and riverfront areas.Thousands of Thai and western celebrants splash beauty contestants atop decorated floats.(Songkran is the water festival, which celebrates the Thai new year between 13 and 15 April.)


††††††††††† Camera follows a Datsun pickup truck as it slows down in front of a group of happy Thais along a suburban road.Bill and Anchalee Hyatt, Anchaleeís pretty younger sister, Toi, and the two Hyatt children are in the truck.The Hyattís and Toi help douse the roadside group with water from a 50-gallon drum in the truckís bed.They in turn are soaked in a barrage of water thrown by the laughing Thais.Another band of celebrants in a passing truck splashes the Hyattís, too.


Billís truck returns to his home on the outskirts of Chiang Mai.Those in the truck use the last of their water on Victoriaís group, which stands outside in the courtyard when the truck arrives.


Toi:†††††††††††††††† Uy daay!Farang.Saad khaw.[Oh!Westerners.Soak them.]


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† (booming voice)Boon!Len naam gan si![Boon!Letís water fight!]


††††††††††† Johnnie and Ngam (Billís children) jump off the truck, run to a hose, and spray everyone.Rick, Jeff and Maria join in the water fight with buckets.


††††††††††† The adults abandon the courtyard to the younger people.Inside the house, Bill turns a serious eye on Boon.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Why are you here?What happened in Phuket, and who are these people?


Boon:††††††††††††† Bad men attack the house with guns and grenades yesterday.No one hurt bad, but house not too good, boss.They friends of Stephen.He come here, too.Boon think you must see them.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Stephen Wu?!Wellósomething is very strange.That old fart, Li Kwang Wu, is trying to learn about the treasure again.But why send more farangs to dig the secret out of me?


††††††††††† Anchalee walks up with a worried look on her face.She returns Boonís waay and questions Bill as Boon discreetly gives them room to talk alone.


Anchalee:†††††† Bill kha, there must be terrible trouble in Phuket for Boon to come.Stephen Wu is here.Are those people here to learn about Preah Vihear?My love, you must not tell them anything!

Bill:†††††††††††††††† (smiling as he touches her face)What a discerning wife I have.No way I could hide a secret from you.However, weíll have to ask them about why they are here.They probably do want to know about the temple.I feel that prickling along my spine, just as I always do whenever I remember that stairway and the hidden chamber.But itís stronger now than ever before!


Anchalee:†††††† Be careful what you tell them.Think of the children.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† I always think of them and you.Thatís what kept me from going inside that room years ago.


††††††††††† Stephen comes over alone.


Stephen:†††††††† Hello, my friends.Uncle Wu sends his best regards and asked me to give you a verbal message about these people.Can we go somewhere private, please?


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Of course, Stephen.I am happy to see you again.Anchalee?


Anchalee:††††††††I will welcome them while you talk.







††††††††††† View of Billís truck.Maria, Rick and Jeff are in the back with the Hyatt children and Toi; they are ready to continue the water fun in town.Toi calls to Anchalee, who is speaking with Marco, Victoria, Hattie and Paul.


Toi:†††††††††††††††† Pee kha, weíll be back tonight for dinner.Weíll take care of Ngam and Johnnie.See you later.


Anchalee:†††††††Have fun, Toi.(truck drives off, with the celebrants aboard)

Toi is my sister.She will make sure that your friends have a good Songkran.Victoria, letís all change out of these wet clothes before we discuss your questions.


Victoria:††††††††† Thank you.Your new year celebration certainly is different.


Anchalee:†††††††††The water fights are only a recent addition to the older customs.


††††††††††† Bill and Stephen enter.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Anchalee and I welcome you all to our home.Stephen has related the events in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Phuket.Weíll talk more after you change and feel comfortable.


††††††††††† Fade out and shift scene to a spacious living room.All are dry.Those present include:Victoria, Paul, Marco, Hattie, Ace, Cap, Stephen, Anchalee and Bill.Boon has gone out to take care of security.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† I prefer an informal atmosphere, so letís keep our discussion on a first name basis, OK?Victoria, whatís this about a magic cipher or disk?And what do you want from me?


Victoria:††††††††† Briefly, while doing research for my thesis on the Incan Empire, I discovered evidence in some old Spanish manuscripts about a mysterious secret which the Spanish conquistadors took from the Incas.The disk is part of a cipher left on earth thousands of years ago by an extraterrestrial craft.The cipher itself is a key to discovering advanced technology, which can change life throughout the world.


The Brotherhood of the Skull is a secret society sworn to prevent this knowledge becoming available to mankind.They have kept the truth hidden since the 16th century.But I am determined to get each part of the cipher and see to it that all people share in the knowledge those ancient visitors left for us.


Mr. Li Kwang Wu said you can help me locate part of the missing cipher.Can you tell me if you found it at the Preah Vihear temple?


Paul:††††††††††††††† We do need your help, Bill.The secreted knowledge could aid many poor people here in Thailand and Southeast Asia, too.


Anchalee:†††††† Yes, Bill.But we cannot tell them anything.Even though we left Mu Ban Noi, we have an obligation to keep silent.


Marco:††††††††††† Senora Hyatt, at one time I was a member of the Brotherhood.They will try to stop anyone from finding the secret Victoria mentioned.A higher obligation we all have is to share truth, which can benefit many millions of people.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Heís right, Anchalee.Itís time I finally told someone about that secret room.

Anchalee:††††††††(long sigh)Kha.Tell them.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Iíll have to provide some background information about Anchalee and myself for you to understand what I saw.







