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  Ancient Egypt by Great Ages of Man
Ancient Egypt by Lorna Oaks
Ancient Egypt: Art and Archaeology by Giorgio Agnese
Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead by F.A. Willis Budge
Ancient Egyptians by Pierre Miquel
Book of the Dead by E.A. Willis Budge
By His Own Hand upon Papyrus by Charles Larson
Decoding the Great Pyramid by Peter Lemesurier
Discovery of Ancient Egypt by Alberto Siliotti
Discovery of the Nile by Gianni Guadalupi
Early Islam by Great Ages of Man
Egypt Story by P.H. Newby
Egyptian Language by E.A. Wallis Budge
Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt by Helen Strudwick
Faraones y Piramides by Tony Allan [Spanish language]
Grammar & Alphabet of the Egyptian Language by Joseph Smith Jr.
Guide to the Pyramids of Egypt by Alberto Siliotti
Guide to the Valley of the Kings by Alberto Siliotti
Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt by Aidan Dodson
How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Mark Collier
Koran [Arabic and Thai languages]
Pyramids by Anne Millard
Redecubrimiento del Antiguo Egipto by Peter Clayton [Spanish language]
River Nile by Bruce Brander
Secrets of the Great Pyramid by Peter Tompkins
Understanding Hieroglyphs by Hilary Wilson

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