Exodus 1847
Game by Duane R. Hurst: Copyright 1984 and Registered ® 1984
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All rights reserved. No portion of this game may be reproduced without the prior written consent of the author. Permission may be obtained by writing to:
Duane R. Hurst (duanerhurst@freeenglishsite.com)
Be the first to Salt Lake City with a full complement of supplies, an animal, and
accumulated blessing tokens.

 - Gameboard (3 insets)
 - Supply of people tokens (blue = male; pink = female
 - Supply of money (bill denominations: $1; $5; $10; $20)
 - 1 Die (6#)
 - 30 Blessing cards
 - Blue blessing tokens
 - 35 Blessing cards
 - 4 Lose faith tokens (black)
 - 6 Wagons
 - 60 Weather cards (30 each for Great Plains and Rocky Mountains)
 - Supply Prices card
 - Supply tokens: Food (yellow); Seed (green); Tools (orange); Water (water))
 - Animal tokens: Horse (blue); Oxen (orange)
Exodus 1847 Pictures (Designed and Made by Duane Hurst)
Game View Game Money Game Cards
Mob Experience Trail Indians Experience Trail Mountains Experience Trail
Each player receives from the bank a wagon, an oxen token, and a set of supplies (one
each of Food, Water, Seed and Tools).

In turn, players shake the die to determine Family Status. Numbers: 1-3 Single player
4-6 Married. Those "married" take a spouse and one child token (your choice).

Players collect money from the Bank. Single: $100; Married: $150
All players start at Navoo. Shake the die to decide who begins; highest number is first.  Play
continues in clockwise manner (to the first player's left).

Players start the journey on the Mormon Trail, which leads them to Salt Lake City.
Follow instructions at each space your wagon stops. You must leave the Mormon Trail and enter
an Experience Trail when you come to or stop on a red STOP space. Each player
MUST enter each of the three Experience Trails: MOB; INDIANS; MOUNTAINS. You return to the
Mormon Trail at the same space where you entered the Experience Trail.

On each turn a player will:
1. Take a green Weather card and follow its directions. (Great Plains during the first half;
   Rocky Mountains during the last half of the journey.)
2. Shake the die and move 1 space for each number on the die. Follow directions given at each
   space you stop (Mormon or Experience Trails). You may enter Salt Lake City ONLY by exact
   count. You might have to wait a few turns, shaking the needed number.
The Bank never loans monry to players. No player can loan money to another.  However, they may
give money or supplies as a gift to help another (and collect a blue blessing token).

A player who owes money to the Bank, and cannot pay it, must either Auction supply items, 
animals or his wagon. Only the Bank can buy the auctioned items. Another player may volunteer 
to pay the debt. Volunteered help is never repaid.

AUCTION:  Shake 1 die to determine the value of items the Bank will buy back. Use the Supply
          Prices card to determine the value. The Bank will pay cash for items.

BLESSINGS:  1. Shake the die and collect money 3 times the number from the Bank.
            2. Take a yellow Blessing card and follow its directions.
            3. You may buy any number and kind of supplies you want (only what you can pay for).

OBSTACLE:  Take an orange Obstacle card and follow its directions.

FORD or PASS:  Shake 1 die and pay the Bank 5 times the number. You do not pay if you have a 
            Weather retention card. The card offers either an easy (free) fordage or passage.

STOP:  Each player MUST stop, leave the Mormon Trail, and enter the indicated Experience Trail 
            (MOB; INDIANS; MOUNTAINS). An arrow shows where to enter the trail.
            Players MUST stop even though the number they shake on the die normally would take 
            them past this space.
            NOTE:  Each Experience Trail begins with an Obstacle space. A player moves from the 
                   Mormon Trail, stops on the Obstacle space, and takes a card. Follow its 
MAY BUY SUPPLIES:  According to how much money you have, you may buy new supplies from the Bank. 
            Shake 1 die for EACH item purchased. The Supply Prices card lists the cost of each 
            item. Prices are:
            - Wagon ... 10 x 1 die
            - Oxen  ...  5 x 1 die
            - Horse ...  4 x 1 die
            - Tools ...  3 x 1 die
            - Food  ...  2 x 1 die
            - Seed  ...  2 x 1 die
            - Water ...  1 x 1 die
            You CANNOT buy more than your wagon and horses can carry. Wagons may carry all
            family members and a maximum of 4 items. Each horse may carry a maximum of 2 items.
            Oxen and people do not carry supplies. You cannot move a wagon without oxen. You
            cannot own more than 1 wagon at one time.

