Title of Liberty
Game by Duane R. Hurst: Copyright 1983
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All rights reserved. No portion of this game may be reproduced without the prior written consent of the author. Permission may be obtained by writing to:
Duane R. Hurst (duanerhurst@freeenglishsite.com)
[Note: Nephite numbers below are for each of their 5 armies.]
Main Board and 3 Insets     1 Lamanite king            5 Nephite captains
15 Lamanite captains        10 Nephite scouts          70 Nephite infantry
120 Lamanite infantry       40 Nephite archers         50 Lamanite archers
25 Nephite slingers         25 Nephite flags           5 Lamanite flags
1 Blue die (20#)            1 Purple die (12#)         1 Green die (10#)
1 White die (8#)            1 Yellow die (4#)          1 Nephite boat
50 food tokens              50 weapon tokens           30 Gold coins
15 Silver coins             5 Army boards              1 City temple
1 Drugged wine token        15 City section tokens     5 Dice number charts
1 Instruction book
Title of Liberty Pictures (Developed and made by Duane Hurst)
Game View Game Material Board View Seashore Inset 1
Seashore Inset 2 Hill Inset 1 Hill Inset 2 City Inset
Army colors are shown on the base of each soldier token and on the flags. Troop category is shown on
the token's stem; all stems have a white ring between the base and the category color. Flag base and
stem colors do not have a special significance.

1. Moroni  = Blue                   Amalickiah = Red
2. Helaman = Yellow
3. Lehi    = Green
4. Teancum = White
5. Antipus = Violet

King   = Yellow                     Captain  = Light Blue
Scout  = Light Green                Infantry = Black
Archer = Orange                     Slinger  = Grey

Note that tower and gate have the same color as the objective (Palace, Stockade, Armory, Market) in
their sector.
All walls = Grey                    Temple   = White
Palace    = Blue                    Stockade = Yellow
Armory    = Red                     Market   = Green
The objective of the game is to liberate the six captured Nephite cities and to kill the Lamanite king, 
Amalickiah, before the ONE HOUR time limit expires. All Nephite armies must cooperate to win the game.

Place Lamanite flags on the following cities: Morianton (location of King Amalickiah); Antiparah; Gid; 
Manti; Mulek; Nephihah. Nephite forces all start from Bountiful. Place temple in the center of the City 
inset on the game board.

Place food/weapon tokens and coins in the following manner: 5 food tokens in the city market; 1 1 food 
token on each village/town space; 5 food tokens on each battlefield (Seashore/River Bank and Hill -- this
is done for each battle during the game); 5 weapon tokens in the city Armory; 2 weapon tokens on each
battlefield (Seashore/River Bank and Hill -- this is done for each battle during the game); 5 gold coins
(or 1 silver coin) in the city Palace; 2 gold coins on each battlefield (Seashore/River Bank and Hill -- 
this is done for each battle during the game).

Give each Nephite army 5 food tokens and a Dice Numbers Chart. Each Nephite army is comprised of the 
following troops:
   1 Captain
   2 Scouts
  14 Infantry
   8 Archers
   5 Slingers

The Lamanite army initially is composed of the following troops (many will be used during attacks in the
3 battle insets):
   1 King
   5 City Captains
  10 Battle Captains
 120 Infantry
  50 Archers

NOTE:  City items are not renewed, however, each city attacked during the game must be given a full
       complement of items and Lamanite soldiers before Nephite forces begin an attack on it. The 
       City is conquered only after ALL lamanite troops in it are killed, wounded or captured. A 
       Nephite commander may choose not to continue an attack against each of the city's four sectors
       (Palace; Stockade; Armory; Market). No new items are placed in sectors which have been captured,
       however, additional Lamanite soldiers are added to uncaptured sectors once an attack is

Each Nephite captain gets 1 Army Board. These boards hold the following items during the game:
- Nephite dead
- Live Nephite soldiers (placed on Insets during an attack)
- Nephite wounded (they are returned to the board at the beginning of your next turn)
- Lamanite soldiers captured in battle
- Food tokens
- Weapon tokens
- Money (gold and silver coins)
- Nephite unarmed men (they are placed on the board after gaining a weapon)
- Nephite flags (to show captured cities)
- City sector spaces to indicate captured sectors of a City)
- City sector flags (used to show sectors captured in a City, especially if you do not capture all
  sectors in a single attack)

Start each Nephite captain at Bountiful. The captain is the only token to move on the main board and
represent the entire army. He and other soldier tokens are placed on each of the three Inset boards
(Seashore/River Bank; City; Hill) when an attack is made.

Place Amalickiah token in Morianton on the main board; he does not move. He is only moved to the City
inset (on the temple's upper level) when Nephite forces attack Morianton.

Nephite captains can move in any direction along any path and in as many spaces as desired. However,
one food token must be used for each space moved; going into a city or battlefield counts as one
space EXCEPT during a return to attack a City that was not conquered previously (providing that the
Nephite army has not moved off the city space following an incomplete conquest).

