Baked Fish

(by Duane Hurst)
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INGREDIENTS: (Add to Your Taste)
1 Package of Fish (Flounder, Sole, Cod or Swordfish)
2 tbsp Melted Butter (better for you than margarine)
Almond Slivers Basil
Black Pepper Chopped Garlic (fresh)
Chopped Onion or Scallion Dill Weed
Lemon Juice Parsley
1/2 Chopped Dill Pickle 6-8 Chopped Pecan Halves
Bacon Bits (optional) Basil
Chopped Garlic (fresh) Chopped Scallion
Cream Cheese (small package) Dill weed
Lemon Juice (few drops) Milk or Water (to thin sauce)
Oregano Parsley
Pepper (black or white) White Vinegar


      Pre-heat oven to 475 degrees; fish must be baked at a higher temperature than red meat.
      Bone all fish pieces and dip in butter. Place in baking dish. Sprinkle fish with ingredients and bake until fully cooked (15-20 minutes). Be sure to cover the dish while baking. You may bake several layers of fish in the dish, but should sprinkle ingredients on each layer before baking.
      While the fish bake, prepare tartar sauce. Serve with steamed white rice. Serves four.

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picture of Baked Fish
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