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Picture Information: Historical Map

This is a free ware picture. Used with permission under conditions stated by the source.
Author: Duane R. Hurst (Public Domain)
Tula picture La Venta in Mexico (Book of Mormon, Jaredite city) Monte Alban in Mexico (Jaredite and Nephite city of Moron) Mitla in Mexico Lake Atitlan in Guatemala (Waters of Mormon) Copan in Honduras (ancient Mayan city) Moroni in Belize (Book of Mormon, Nephite city) Tikal in Guatemala (ancient Mayan city) El Mirador in Mexico (ancient Mayan city) Zarahemla in Mexico (Nephite capital city) Palenque in Mexico pictures (Book of Mormon city Bountiful, which Jesus Christ visited) Xochicalco  in Mexico pictures (ancient calendar dates determined here) Mexico City pictures (family at American embassy) El Tajin in Mexico pictures Hill Shim in Mexico (Jaredite records buried here) Teotihuacan in Mexico pictures (city of ancient People of Ammon) Hill Cumorah in Mexico (Jaredite and Nephite records buried here) Campeche pictures Sayil picture Edzna picture Labna picture Tulum pictures Kabah picture Uxmal pictures Chichen-Itza pictures

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