††††††††††† Billís narrative of the past continues with a flashback of his life in Mu Ban Noi, Anchaleeís home village near Preah Vihear temple.Scene of Bill in camouflage clothing and carrying an M-16 rifle.He and several villagers emerge from the jungle and walk toward the Thai village.A younger Anchalee is seen waiting outside her home for Bill.She smiles and waves to him.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† In early 1975 I was a special U.S. advisor sent to Mu Ban Noi, the Thai village nearest Preah Vihear.My mission was to provide guidance and assistance to support Thai government efforts in the area, specifically to bolster morale against communist forces operating in Cambodia.Neither the American nor Thai governments intended for me to conduct operations inside communist-controlled Cambodia, but the village men and I sometimes ventured across the border on our own initiative.


The headman not only wanted to keep communist soldiers from threatening his people, he had a sworn duty to safeguard the templeís secret.I supported his view, thus earning his trust.I also fell in love with his daughter, Anchalee.We were married Thai style six months after my arrival there.Her father and the village elders approved of our marriage, partly due to my helping them and partly because I learned both their language and customs.


††††††††††† Scene of Anchalee and Bill being married.Monks sit on a low, raised platform and chant while a string of life joins the coupleís heads.The marriage couple waay to Buddha and light joss sticks.Married villagers perform a ritual of offering advice to the bride and groom.This consists of tying a white string to the brideís or groomís wrist, while giving marital adviceómen to the groom, women to the bride.


††††††††††† Scene changes to evening celebration.Village youth perform a local dance as villagers sit on the ground and enjoy a feast.Bill sits next to Anchalee and her father, Anan.


Anan:††††††††††††† Khun Bill, Ben luug koey yuu laew.Mee sit ruujak kwaam lab kohng Pra Wihaan.Anchalee ja athibaay raay la iad yen nee.[Bill, you are now my son-in-law.You have the right to know the secret of Preah Vihear.Anchalee will explain the details tonight.]


(to Anchalee with a stern look)Kaw mee sit prohm duay gab kwaam rab pit chohb na luug.[He has the right along with the responsibility, daughter.]


Anchalee:†††††† Kha, khun phah.Luug ja sohn gae yaang tuug dohng, kha.[Yes, father I will teach him correctly.]


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† Kohb khun maag, khun phah.[Thank you, father.]







††††††††††† Inside their bedroom, Bill admires Anchalee as she gets ready for bed.She smiles and they embrace.Sink down on the bed and kiss several times.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† I love you, Anchalee.I never dreamed Iíd find such a moment when I accepted this assignment.


Anchalee:††††††††And I love you.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† Say it in Thai.


Anchalee:††††††††Chan rak teu.


††††††††††† They kiss again.She gently pushes away and looks steadfastly into his eyes.


Anchalee:††††††††I must tell you about the temple.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† This isnít the best time for it.I can think of something more fun.


Anchalee:†††††† (laughs) I want you, too.(turns serious) But we must speak of this first.You are a farang from a strange land.Now you are my husband and son to the village headman.It is your right to know the secret of the temple.Also, it is your responsibility to guard this knowledge from anyone not of our village.Bill, both of our lives depend on safeguarding what I tell you.Even father would kill us if you tell others about the treasure room hidden under the temple.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Treasure room!Do you mean there is a treasure in one of the Preah Vihear temples?


Anchalee:†††††† No, not exactly in the temple.In the center of the main chapel of the upper most templeóthe largest of all the templesóthere is a secret passage.The passage goes to a stairway.The stairway is inside the mountain, in a natural shaft which drops all the way to the valley.The ancient Khmer carved a stairway into the rock.


They also made a treasure room in one of the shaftís caverns.It has remained sealed over six hundred years.No one knows what is inside, but we have been sworn since ancient times to keep this knowledge away from strangers.Even we are forbidden to enter the stairway.


Anchalee:†††††† No, my Bill.Neither father nor any from the village would allow the passage to be violated, not even to benefit ourselves.You must believe that father will kill whoever attempts to enter the forbidden area.


Oh, listen, my love!Father told me to explain our secret now that we are married and you are one with us.But you must share in the responsibility of protecting the passage and treasure.To violate this trust means death.I also will die if you go against our customs and sworn duty.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† (long pause as he looks serious)He would kill his own daughter if I try to find the passage?


Anchalee:†††††† Yes.He is honor bound to do so.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† (strokes her hair) Iím no fortune hunter.Whatever treasure lies hidden in that chamber canít compare with the treasure I just won from the headman of Mu Ban Noi.I love you and will not endanger our new life.(sighs)But, I sure could use that passage to keep my men safe.


Anchalee:†††††† (holding him close)You see?Father was right about you.Since the first day you came here, he said you belonged with us.Now, my husband, it is time you performed your duty to me.


††††††††††† Fade out as they embrace.







††††††††††† Camera follows Bill and his armed villagers as they are inside Cambodia on a patrol in the valley below Preah Vihear.Thick undergrowth is steamy in the early morning air.Suddenly automatic fire bursts from half-seen trees on their left flank, bullets rip into the narrow trail.The Thai point man fires at gun flashes.Bill and his men scatter and dive for safety.One Thai is wounded; a comrade helps him get behind a tree.Bill and another Thai, Wirat, are together behind a fallen log.They and other villages return fire.


Wirat:†††††††††††† Big PAVN/PRK force khun Bill.Too big for us to fight.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Yeah.Time to bug out.Wirat, you take the others back while I act as rear guard.Letís get moving before reinforcements arrive.


Wirat:†††††††††††† We get out.We know jungle better than dog-eaters.See you back in village.Chohk dee, na.[Good luck.]


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Yeah, good luck.Iíll need plenty.


