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I make this free web site to assist students and people who desire to improve their English language ability. Items are cross-linked for easy access. Lessons do not dwell on grammar or itemizing vocabulary. The focus is upon conversation. I write all of the dialog and do not use written material from outside sources. Free ware images contain proper attribution and permission from their authors.

My intent is to provide visitors with information in the following areas:
   1. English Lessons: Conversations, using many idioms and slang terms. These consist of "Mel and Wes" stories in various USA states and throughout nations of the world. I link terms to my Slang Dictionary, which has thousands of entries. Stories also contain links to pertinent images and country/state/territory pages. I regularly add new conversations and dictionary terms.
   2. Food recipes by Duane and Pauline Hurst. We plan to expand this area.
   3. Mormon: Information concerning the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This includes my translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs from the Pearl of Great Price; Book of Mormon map and pictures; Plan of Life chart; details about facsimiles and doctrine.
   4. Site Map that contains a link to each topic.
   5. USA States and Territories: Information and pictures associated with each location.
   6. Web Hints: My HTML instructions and sample web pages.
   7. World nations and territories: Information and thousands of pictures associated with these locations. This also includes information and images about LDS temples and worldwide membership.

   NOTE: This site contains my own and thousands of "free ware" images.

Page Publisher: Duane R. Hurst