Movement by boat only takes one food token, no matter how many spaces are moved while aboard. It is
possible to move by boat and begin an attack upon a seashore city on the same turn.

Nephite captains must follow a road, path or sea passage shown on the main board. They may change 
direction at any time.

You may collect the food token from each village and town you stop on or pass through. A new token is
placed on the village/town after you leave the space (this provides a constant source of food for all

You must attack any City, Hill or Seashore/River Bank battlefield that you encounter on a chosen route
(or you must go a different way). These sites are shown on the main board in the following way:
Seashore/River Bank = 
City                = 
Hill                = 

Your turn ends after a battle in any of the 3 insets; you may stop a battle at any time, even when you
are losing. If victorious, your turn still ends. However, another Nephite army can continue to attack
the remaining Lamanite soldiers in an Inset battle if you choose to stop an unsuccessful fight. Of
course, the new Nephite army must use the requisite number of food tokens to arrive at the main board
battle site before it can continue the battle.

Each Nephite captain can help other commanders by sharing food, money an weapons. However, such help can
be given only at the beginning of a turn.

Moving troops onto or within the 3 insets (Seashore/River Bank; City; Hill) does not require a food

1. While in the Seashore/River Bank inset, soldiers from both sides may be positioned in and move
randomly from their initial zone to battle opponents. Prior to battle shake the yellow4# die to determine
where Lamanite soldiers will be.
   #1 = Zone 1, on the Beach (Nephite troops on the ship have an Advantage; see Advantage under BATTLE
   #2 = Zone 2, in the Grass (no Advantage for either side).
   #3 = Zone 3, on a Hill (Lamanite troops have an Advantage; see rule).

The following Lamanite soldiers are placed in the Seashore/River Bank inset (anywhere in their zone):
    1 Captain
   11 Infantry
    4 Archers

2. While in the City inset, Nephite soldiers first select which sector to attack and enter through the
   gate after eliminating Lamanite soldiers on the tower and gate. Nephites then proceed up the road and
   fight Lamanites on the temple. Once those soldiers are defeated, the Nephits enter the sector 
   objective (Palace; Stockade; Armory; Market) along the city street.

Place Lamanite soldiers in the following manner for each City attacked by Nephite forces:
   1 Archer on each tower (total of 4)
   1 Archer and 1 infantry on each gate (total of 8)
   3 Infantry on the temple's lower level
   1 Captain on the temple's upper level
The following happens for each sector taken:
   Palace:    Collect all coins
   Stockade:  Free all Nephite captives (even those of other Nephite commanders)
   Armory:    Collect all weapon tokens
   Market:    Collect all food tokens
   (Place a City sector flag on the Army Board.)

A Nephite captain may continue to attack each sector of the city or stop at any time. Note that once
temple forces are defeated, you only fight against the Lamanites on the tower and gate who control each
City sector. If you do not conquer all of the City, another Nephite captain may choose to continue the
attack. He will only need to capture sectors you did not take.

3. While in the Hill inset, soldiers on both sides may attack up the wide assault route (no trees). 
   Nephite forces, however, can attack a hill position from either of two forest paths IF they have a
   scout to lead them. One scout can lead a maximum of 5 Nephite soldiers up the path. An advantage to
   this is that Lamanite forces on the hill have no Advantage against scout-led Nephite troops. (See
   rule for Advantage under BATTLE rules.)

   Prior to battle shake the yellow #4 die to determine where Lamanite soldiers will be.
   #1 or 2 = Zone 1, in the Valley (Lamanites must attack Nephites on their hill. Nephite troops have 
             an Advantage; see Advantage under BATTLE rules. Lamanite soldiers continue to attack until 
             all are dead/captured or you decide to stop the battle.	
   #3 or 4 = Zone 2, on the Lamanite Hill (Lamanite troops have an Advantage; see BATTLE rules).

The following Lamanite soldiers are placed in the Hill inset (anywhere in their zone):
    1 Captain
   11 Infantry
    4 Archers

 1. Collect any food/weapons/money that other Nephite captains may want to give you. (These are voluntary
 2. If desired, buy new soldiers with money and give them weapons. Place newly armed soldiers in the LIVE
    section on the Army Board.
 3. Place all wounded soldiers back in the LIVE section on the Army Board.
 4. Pay number of food tokens needed to move where you wish to go. No food is needed to renew an attack on
    a City. (Remember to check sector locations on the Army Board to see which sectors already have been 
 5. Move to desired location on the main board or to an inset battlefield. Take however many soldiers you
    wish to the inset board. Remember that the scout is able to help you in an attack against Lamanites on
    a hill in the Hill inset. Also, use the boat for Nephite forces fighting Lamanites on the Beach zone
    in the Seashoe/River Bank inset.
 6. Take food tokens from villages/towns you stop on or pass through.
 7. If in an inset, fight the battle until you desire to stop (see rules for a BATTLE).
 8. Collect whatever money/food/weapons you earn after a successful fight, and free prisoners if you take
    a City Stockade.
 9. Discard dead/wounded soldiers in the proper Army Board section.
10. Put captured Nephite soldiers in the city's Stockade (put them in the next city's Stockade if you are
    in a City and its Stockade already is captured). Put captured Lamanites in the CAPTURED section on
    your Army Board.
11. Place a flag on either the appropriate city (main board) or sector (City sector on the Army Board),
    which you liberated from the Lamanites.

