Cheese Omelet

(by Duane Hurst)
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Bacon Bits (optional) Black Pepper
Butter (better than margarine) Cheese (cheddar and mozzarella)
Cooking Oil (I recommend olive or grape seed)
Dill weed 2 Eggs
Oregano Parsley (fresh is better)
Scallion (green portion) Water (1 tsp. for each egg)


      Shred cheese and chop scallion. In a bowl, add 1 tsp. of lukewarm water for each egg. Add bacon bits, dill weed, oregano and parsley. Use a fork to whip the eggs until they froth. Heat frying pan (high) and add cooking oil. (To check if hot enough, throw a few drops of water in the pan. The water should sizzle.)
      Put dab of butter in pan and swirl to coat the surface. Immediately add egg mixture, coating the pan's surface. Reduce heat. Cook briefly and add cheese, scallion and other desired ingredients (ham, mushrooms and tomato). Fold omelet in half and cover pan with a lid; this helps the omelet to fluff. Do not over cook. Serve hot.

      Add pieces of chopped ham, mushrooms and tomato with the cheese. If using mushrooms, sauté them in butter and sherry before cooking the omelet.

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picture of Cheese Omelet
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