Thai Fried Rice

(by Pauline Hurst)
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1 tsp. Chopped Garlic 1-2 Chopped Spring Onion
1/4 Chopped Yellow Onion 1 Cumcumber (thin sliced)
2 Cups pre-cooked Jasmine Rice 1 Egg
Fish Sauce (few shakes) 4 tbs. Oil (olive or grape seed)
Sliced Meat (chicken, pork or shrimp) Soy Sauce (few shakes)
Spicy Hot Pepper (optional) Sugar (few shakes)
1/2 Tomato (thin sliced)  


      I highly recommend using a quality-brand Jasmine rice from Thailand. It is superior in taste to short-grain or long-grain rice from other countries. Pre-cook the rice prior to the next steps. This recipe serves two people. Add more rice and other ingredients when preparing for more people.
      On medium high heat, put 3 tbs. oil in a non-stick frying pan or wok. Quickly fry the meat, yellow onion and some of the tomato. Stir in sauces (fish and soy) and sugar. Fry until meat is almost cooked. Add rice and mix well.
      Push aside rice mixture in the pan. Add 1 tbs. oil and chopped garlic. Immmediately add egg to the oil. Add 1 shake of fish sauce to the egg. Fold it over and stir into the rice mixture. Stir another minute and add chopped spring onion. Add hot peppers, if you enjoy a true spicy hot Thai fried rice.
      Garnish with sliced cucumber and tomato. Serve hot.

      Follow the same steps above but use either chicken or shrimp rather than pork. Use the same cucumber and tomato garnish, or something different (such as sliced orange). Serve hot.

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picture of Pork Fried Rice Pork Style

picture of Chicken Fried Rice Chicken Style
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