LOSE FAITH:  You may renew faith by 3 ways.
            1. IMMEDIATELY.  Show a yellow Blessing retention card, which offers to renew your 
               faith. Return it to the discard stack.
            2. IMMEDIATELY.  If you do not have a yellow Blessing retention card, SACRIFICE to 
               renew faith. Give any one of the following material goods other players of your
               1) Money 3 x 1 die.
               2) 1 Horse.
               3) 2 supply items of your choice.
               You may take 1 blue Blessing token from the Bank if you choose to renew faith
               immediately by Sacrifice.
            3. PROCRASTINATION.  You may continue to play without renewing faith. You may choose
               to renew it later. Procrastinated faith is renewed by 1) drawing a yellow Blessing
               retention card or 2) sacrificing material goods to the Bank. A blue Blessing token
               is not given because you chose to procrastinate.
               Sacrifice either 1) Money 5 x 1 die or 2) 1 horse and 2 supply items of your choice.
               NOTE:  You CANNOT hold 2 Lose Faith cards and continue to play. You must renew your 
                      faith or go to California (stop playing). If you stop on a second Lose Faith 
                      space or get a second Lose Faith card, IMMEDIATELY renew your faith before
                      the Bank gives you a second Lose Faith token. Then take the second Lose Faith
                      token. You may again decide to renew faith IMMEDIATELY or to PROCRASTINATE.
               NOTE:  You must go to California if you cannot Sacrifice material goods to renew
                      faith before receiving a SECOND Lose Faith token. 
               Another player may help you Sacrifice to renew your faith. He may do so by:
               1) Money 3 x 1 die.
               2) 1 Horse.
               3) 2 supply items of his choice.
               The items or money go to the Bank. However, the helping player may collect 1 blue
               Blessing token from the Bank. The assited player may not collect a Blessing token.
               The assisted player does not repay any offered help.

            A player who stops on one of these spaces must move into the connecting circle. He
            moves out on his next turn by:
            1. Shake 1 or 6 on the die.
            2. Pay a fine if he does not shake a 1 or 6.
            Fines are:
            - Carthage Jail:  $20
            - Indian Camp:    1 Horse
            - Snowed-in:      1 Seed or 1 Food item
			(You must buy the needed item if you do not have it.)
			Move back to the space adjacent to the circle after paying the fine or shaking 1 or 6.

LEAVE AN EXPERIENCE TRAIL:  When a player stops ON this space, he may return to the Mormon Trail.
            He returns to the same space that sent him to the Experience Trail. Players may 
            choose to go back to the Mormon Trail at any time after they have gone around the
            Experience Trail at least one time. However, they must pay a fine. Fines are:
            - MOB:        Money 5 x 1 die
            - INDIANS:    1 Horse
			- MOUNTAINS:  1 item each of Seed and Food
LOSE HORSE:  You may retain supply items the horse carries ONLY if you have available space in
			the wagon or on another horse. Otherwise, items are Abandoned and can be given to other
			players or to the Bank. Supply items and animals CANNOT be sold.
			you may offer Abandoned items a player who has room to carry them. You may collect 
			1 blue Blessing token IF any player can take an item from you. You do not have to give
			an Abandoned item to another player. But, you cannot collect a blue Blessing token if
			you give Abandoned items to the Bank.
LOSE OXEN:  A wagon cannot move without oxen. A player may declare Hardship when oxen are lost.
 			Declare Hardship IMMEDIATELY or you MUST abandon the wagon and all supply items that
			your horses cannot carry. (See Hardship rule.)
			You may offer Abandoned items to a player who has room to carry them. You may collect
			1 blue Blessing token IF any player can accept an item you abandon.
LOSE WAGON:  A player may declare a Hardship when this happens. Declare IMMEDIATELY or you MUST
			abandon all the supply items that your horses cannot carry.
			You may offer Abandoned items to a player who has room to carry them. You may collect
			1 blue Blessing token IF any player can accept an item you abandon. (See Hardship rule.)

