Shopping Game
Game by Duane R. Hurst: Copyright 1983
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The objective is for a player to purchase all six items in order to win the game.

  - "Shopping Game" city map.
  - Four colored automobiles.
  - Four characters (2 female; 2 male).
  - Four sets of items to purchase (apples; carrots; cookie boxes; eggs; meat; milk).
  - Four dice.
  - Set of $1 play money ($6 per player). 
Shopping Game Pictures (Designed and Made by Duane Hurst)
Game View Board View Close-up View Close-up View
All players place their cars at the start position.
In turn, each player rolls 1 die and move the car to the corresponding location. Purchase an item
if landing at a location that has items for sale. You can only purchase 1 item from each of the 6
possible items (apples; carrots; cookie boxes; eggs; meat; milk).
  NOTE: You can buy 2 separate items (carrots; meat) at the supermarket.

More than 1 player can stop at any space on the board. The first player to purchase all 6 items 
automatically gets a free ride home and wins the game. There are no penalties, go back space, or 
lose a turn. This board game normally will last about 10-15 minutes.

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