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Judges King Saul King David (1000-925 BC) King Solomon Shishaq, pharaoh of Egypt, invaded & weakened kingdom prior to split into north & south. Megiddo in valley between Mount Carmel and Mount Tabor. Takes some temple articles back to Heliopolis (On) in Egypt. NOTE: Facsimile 2 in Book of Abraham comes from his time. JUDAH ISRAEL King Rehoboam (son of Solomon & King Jeroboam (tribe Ephraim) - led revolt Princess Naamah the against Judah & family of David) Ammonite; refused to lift tax - Set up image worship in Dan & at burdens of Solomon) Beth-El (House of God); 2 calves = Images of Jehovah Capital: Jerusalem Capital: Samaria Sennacherib (son of Sargon II, who Shalmanesar V built Nineveh & captured was son of Shalmanesar V) north kingdom. Captured over 200,000 from 46 walled cities in Judah-- 701 BC; Khirbet Qumran scrolls FALL: Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon FALL: Shalmaneser V of Assyria (726-722 BC) in 587 BC; over 10,000 captures Samaria and moves 10 tribes skilled workers captive to to Assyria. Many flee to Jerusalem. Babylon. Temple destroyed. Conquered 721 BC. Cyrus of Persia allows Jews to 10 TRIBES: Head north toward modern Russia return to Jerusalem & rebuild (Headwaters near Black Sea; narrows in the temple. mountains); many go into north Europe-- few in China & India. Remainder to return ROME: Scatters Jews throughout the & build New Jerusalem prior to a return Roman empire in 70 AD and to Israel. See: Lost Tribes. Destroys temple in Jerusalem. ISRAEL: May 1948 independence