HARDSHIP:  A player may declare a Hardship only when he loses a wagon, oxen or both. He must
			declare IMMEDIATELY--before the next player's turn. The Hardship player returns his 
			wagon, oxen token or both to the Bank. One of his "person" tokens must remain on the
			game board. He Abandons supply items that his horses cannot carry (if the wagon is lost).
			Other players may accept his Abandoned items, and he then may take 1 blue Blessing token.
			If oxen are lost, the wagon remains on the board and supply items are not lost. However,
			the items are lost before he moves OFF his present space unless he declares a Hardship.
			A Hardship player may buy a new wagon, oxen or both  just BEFORE he shakes the die to
			move. For example, he might draw a green Weather card on his turn, which causes him to
			declare a Hardship. He may buy the needed items before continuing his turn. He pays
			according to the standard price. He CANNOT buy supply items or horses.

REJECTING SUPPLIES:  A player may be forced to reject offered supplies. His wagon may be full and
			all of his horses laden. If all or part of the supplies cannot be accepted, he may offer
			them to other players. Offered items cannot be sold. He does not have to offer items to
			others. A player who gives supplies to another player can collect 1 blue Blessing token
			from the Bank (only 1 per turn).
NEW SPOUSE OR CHILD:  Collect 1 blue Blessing token if adding a spouse or child. The Bank also 
			gives a gift of:
			- Spouse:  $20
			- Child:   $10 (per new child)

RECEIVING BLESSING TOKENS:  Blue Blessing tokens can be collected from the Bank by:
			1. Gain a new spouse or child.
			2. Share offered supply item with another player.
			3. Offer Abandoned supply item to another player.
			4. Renew faith immediately.
			5. Double Blessing card.
			Blessing tokens are never lost in the game.

DOUBLE BLESSING:  A player may collect 2 blue Blessing tokens.

WEATHER CARDS:  BEFORE shaking the die to move, a player takes 1 green Weather card. A Weather
			card is taken EVERY turn.
			Use Great Plains Weather cards until you pass the Mormon Trail halfway mark, Chimney
			Rock. Also use the cards while you are on the MOB Experience Trail.
			Use Rocky Mountains Weather cards after you pass Chimney Rock. Also use the cards on
			the INDIANS and MOUNTAINS Experience Trails.
			A Weather card is taken before you shake the die to leave the Carthage Jail, Indian
			Camp or Snowed-in spaces. Take a Weather card EACH turn, even if you cannot move.
DOUBLE BLESSING:  This may happen you near Salt Lake City because you can enter only on EXACT
			count on the die. Follow directions on the Weather cards. But you only follow
			directions on the space when you FIRST move on it. You may buy supply items and
			animals EACH turn that you cannot move.

ENTER SALT LAKE CITY:  You must enter by EXACT count on the die. The game stops when the first
			player who is FULLY prepared enters Salt Lake City.

GO TO CALIFORNIA:  Players who go to California include:
			1. Any who Lose Faith and cannot renew it.
			2. Those who are not fully prepared to live in Zion. They lack 1 or more of the 
			   following items:
			   - Oxen or Horse
			   - Food
			   - Water
			   - Seed
			   - Tools
			   - At least 1 blue Blessing token

WINNING:  The first FULLY prepared player to enter Salt Lake City wins the game. A player
			cannot win if he lacks even 1 item or has a Lose Faith token while entering. Also, a
			player cannot win if he does not have at least 1 blue Blessing token. He should have
			helped someone along the Trail.
			You do not have to have any money or a wagon to win. Ill-prepared players go to 
			California, as Brigham Young often recommeded.
HINT:  Keep supply items below each Horse and 1 Oxen token to help you remember where they are.
			The Oxen represents your wagon. Some strategy is useful. You may not lose all similar
			items by separating them. For example, only water on a wagon is lost when a water
			barrel breaks. Water on a Horse is not lost.

AUTHOR'S POSTSCRIPT:  This game has two major objective. The first is to entertain--to make a
			bit of history concerning the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints an 
			enjoyable game. The second is to show (through a game) that the Church pioneers
			experienced both many hardships and joys. We today can understand them as real
			characters by learning of their trials and rejoicings. Recognition of those early
			people may help us successfully cope with our problems and challenges.
			I hope you enjoy this game, whether as a family or a group or friends.

© Page Publisher: Duane R. Hurst