Battles only occur in the 3 insets (Seashore/River Bank; City; Hill). Once it has been determined where
Lamanite forces will be located (see section on Inset Movements), place individual troops at any 
location within the zone. You choose whichever Nephite soldier will fight a corresponding Lamanite. Use
the following numbers chart for results based on throws of the dice. Be sure to use the proper dice for
soldiers, including for Advantage points.

Blue         1,2       3,4        5-7         8-20
Purple       1,2       3,4        5,6         7-12
Green        1,2       3,4        5,6         7-10 (0 = 10)
White        1,2       3,4        5           6-8
(Tie throws go to neither side; roll again.)

Blue:    Nephite captains anywhere
         Helaman's infantry on hill/boat (Advantage of Inset defense)
Purple:  Helaman's infantry
         Other Nephite infantry on hill/boat (Advantage of Inset defense)
         Lamanite king and captains anywhere
         Nephite scout anywhere
Green:   Other Nephite infantry
         Nephite archers/slingers on hill/boat (Advantage of Inset defense)
         Lamanite infantry on hill (Advantage of Inset defense)
         Lamanite archers anywhere
White:   Nephite archers/slingers
         Lamanite infantry

NOTE:  Advantage of Hill inset defense for Lamanite infantry is negated when a Nephite scout leads Nephite
troops up either forest path. A maximum of 5 Nephite soldiers can go with each scout. Scouts cannot lead 
men up the open route to the Lamanite hill.

Lamanite wounded are taken off the board, but are returned to the City at the conclusion of a Nephite
attack. They cannot be added to more than the allowed number at Gate and Tower. Lamanite defenders on
City walls have no Advantage over attacking Nephite troops.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Helaman's infantry are stronger due to their exceeding faith.

Seashore/River Bank:
  Zone 1 - Nephite Advantage (on boat). Lamanites on the beach.
  Zone 2 - No Advantage. Nephites on the beach; Lamanites in grass.
  Zone 3 - Lamanite Advantage. Nephites on grass; Lamanites on hill. Nephite scouts do not negate a
           Lamanite advantage.

City:  No advantage anywhere.

  Zone 1 - Nephite Advantage (on hill). Lamanites must attack up the hill until all are killed/wounded/
           captured or you stop the attack.
  Zone 2 - Lamanite Advantage (on hill). Nephites attack up the open route, unless a scout leads men (no
           more than 5 per scout) up either of two forest paths. Maximum of two scouts available per
           Nephite army and both can lead men in the same battle.

You may train a new soldier (your choice; all cost the same) by paying one gold coin per soldier. Place
the new soldiers in the UNARMED section on the Army Board. Unarmed soldiers are ready for combat after 
they receive a weapon. Pay one weapon token per soldier to make them ready for combat.

New soldiers can be placed in the LIVE section on the Army Board at the beginning of your turn. Other
Nephite captains can give you money and weapon tokens at the beginning of your turn. You may use them at
the beginning of your turn to train and arm new soldiers, thus having them ready for battle in the same
turn. Your wounded soldiers can be taken out of the WOUNDED section and placed in the LIVE section on 
the Army Board at the beginning of your turn.

The following cities and towns contain food, as do many unnamed villages in overrun Nephite territory
and wilderness areas:
- Captured Nephite cities you must retake to win the game: Antiparan; Gid; Moriaton; Moroni; Mulek;
  Nephihah (5 food items in each).
- Captured Nephite towns (actually cities in Book of Mormon days) you do not need to retake: Cumeni;
  Judea; Lehi; Manti; Zeezrom (a food item in each).
- Food also can be taken after defeating Lamanites in Seashore/River Bank and Hill battles (3 food items
  in each).


Lamanites win the war if you cannot retake all six cities and kill Amalickiah!

When attacking the City, a Nephite captain may use the Drugged Wine token one time for each sector. This
cannot be used against troops at the temple. Shake the yellow die for results (1 = Lamanites drink wine;
2-4 = they do not drink the wine). Gate and tower soldiers are captured if they drink the wine, and you
take that sector.

Shorter games can be played by reducing the number of Nephite armies involved. For each army not used,
one City fewer is needed to be retaken. (Example: 4 armies must retake 5 cities; 1 army must retake 2 

The number of Lamanite soldiers does not need to be reduced since they always maintain the same number for
each battle fought and city to be taken. The one Nephite city that must be used in each game is Morianton,
because that is the location of Amalickiah.
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