Hash Brown Potatoes

(by Duane Hurst)
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2-3 Raw Potatoes (Russet are the best)
Cooking Oil (I recommend olive or grape seed)
Black Pepper Dill weed
Oregano Parsley (fresh is better)


      Shred potatoes. True hash browns should be made with raw potatoes, not baked or precooked ones! Heat frying pan (high) and add cooking oil. (To check if hot enough, throw a few drops of water in the pan. The water should sizzle.) Spread a layer of potatoes in the pan and immediately sprinkle with the other ingredients. The potatoes will take a few minutes to brown. When brown and crisp, flip the hash browns and cook another few minutes. You will need to add extra oil to brown the reverse side of the hash browns. Serve hot. Do not over cook.

      Add shredded cheddar cheese on top, after flipping the hash browns.

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picture of Hash Brown Potatoes
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