††††††††††† Wirat and others withdraw as Bill and two others lay down a withering fire to cover their escape.Several Vietnamese and Kampuchean soldiers are hit.Bill and the two retreat, dodging trees and bullets.Bill is separated from his men and dives into heavy bushes just before pursuing PAVN troops see him


Bill inches into the thick brush and emerges into a semi-clear, completely screened-over path.He cautiously follows the narrow way.It leads to thicker undergrowth at the base of a cliff.Bill listens to distant gunfire, turns to peer into the brush, and pushes away a few branches.A slight rustling of cool air comes from a dark opening behind the branches.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† What the hell have I bumped into?(listens againósound of fighting has died down)Might as well hole up here till tomorrow.Wiratís too good for the Vietnamese to catch.


He cuts away enough bushes to enter the small cave, rearranges them to keep the entrance hidden, and moves deeper inside.Uses a small pocket flashlight to light his way.


Bill has stumbled into the long-hidden valley entrance to the forbidden stairway, which connects the mountain temple with the valley.After only a few paces he discovers the ancient stone steps.He shines the light upward and sees only an endless flight of steps leading into a dark void.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† Iíll be damned!This is the lost stairway to Preah Vihear!


††††††††††† Pauses to look around.Then, with his mind made up, he shoulders his rifle and begins climbing the steps.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Sorry, Anchalee.I never would have done this on my own, but Iíd never forgive myself for not taking this chance to investigate.


††††††††††† Bill continues climbing until he finds a passageway leading off to his right.He follows it but is stopped after a few steps by a closed door.To his surprise, a faint light shines through cracks around the door.He becomes cautious immediately and holds his rifle ready.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† (Squats down and looks carefully at the undisturbed dirt)I donít believe it!No oneís been here for centuries.Then how do you explain the light, Bill?This is crazy!Itís impossible!


††††††††††† Faint echoing sounds of ancient music and voices are heard coming from the stairwayófrom Preah Vihear temple.Bill keeps his light dim as he retraces his steps back to the stairs.While he pauses to listen, the sounds grow faint and he recalls the words of his wife.


Anchalee:†††††† (echo quality)Bill, both of our lives depend on safeguarding what I tell you.Even father would kill us if you tell others about the treasure room hidden under the temple.


††††††††††† Bill looks back at the closed door to the treasure chamber and up the stairway again.He hears a sound from above.


Anchalee:†††††† Iím probably passing up the opportunity of a lifetime, but I canít take a chance on getting Anchalee killed.Whatever secret is hidden behind that door will have to wait for someone else to find it.


††††††††††† Bill leaves the cave.







††††††††††† Bill, Victoria and others seated in the living room.Anchalee sits next to Bill.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Thatís pretty much how I found the lost entrance.After I returned to Mu Ban Noi and told Anchalee what I had discovered, I often wondered about that strange light.I donít believe anyone from the village was coming down the stairs.Guess I was thinking too much of protecting Anchalee to really consider the situation.


Hattie:††††††††††† I think what you did was admirable.


Victoria:††††††††††You never returned to the cave?


Anchalee:†††††† No, he did not.He kept talking about it.I was so afraid he would that I pretended to be ill.He stayed near my bedside ten days.


Hattie:††††††††††† Oh, such a good trick.Iíll remember that.


Ace:††††††††††††††† Do you ever go back to visit your home, Anchalee?


Anchalee:††††††††Yes, but not often.Iím still afraid Bill will try to find the cave again.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† I would have if it hadít been for the children.Besides, Anchalee watches me closely whenever we are there.She convinced me years ago to move away from the village.I bought the plantation in Phuket and did so well that we later got this Chiang Mai home.


Victoria:††††††††† Anchalee, I hope you can understand why we need to find the ancient chamber.We donít want to violate your temple or go against your customs, however, the whole world can benefit from our finding the lost disk.What would you do if you were I?


Anchalee:†††††† (looks Victoria in the eye)I would find the treasure room under the temple and take the disk.That is what you will do.That is why you are here.That is what you will ask my Bill to help you do.And Bill already has decided to take you there.(looks at Bill)


††††††††††††††††††††††† I know my husband very well.We promised never to tell the templeís secret to outsiders.But you know more about the secret than anyone in my village.I believe we should help you find the golden egg and its missing disk.


Victoria:†††††††††††(gives Anchalee a hug)How can we thank you?


Cap:††††††††††††††† We need to make plans.Itís not going to be easy getting into Cambodia, not with communist troops and resistance forces fighting near the temple.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Thatís not all.Thai forces wonít let us cross and the U.S. embassy would stop us, too.Neither government will want private ventures violating another governmentís territorial sovereignty.Even so, I can get us past these obstacles.The men of Mu Ban Noi are more of a threat to our success than even the PAVN and PRK.


Hattie:††††††††††† ††Who are they?

Bill:†††††††††††††††† Peopleís Army of Vietnam and Peopleís Republic of Kampuchea troops.Communist soldiers in Cambodia.


Ace:††††††††††††††† Youíll need people who understand fighting to go with you, Bill.Cap and I have been under fire before; you better take us.


Cap:††† ††††††††††† We probably could take Stephen, too.Not Rick and Jeff though.


Victoria:††††††††† You bloody well better include me!Iíll inform the Thai government myself if anyone tries keeping me from going inside that passageway.And donít tell me itís too dangerous for a woman.Iím going!


Ace:††† ††††††††††† Cap, BillóI believe we have a volunteer.Welcome aboard, Victoria.


Paul:††††††††††††††† I suppose youíre right to keep Marco and I out of this, since weíre not jungle fighters.Make sure you watch over Victoria.I donít like the idea of her going into a possible war zone!


Marco:††††††††††† You have no choice, Paul.But weíll find some way to help them succeed.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† We might as well take time to plan in detail.Thereís no way for us to leave before Songkran is finished.So, we have two more days.


Fade out.







