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  100 Years of Flight by Bill Sweetman
200 Years: A Bicentennial Illustrated History US by US News & World Report
Adventure of Archaeology by Brian Fagan
African Kingdoms by Great Ages of Man
Age of Chivalry by National Geographic Society
Age of Enlightenment by Great Ages of Man
Age of Exploration by Great Ages of Man
Age of Faith by Great Ages of Man
Age of Kings by Great Ages of Man
Age of Progress by Great Ages of Man
Ambassador World Atlas by Hammond
Amazing Achievements by Nigel Hawkes
Amazing Universe by Herbert Friedman
American West by Jean-Louis Rieupeyrout
America's Fascinating Indian Heritage by Reader's Digest
Anabasis: The March Up Country by Xenophon
Ancient America by Great Ages of Man
Ancient China by Great Ages of Man
Ancient Egypt by Great Ages of Man
Ancient Egyptians by Pierre Miquel
Ancient Mexico by Maria Longhena
Ancient Warrior by Martin Dougherty
Angkor: The Hidden Glories by Michael Freeman
Archaeological Mexico by Marcia Leal
Archaeology Discovering the World's Secrets by Gaynor Aaltonen
Atlas of American Military History by Richard Natkiel
Atlas of Legendary Places by James Harpur
Atlas of the Bible by Harper
Atlas of the Bible by Reader's Digest
Atlas of the Universe by Mark Garlick
Atlas of Warfare by Richard Natkiel
Atlas of World Archaeology by Barry Cunliffe
Atlas of World History by Harper Collins
Atlas of World History by John Haywood
Atlas of World History by Liz McKay
Aztecs by Deth Wood [Thai language]
Barbarian Europe by Great Ages of Man
Battle by R.G. Grant
Battle at Sea by R.G. Grant
Battles of the Ancient World by Kelly Devries
Battles of the Bible by Martin Dougherty
Battleships by Paul Stillwell
Beyond the Horizon by National Geographic Society
Book of the Revolution by American Heritage
Bullfinch's Mythology by Edmund Fuller
Byzantium by Great Ages of Man
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astonomy by Simon Mitton
Chronicle of America by Clifton Daniel
Chronicle of the World by Longman Chronicle
Chronicles of the Civil War by David Phillips
Civil War Battlefield Guide by Frances Kennedy
Classical Greece by Great Ages of Man
Cosmos by Giles Sparrow
Cradle of Civilization by Great Ages of Man
Dark History: Vikings by Martin Dougherty
Days of the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas by Louis-Rene Nougier
Discovery of Ancient Egypt by Alberto Siliotti
Discovery of Lost Worlds by Joseph Thorndike Jr.
Discovery of the Nile by Gianni Guadalupi
Early Islam by Great Ages of Man
Early Japan by Great Ages of Man
Encyclopedia of Classic Warfare by Jack Watnins
Encyclopedia of Mysterious Places by Robert Ingpen
Encyclopedia of World Mythology by Arthur Cotterell
Exploring Our Living Planet by National Geographic Society
Faraones y Piramides by Tony Allan [Spanish language]
Focus on Change: World News Map Companion Guide by U.S. News & World Report
Forest of Kings by Linda Schele
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford
Great Battles by Christer Jorgensen
Great Book of World Heritage Sites by Marko Caitaneo
Great Disasters by Reader's Digest
Greece and Rome at War by Peter Connolly
Greece and Rome: Builders of Our World by National Geographic Society
Hadrian's Wall in the Days of the Romans by Ronald Embleton
Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization by Graham Hancock
Historic India by Great Ages of Man
Historical Atlas by Hammond
Historical Atlas of Ancient Mesopotamia by Norman Hunt
Historical Atlas of Native Americans by Ian Barnes
Historical Atlas of the Bible by Drian Barnes
Historical Atlas of the World by Rand McNally
History of Castles by Christopher Gravett
History of Lanna by Sarassawadee Ongsakul [Thai language]
History of North Thailand by Duane Hurst (see English Translation)
History of Siam by W.A.R. Wood
History of the Middle East Wars by John Westwood
History of the World by John Hall
History of the World Map by Map by Peter Snow
History of the World's Warships by Christopher Chant
Holy Land by E. Bourbon
How in the World? by Reader's Digest
Hubble by Giles Sparrow
Illustrated Atlas of Exploration by Metro Books
Images of Ancient America: Visualizing Book of Mormon Life by John Sorenson
Imperial Rome by Great Ages of Man
In the Footsteps of Alexander by Miles Doleac
Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land by Loren McIntyre
Indian Wars by Robert Uney
Into the Unknown: The Story of Exploration by National Geographic Society
Koran [Arabic and Thai languages]
Liberty! The American Revolution by Thomas Fleming
Life in Space by Life Magazine
Living Earth: Desert Life
Lords of Life: A History of the Kings of Thailand by Chula Chakrabongse
Lost Civilizations by F. Bourbon
Lost World ot the Aegean by Maitland Edey
Mapping the World by Nathaniel Harris
Modern World Atlas (Thai Edition) by Hammond
Mysteries in History by Parragon Books
Mysteries of the Ancient World by National Geographic Society
Myths & Legends by John Pemberton
Mystic Places by Time-Life Books
National Geographic 112 Years by National Geographic Society
New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry by Arthur Waite
Our Continent by National Geographic Society
Our Universe by Roy Gallant
Past Worlds: Atlas of Archaeology by Random House
Peoples and Place of the Past by National Geographic Society
Picture History of the Civil War by Bruce Catton
Pictorial Atlas of the Bible World by Hammond
Redecubrimiento del Antiguo Egipto by Peter Clayton [Spanish language]
Reformation by Great Ages of Man
Renaissance by Great Ages of Man
Revolutionary War by Bart McDowell
Rise of Russia by Great Ages of Man
Roman Army by Chris McNab
Roman Britain by I.A. Richmond
Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan
Solar System by Giles Sparrow
Space by Ian Ridpath
Splendors of the Past: Lost Cities of the Ancient World by National Geographic Society
Stars by Herbert Zim
Thai-U.S. Relations: A New Era by Duane Hurst (Master of Arts Thesis)
Thailand: A Short History by David Wyatt
Timechart History of the World by DAG Publications
Timelines of History by Smithsonian
Tragedy of the Templars by Michael Haag
Troya by Piero Ventura [Spanish language]
Twentieth Century by Great Ages of Man
Ur of the Chaldees by Leonard Woolley
Usborne Encyclopedia of World History by Usborne
Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions by Usborne
Vietnam War by Smithsonian
Vikings by Howard La Fay
Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Masters of the Sea by Rodney Castleden
Visions of the Universe by Kazuaki Iwasaki
War Atlas by Michael Kidron
War in the Gulf by Thomas Allen
War of 1812 by Richard Morris
Wildlife Encyclopedia 1 by Funk & Wagnalls
Wonders of the Ancient World by National Geographic Society
Wonders of the World by Alessandra Capodiferro
World Atlas by Dorling Kindersley
World Atlas for Students by Hammond
World Enclyclopdia of Flags by Alfred Znamierowski
World War I by S.L.A. Marshall
World War II by C.L. Sulzberger

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