Brief Background
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   - Father's Side:    Frederick William Hurst (Painted murals in Salt Lake Temple)
   - Mother's Side:  Joseph Smith Jr. (Restored Church of Jesus Christ)
                                David Whitmer (Special Witness to the Book of Mormon)
   - B.A. degree 1975 from Brigham Young University (English & History)
   - M.A. degree 1981 from University of Southern Mississippi (Political Science)
   - Post graduate studies in computers and various languages
   - Missionary for LDS Church in Thailand (1969-1971)
   - Thai Language Instructor at Brigham Young University, Hawaii (1972-1974)
   - Taught English at Brigham Young University, Hawaii (1973-1975)
   - Taught English at University of Southern Mississippi (1976-1978)
   - English Lab Director at United States International University; San Diego, California (1978-1980)
   - Extensive and various skills with U.S. government (1980-2010); retired.
   - Webmaster (among top five in U.S. government); Developed and taught computer language courses in USA and Japan.
   - Taught seminary courses in Argentina, Thailand and USA (in native languages)
   - Earlier work: Art department for a major company; Farming (haul hay; hoe sugar beets); Food industry (chef in French-style restaurant in San Diego; manager trainee for Taco Time; fry cook at McDonald's; cook at Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii); home construction (flooring, framing, painting, roofing, sheetrock); landscaping in California and Hawaii; librarian; movie projectionist; owned publishing company; pipeline in Montana (Conoco Oil); research case law (fellowship at USM); salesman; ticket agent at movie theater; tour agency in San Diego; tourist guide and bus driver in Hawaii; wrote two movie scripts.
   - Various levels of fluency/studies in the following:
      Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs; German; Lanna; Lao; Mandarin Chinese; Shan; Spanish; Thai
   - Also briefly studied: Cantonese; Hawaiian; Isan; Japanese
   - Computer languages: C; CGI; DOS; HTML; JavaScript; Pearl; PHP; UNIX
   - USA: All 50 states; Guam.
   - WORLD: Visited about 40 nations, primarily in Asia, Europe and Latin America; most provinces of Thailand; extensive travel in Canada, Mexico and Central America.
   - Lived many years in various countries.
   - Prior work in Argentina, Chile, China, Japan, Laos, Mexico, Thailand and throughout Central America.
   - See Locations Duane Visited for a detailed list.

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