††††††††††† At the same time in another well-groomed home in Chiang Mai, Amnat and the Guardians meet Sua Yai (Big Tiger).He is a fat, balding representative of the notorious Khun Sa, the most dangerous narcotics trafficker in the famed Golden Triangle.He, Dragon Lady and Amnat sit at a circular table.Moon, Claude and Murray stand in the background.Sua Yaiís shifty eyes constantly dart from face to face during the entire conversation.


Amnat:†††††††††††Am pleased to make introductions.Beautiful Dragon Lady, this one is called Sua Yai.His name mean Big Tiger, though he look more like Fat Tiger.(Amnat and Sua Yai laugh at the joke)He come from camp of Khun Sa, most important drug lord in Burma.


Sua Yai:††††††††† Very pleased indeed to meet with the famed Dragon Lady and Mr. Moon.Actually, Khun Sa is named Chang Chi Fu and he is the principle power in the Shan States.Khun Amnat informed me that you wish to eliminate a problem here in Chiang Mai.


Dragon:††††††††† Yes.Mr. Moon will tell you about that.However, I find myself pleasantly surprised with your English.Did you study in London?


Sua Yai:††††††††††Ah, no.I studied at the British School in Rangoon many years ago.


Dragon:††††††††† I find it refreshing after so much pidgin English.Moon, tell him about Smythson.


Moon:†††††††††††† (comes forward but remains standing)Here is a photograph of our ďproblemĒ.Her name is Victoria Smythson and she is English.We want her killed.


Sua Yai:†††††††††(scrutinizes the picture)Hmm.Quite lovely.(looks up)What if she should be in the company of friends?


Moon:†††††††††††† They are unimportant.Remove them any way you wish.Just make sure that the girl dies.


Sua Yai:††††††††Good as done.We have specialists already in Chiang Mai.This Thai New Year celebration is a perfect time to make the hit.Everyone is off guard, while they throw water at each other.


Dragon:††††††††† Fine.I expect results not promises.Do it tomorrow.


Sua Yai:††††††††† (sarcastically)Very well.May I have the address, please?


Moon:†††††††††††† (sticks his face inches away from Sua Yaiís)I strongly suggest that you donít use sarcasm with her.It angers me.If I hear it again, Iíll rip your tongue out.


Sua Yai:††††††††† (beginning to sweat)Excuse my stupidity!I meant no offense.


Dragon:††††††††† Enough, Moon.Amnat, show Sua Yai the way out.Iím sure he wishes to communicate with his assassins immediately.


Amnat:††††††††††† Certainly, certainly!


††††††††††† Sua Yai quickly follows Amnat out as the scene fades out.








††††††††††† Next day in the afternoon.Victoria and Paul are seen walking hand in hand outside in a lamyai orchard (local fruit tree found in North Thailand).Maria is learning how to perform a Thai dance from Ngam Hyatt.Johnnie Hyatt throws an American football with Rick and Jeff.Stephen attempts to throw the football but fails miserably.The others laugh.


Johnnie:††††††††† Thatís not how to throw it, Stephen.Youíre supposed to keep your fingers on the string.


Stephen:†††††††††††Itís a crazy sport.Even the shape of the ball is unnatural.


Rick:†††††††††††††† Hah!Itís just too sophisticated for you.Come on, Johnnie, toss me the pigskin once more.


††††††††††† Johnnie throws a good pass.Rick runs for a touchdown against Jeff.Thai guards and maids laugh as the two clown.


In another part of the courtyard, Maria and Ngam are dressed northern style.Maria is trying to learn the Thai fingernail dance.A serving girl plays the music on a cassette recorder.Maria does several steps well but makes a misstep.Ngam has her stop.


Ngam:†††††††††††† No, Maria.Not like that.Watch me do it.(shows the step)Try it again.(Maria does it right)Good!


Maria:††††††††††† This isnít as easy as I thought it would be, especially trying to bend my fingers.


††††††††††† Camera follows Victoria and Paul walking in the orchard.


Victoria:††††††††† Itís so hot!No wonder the Thais celebrate their new year with a water fight.Letís sit in the shade, Paul.


Paul:††† ††††††††††† OK.Thereís a good tree.


††††††††††† They sit under a large lamyai tree.Paul puts his arm around her shoulder.


Paul:††††††††††††††† Victoria, I know how determined you are to go into Cambodia and that the danger wonít deter you.You are a very stubborn woman.I love you all the more for it.


Victoria:††††††††† (smiles and touches his hair)I love you, too.Donít be so worried about me.The others will protect me.I admit that Iím afraid and stubborn, but I must go there.

Paul:††††††††††††††† I know.Marco and I have come up with a plan to help you slip away without arousing suspicion.Weíll suggest an elephant trek with Bill and Anchalee as our guides.It should last a few days, giving you time enough to locate the disk and meet us at a rendezvous.


Victoria:††††††††† (eyes glitter)I knew you would think of something extra to help me.(kisses him)


††††††††††† Two Burmese on a motorcycle pull off the road about 20 yards away from Paul and Victoria.The one seated on the back takes out a pistol and fires several rounds.Immediately prior to the shooting, Paul pulls Victoria over to him as he returns her kiss.The action moves her out of the line of fire.However, Paul receives a flesh wound in his left arm


Paul:††† ††††††††††† Stay down!


Burmese think they have succeeded and zoom off, trying to get away before help can arrive.Boon, however, has kept his men alert and the camera focuses on he and his men leaping into a truck.


Boon:††††††††††††† Rew rew!Duu si, faay drong kaam yuu nohn.[Hurry!Look, enemies are over there.]


Several of Boonís men fire at the retreating motorcycle.The truck roars off in pursuit.Bill, Cap and Ace rush up to help Victoria and Paul.Victoria holds tight to Paul until she notices his wound.


Victoria:††††††††††Oh, Paul, your arm!How bad is it?


Paul:††† ††††††††††† Feels like hell!


Ace:††††††††††††††† (examines Paul)Humph.Looks worse than it is.Heíll be fine in a couple of days, Victoria.It only grazed the muscle.He was lucky.Heís just feeling the after shock of being hit.


Cap:††† ††††††††††† Weíll take care of the hero.


Cap and Bill help Paul walk back to the house.


Victoria:††††††††† Ace, I would have been killed if Paul hadnít pulled me to him.When will this ever end?


Ace:††††††††††††††† Not until you give up.Do you want to now?


Victoria:††††††††† (long sigh)No.Paul wouldnít want me to either.


Ace:††††††††††††††† Come on, youíre still a bit shaken up, too.


Ace puts his arm around Victoria and walks her back to the house.







††††††††††† Dragon Lady, her followers and Amnat are seated as they wait for Sua Yai to join them.Serving girl leaves plate of appetizers.


Amnat:††††††††††† Khohb jai nuu.[Thank you.]


Girl:††††††††††††††† Boh Ben yang, jao.Badiaw naay beek baan, jao.[North Thai dialect for ďYouíre welcome.In a moment the master comes home.Ē]


Amnat stands up and begins to pace.Sua Yai enters.He is wary and nervous.


Dragon:††††††††† Somethingís wrong.Look at his beady eyes.


Amnat:††††††††††† What happen to British girl?


Sua Yai:††††††††† My men made the hit, but they were killed by Thai guards before they could escape.


Moon:†††††††††††† Heís hiding something.The death of hired assassins wouldnít bother him.


Dragon:††††††††† †I agree.Well, mister Big Tiger, why arenít you pleased with the hit?


Amnat:††††††††††† Tell her.They not like games and have powerful friends.


Sua Yai:††††††††† (sweats and looks about nervously)We thought the girl was killed but the teamís backup saw her get up after the hit.They missed.


††††††††††† Dragon Lady picks up a cup and throws it at the wall.


Dragon:††††††††††Incompetent bastards!Where is she now?


Sua Yai:††††††††† We d-donít know.All of them disappeared last night.Maybe they went to Bangkok.


Dragon:†††††††††††Claude, Murray, jog his memory!


††††††††††† Claude and Murray jump forward, pinning Sua Yai from behind.He screams as they twist his arms.


Dragon:††††††††† (to Moon) Hurt him.I want to see pain.


††††††††††† Moon slugs Sua Yai in the stomach.


Moon:††††††††††††Where did the girl go?


Sua Yai:†††††††††To her home on the Thai-Cambodian border.We can do nothing there.The villagers report all strangers to the headman.Donít hit me.I donít know anything else!


Dragon:††††††††† You can take this ďgiftĒ back to Khun Sa.Tell him not to play games with the Brotherhood.We can destroy him whenever we choose.


††††††††††† She reaches out with both hands and claws Sua Yaiís cheeks with her long fingernails.He screeches.Amnat pales when Dragon Lady turns to look at him.


Dragon:†††††††††††Can you get someone inside that border village?


Amnat:††††††††††† Is impossible.Sua Yai right about the headman there.Strangers in village always noticed.


Murray:††††††††††Claude and I could try it anyway.


Dragon:††††††††† No.That fat bag of scum probably is right.Well, we can catch her in Bangkok after she searches the temple of Preah Vihear.Yes, let the vixen find the disk for us.Then weíll take it from her.


††††††††††† Fade out.










††††††††††† Inside the village of her birth, Anchalee introduces the group to Anan, her father.The village is typical of those along the border; a few pickup trucks are parked in the dirt road near the headmanís home.Many smiling villagers waay and express pleasure at seeing the foreigners and Hyatt family.Ngam and Johnnie run off with other children.


Anan:††††††††††††† Yindee dohn rab khun tuk kon tee Muu Baan Noi.Luug puud taen khun phah na ja.[I am happy to welcome all of you to Mu Ban Noi.Daughter, speak for your father.]


Anchalee:†††††† My father welcomes everyone to Mu Ban Noi.Tonight the village will hold a big party to celebrate our coming.Until then, he hopes we will rest from our long journey.


Toi:†††† ††††††††††† Rick, now is the time to leaveóbefore we are asked to do any work.


Rick:†† ††††††††††† Whoa!I hear you talking, Toi.Hey, Jeff.Letís take off.


††††††††††† Toi takes Maria, Jeff and Rick outside.They walk along a dry rice paddy until they reach a tree-shaded pond.Maria and Jeff walk with arms around each other.They stroll along the bank of the pond.Toi points in the other direction; she and Rick walk slowly.


Toi:†††† ††††††††††† I sometimes wish to do what Maria can.


Rick:†† †††††††††††Whatís that?


Toi:†††††††††††††††† Walk hand in hand with a boy.But customs here in the country are much stricter than in the city.I guess Iíve been around Bill too long.Iím afraid I like some American customs.


Rick:†††††††††††††† (big grin as he takes her hand in his)Good.Iíve wanted to be with you like this since the first day I saw you, even though you soaked me on Songkran.


Toi:†††††††††††††††† (laughs)Songkran is always fun.I wish you could be here for Loi Gratong.

Rick:†† ††††††††††† Whatís that?


Toi:†††††††††††††††† A festival of small banana-palm boats with candles on them, which we float at night on a river or cannel.(blushes)Mostly, itís very special for lovers.


††††††††††† Rick slips his arm around Toiís waist as he smiles.She moves closer and leans her head against him.


Rick:†††††††††††††† I think Iíd like to be here for Loi Gratong.


††††††††††† Fade out as camera pans the pond.







††††††††††† A welcome dinner and folk dancing are given under a moonlit sky.Maria and Ngam perform a short fingernail dance, wearing Thai dresses.Of course the audience cheers their performance.They return to where family and friends are seated on a mat (food is served Northeast Thai style).Toi and Rick sit together.


Ngam:†††††††††††† Good Maria!You did it right.


Maria:††††††††††† Muchas gracias, little Ngam.I had a terrific teacher.


Jeff:††† ††††††††††† And Ngam had a great student!


††††††††††† Scene shifts to Rick and Toi alone at the pond.Distant sound of party music.They walk hand in hand.


Rick:†††††††††††††† This place looks more romantic than it did this afternoon.


††††††††††† He slides his arm around Toi and pulls her close, caressing her hair.She wraps her arms around Rick and smiles softly.


Toi:†††† ††††††††††† Yes.(closes her eyes)


Rick:†† ††††††††††† Too much talk, right?


Toi:†††† ††††††††††† Yes.


††††††††††† Rick kisses her tenderly.She returns it more energetically.After a few moments Rick looks into Toiís eyes.


Rick:†† ††††††††††† Let's find somewhere to sit.


Toi:†††††††††††††††† Thereís a nice place near the big tree where Maria and Jeff went earlier today.


Rick:†† ††††††††††† Perfect.


††††††††††† The two walk to the spot but are surprised to see Maria and Jeff kissing there already.


Rick:†††††††††††††† Well, talk about bad luck.Looks like the moonlight lured someone else here.


††††††††††† Maria and Jeff are surprised but both start laughing.


Jeff:††††††††††††††† Maria said she might have lost something out here this afternoon.So, we came to look for it.


Rick:†† ††††††††††† Did you find what you were looking for?


Jeff:††† ††††††††††† I certainly did, but I wouldnít mind another search.


Toi:†††††††††††††††† Weíre sorry to bother you.See you in the village.Come, Rick.


Rick:†† ††††††††††† OK.Bye guys.


Maria:††††††††††† Hasta luego.


Rick:†† ††††††††††† (to Toi)How about a walk around the pond?


Toi:†††† ††††††††††† A slow walk.I wonít be able to go fast tonight.


††††††††††† Rick and Toi walk along the moonlit bank.Fade out.







††††††††††† The party is over.Bill and Anchalee lie in bed and talk softly.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Iím not so sure the elephant trek is the best way to get us into Cambodia without anyone suspecting our real purpose.You canít take anyone from the village to handle the elephants.


Anchalee:†††††† Shhh.You worry too much about the wrong thing.Boon and our other men can do it.Theyíve done it before.My fear is for you.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Yeah.Itís not going to be easy.At least Ace and Cap are veterans.They know how to use the weapons Boon sneaked in.


Anchalee:†††††† Do you still remember the way to the stairway after all these years?


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Iíll never forget that.Give us two days and a night for the whole trip, but be prepared to wait longer if we have trouble.


Anchalee:†††††† Bill, kha.Iím afraidónot only for your safety.I keep wondering if this is right.The village has honored its trust all these centuries.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Anchalee, weíve been over this four times already!Victoria and the others know more about the secret than anyone in this village ever has known.Weíre not violating the temple.We wonít even go inside it.


††††††††††††††††††††††† If that disk can help correct so many problems in the world and give mankind hope for a peaceful future, then we have a higher obligation to see that the disk is found.


Anchalee:†††††† Yes, I know.(sighs and holds him tight)I want you tonight.Will you have enough strength for tomorrow?


Bill:†††††††††††††††† (chuckles as he strokes her)I always have before.


††††††††††† Fade out as they kiss.







††††††††††† Victoria, Hattie and Maria share a room.Maria is asleep.The other two sit on Hattieís bed talking softly.


Victoria:†††††††††Hattie, stop fussing over details.We canít predict every possible danger.Anchalee already told her father that her children would go on the trek.That should make them think we donít plan anything dangerous.As for the chance of a fight, well, Bill knows the jungle better than anyone here.


Hattie:††††††††††† That was years ago!Places change.Besides, armed groups are in the valley.


Victoria:††††††††††I know how to shoot.


Hattie:††††††††††† Oh?But have you ever fired to kill a person?


Victoria:††††††††† You know I havenít.I hope it wonít ever be necessary, but I intend to defend myself.I never have cared for the stereotyped heroine who is insipid, vacuous and defenseless.Iíll fight!


Hattie:††††††††††† (smiles)Good!Thatís the spirit I wanted to hear.I needed to be sure that you have the guts and determination to strike back.Itís not pleasant or easy to see someoneís life blown away.Blood gushing, brain matter splattered or intestines spilled out.


Victoria:††††††††† Hattie, please!Thereís no need to be graphic.Maria is fortunate to be spared your lurid details.


Hattie:††††††††††† She was out late with Jeff.Theyíve been getting close lately.And I notice how concerned Paul is for you.I approve.


Victoria:††††††††† Thank you.I rather like the idea myself.


Hattie:††††††††††† You might as well tell me all about it.


Victoria:††††††††† Some other time, perhaps.Iím too tired and we must get up early.


Hattie:††††††††††† Hah!Iíll talk to him about it while youíre playing combat soldier.


Victoria:††††††††† Oh, good night!







††††††††††† Crowing roosters and barking dogs greet the dawn.Farmers take water buffalo to work in rice fields.Everyone is up for a breakfast of rice gruel.Boon and his men ready the elephants.


Jeff:††††††††††††††† Canít say that I care much for this stuff.Tastes about as bad as it looks.


Maria:††††††††††† Donít be such a whiner.Just eat it.


Toi:†††††††††††††††† (to Rick)I thought she cared for him.


Rick:†††††††††††††† She does.Thatís why she picks at him.Western women are that way.

Bill strides up.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Time to mount up.


††††††††††† All take their gear and mount the elephants.The trek begins.Scenes of the group following a jungle trail, crossing a stream and catching glimpses of Preah Vihear in the distance.They pause for water and Billís team dismounts.Hattie and Maria give Victoria a hug.Marco kisses her on both cheeks.Paul holds her close.


Paul:††††††††††††††† I truly wish the way werenít so dangerous.Remember that I love you.


Victoria:††††††††† And I love you.Weíll be together in a few daysówith the disk.


††††††††††† She kisses Paul briefly.Hattie likewise gives both Ace and Cap hugs.Bill and Anchalee merely face each other since they prefer not to exhibit emotions in public (Asian custom).


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† Iíll bring them back as soon as possible.Look after the others.


Anchalee:†††††† I will.Be careful, Bill.You havenít done this for many years.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† True, but itís something I never forgot how to do.


††††††††††† Bill leads them to the border.







††††††††††† Night finds the team camped in a dense jungle at the base of Preah Vihear templeís mountain, not far from an ominous-looking trail.While resting there they hear a PRK patrol moving down the trail.Bill signals all to stay motionless under cover.


By mid morning they arrive at the secret entrance.Bill searches for signs of anyone else having discovered the cave.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† I donít see evidence of anyone finding this place since I did years ago.


Victoria:††††††††† I can see why.Itís the very devil to crawl through those bushes.How could you just jump in?


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Impending death makes it simple.


Cap:††††††††††††††† What say we post two guards out here just in case that PRK patrol returns?Iíll volunteer.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Exactly what must be done.Anyone else want to remain here?


Stephen:†††††††† I will.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Right.Letís go inside.


Victoria:††††††††† Please let me go first!


††††††††††† Bill hands her a large flashlight.Bill follows her; Ace brings up the rear.The passage is exactly as Bill described it.They climb the dank stairway until they reach the sealed chamber.


Victoria:††††††††††Look, the passage to the treasure room!


††††††††††† Strange voices seem to float down from the hidden upper reaches of the shaft.Ace shines a flashlight upwards, but all they can see is a seemingly endless stairway.


Ace:††††††††††††††† Probably itís just a trick of the wind.Even so, I think I should stay here just in case someone does come down from the temple.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† How about helping me push that stone door open first?


††††††††††† Both men strain to move the door.It jerks open and a sudden shaft of bright light from the room startles them.All they see in the room is a large stone box on a low pedestal.


Ace:††† ††††††††††† Damn strange!Where does the light come from?


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† Yeah, thatís what I wondered when I first came here.


Victoria:††††††††† This is fantastic!Donít you see?It proves the disk can lead us to the secret of those ancient visitors.A light source that hasnít diminished in over six hundred years!Think how it can help mankind!


Ace:††††††††††††††† Yes, I begin to understand all too clearly why certain interests in the world view this with anathema.Many power bases would be undermined and fortunes eliminated.


††††††††††† The voices sound louder.Ace goes back to the stairs.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† Think we can lift the lid off that stone box, Victoria?


Victoria:††††††††††Oh!Yes, of course.


††††††††††† They strain and manage to take the stone lid off.Inside the box there is only a thin sheet of silver with Sanskrit writing on it.


Victoria:††††††††† Whereís the egg?!The stone box is here, but where are the gold and silver eggs?


Bill:†††††††††††††††† Nothing but a silver sheet with writing on it.Looks like Sanskrit.Not much of a find after the promises you received.


Victoria:††††††††† Let me see.Perhaps it will give an answer to the missing eggs.


††††††††††† Victoria takes the silver sheet.Immediately after she snatches the sheet, an eerie blue ďlightningĒ crackles and arches out of the box.Bill jerks Victoria back.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† Get out!


††††††††††† They race out of the room just as the stone box explodes.The lights flare and go out.Rocks crash down and seal the roomís portal.All three stumble out of the cave, choking.Cap gives them water.Victoria clutches the silver.


Victoria:††††††††††Damn it to bloody hell!All this for nothing!


Cap:††† ††††††††††† There wasnít an egg?


Victoria:†††††††††††No!We found this and a booby-trapped stone box.


††††††††††† Stephen comes through the bushes.


Stephen:†††††††† PRK patrol coming!It must have heard the explosion.Weíve got to get out of here right now.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† Weapons ready.Follow me.Cap, Ace.Guard our backs.


Ace:††† ††††††††††† Youíre covered.


††††††††††† Bill quickly leads them away from the cave.Ace fires a burst at several PRK soldiers who crash through the undergrowth.The team escapes as Cap and Ace hurl hand grenades and fire into the demoralized PRK.









††††††††††† Back in the village and reunited with their friends that evening, Victoria gives the silver sheet to Paul.He makes sure that no one can see him examine it.The only ones present are Victoria, Paul, Bill and Anchalee.


Paul:††††††††††††††† Sorry, Victoria.This is old Sanskrit writing.I canít read any of it.We need a translator.


Bill:†††† ††††††††††† What about that Thai professor you met in Bangkok? Can he do it?


Victoria:†††††††††††Of course!Prasert is a professor of ancient history and Sanskrit.


Paul:††††††††††††††† We may not have the egg, but Iíd bet this sheet tells us what happened to it.


Anchalee:†††††††††††Iím thankful you all came back alive.


Bill:†††††††††††††††† You can also rest easier.No one will ever enter the chamber again, nor has anyone suspected that we went looking for the passage.


Victoria:††††††††††† I want to leave.When can we go to Bangkok?


Bill:†††† ††††††††† †† Tomorrow morning.Weíll say good-bye to Khun Anan.












††††††††††† Victoria and Paul meet with Prasert in the manís university office.He examines the silver sheet carefully.


Prasert:††††††††††The writing indeed is old Sanskrit.It tells about the Khmer god-kingís fear that Thai soldiers would soon take Preah Vihear and find the eggs and sacred disk.Rather than let that happen, he ordered trusted men to remove the precious items from the treasure room and bring them back to Angkor Thom.


You see, Thai forces defeated the Khmer in the 14th century.They caused the downfall of the once-powerful Khmer empire.

Paul:††† ††††††††††† Was the disk in Angkor Thom when the Thais captured the city?


Prasert:††††††††††† No.It was put on a ship, which left for India.


Victoria:††††††††††In other words, we have no idea what happened to the disk.


Prasert:†††††††††† Oh, excuse me.The writing does tell where the eggs and disk were taken.They went to the temple of Shiva at Ellora in central India.You see Shiva is the Hindu god of life.The temple at Ellora is a very ancient place; it was carved out of a rock mountain in the 8th century.


Paul:††††††††††††††† Why would the Khmer send it there?


Prasert:†††††††††† Because the disk originally was kept there before it went to Nakhon Pathom.


Victoria:††††††††† Meaning that it went full circle back to India.But how do we know the disk is at Ellora?


Paul:††††††††††††††† The answer is obvious, Victoria.We go there to find out.


Victoria:††††††††† Obviously, my dear Paul.Well, letís tell the others.Thank you again for your help, Prasert.


Prasert:†††††††††† I was happy to assist.It has been very interesting for me.Bill and I will see you tonight.


Victoria:††††††††† Most definitely.It is extremely generous of you both to host a farewell dinner for us.Good-bye till this evening.


Paul:††††††††††††††† So long, Prasert.







††††††††††† Victoriaís party, Hyatt family and Prasert seated at tables which front a raised stage.They eat while classical dancers perform.Stephen speaks with Victoria.


Stephen:†††††††† I return to Hong Kong tomorrow.I shall inform my uncle about our adventure.He knows people in India who can smooth your way through customs and handle in-country transportation.


Victoria:††††††††† We all thank you, Stephen.I especially appreciate your skill during past attacks on us.Please extend our best regards to Li Kwang Wu.


Stephen:†††††††† I shall, Victoria.


††††††††††† Scene shifts to Rick and Toi. She is misty-eyed; he is sad.


Toi:†††††††††††††††† Will I ever see you again, Rick?Or will you forget Thailand?


Rick:†††††††††††††† Itís impossible to forget such a wonderful country.The people are friendly and the land is beautiful.Most of all, I met you.Iíll come back to find you again.You know that I must continue our search, even though I leave my heart here with you.


Toi:†††††††††††††††† Duang daa naa daang duang jai.


Rick:†††††††††††††† Whatís that mean?


Toi:†††††††††††††††† The eyes are windows to the heart.I look into your eyes but am afraid to see into the heart.


Rick:†††††††††††††† Look into it.You will find Toi waiting there.


Toi:†††††††††††††††† (smiles and gives him a gift)Such a sweet answer.This is to remember me.


Rick:†††††††††††††† (opens the gift and finds a framed picture of Toi)The only gift better than this is to hold the original close to me.


††††††††††† Scene shifts to Hyatt family saying their good-byes to Victoria.


Anchalee:†††††† Even though you did not find what you sought, I thank you for taking away the burden from my husband.His mind is easy for the first time in many years.(hugs Victoria)


Bill:†††††††††††††††† That it is!You are always welcome in our home.Look for us if the quest brings you back to Thailand.


Victoria:††††††††† I will.(hugs Ngam)I wish we could be around to see this cute girl grow up.Good-bye, Johnnie.


††††††††††† Both children grin.


Victoria:††††††††† Good-bye to all of you.(teary-eyed)


††††††††††† Prasert hands Victoria a card.

Prasert:††††††††††Please call this man when you get to New Delhi.He is a good friend and will help translate whatever Sanskrit you find.Have a safe and pleasant trip.


Victoria:††††††††† Kohb khun kha.[Thank you.]


Prasert:†††††††††† Very good.(both laugh)


††††††††††† Victoria catches a glimpse of the Guardians, Claude and Murray, talking to Amnat outside the restaurant.She catches her breath and tugs Paulís arm.


Victoria:††††††††† Paul, I saw the Guardians outside! Look, over there.


††††††††††† Paul looks but no one is there.


Paul:††††††††††††††† I believe you.Weíll have to be extra cautious.Iíll warn everyone before we leave here.


††††††††††† Fade out on last good-byes as Thai music is heard in the background.






††††††††††† At the airport.An Indian embassy official speaks with Marco and Hattie.The others are expressing final farewells to Toi and the Hyatts.


Marco:†††††††††††What do you mean, our visas are not valid?We received them from your own embassy right here in Bangkok.


Indian:††††††††††† I am so terribly sorry, Mr. de Vargo.I can only operate on the direct and express instructions of my government.They specifically sent us word today that your visas are no longer valid.


Hattie:††††††††††† Why?You answer me that right now!


Indian:††††††††††† I am so sorry but I cannot divulge that information.Please accept our apologies.I suppose you can stay longer here in Bangkok.


††††††††††† Victoria comes over.She glances to her left and sees both Guardians lurking behind a group of departing tourists.Claude is watching Victoria.


Hattie:††††††††††† Victoria, itís absurd!This idiot says our visas to India were canceled!


Victoria:††††††††† Yes, and I know why.Look who is watching us, Hattie.


Hattie:††††††††††† (spots the Guardians)The Brotherhood!Those bastards are blocking us again.


Victoria:†††††††††Yes.How do we get out of this?Theyíre trying to keep us in Bangkok, probably to eliminate us at the earliest opportunity.


I must get to Ellora before they learn about the disk being there!But how?Who can help me this time?


††††††††††† Closing scene shows a rising sun, which casts reddish tints on the temple of Shiva in Ellora.Hear Victoriaís final question:ďWill I be able to continue the quest?Ē



End of Temple of the Golden Egg