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English Meaning
Father in Heaven
God of creation and father of all spirits to this earth. Father of Jesus Christ. God is aka Ahman. See Plan of Life.
(See Picture)
Final judgment of Yom Kippur. Day of Delivery; aka Feast of Booths in Israel; 21th day of 7th month (Tishrei). Climax day of Hoshanah Rabbah (Great Hosanna); October 21 likely will be the day when Jesus Christ will make His "Second Coming" or return to earth.
Feast of Trumpets
Hebrew for "Rosh Hashanah"; start of the Jewish New Year. Begins in the evening of 2 October when a shofar (trumpet) is sounded. Precursor to the Second Coming of the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Likely to happen in 2032 AD, according to a timeline in Khufu's pyramid.
Happy; Lucky
Husband of Drusilla and Roman procurator of Judaea who investigated charges against Paul.
Fertile Parts
(Land of Farms)
Name that Egyptians in the time of Pharaoh Ramesses II used for this fertile location on the Frankincense Trail in modern Saudi Arabia. Called "fertile parts" by Nephi. See Picture.
Festus, Porcius F.
Festive; Joyous
Successor to Felix as Roman procurator of Judaea.
Fibonacci Sequence
1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13 - 21 etc.
First Inheritance
Region where Lehi's family landed in a Promised Land. Probably in southwest Guatemala or El Salvador.
Five Forces
Five fundamental forces of nature: 1. Electromagnatism (see Electromagnetic Spectrum); 2. Gravity; 3. Weak nuclear force (causes particle decay via Bosons); strong nuclear force (strongest of the five forces and binds matter to form larger particles); 5. Dynamic Torsion (theory of Russian scientist, Nikolai Kozyrev) that time works via an unseen spiraling of energy -- energy or torsion waves are released as the Earth rotates on its axis while orbiting the Sun.
Five Points of Fellowship
Base 4 points of a pyramid (North; East; West; South = NEWS) + 1 center point (Kolob). The center point equates to Jesus Christ, who introduces man (number 4) to God as a friend at the veil. Christ thus enables man to enter into the presence of God. See Facsimile 1-3 and Picture.
Floeese (Flo-ees)
1. Moon (see Picture)
2. Splendor [faw]
    Primordial ['/ys]
1. J. Smith
2. Nibley
See Facsimile 1-3. Nibley said it means: "Splendor of the Moon."
Flos Isis
Governing Principle
of Light
J. Smith
Highest degree of light that God established as the center for light. He also set a cloud (of gas in space) to prevent high radiation from destroying bodies not of a celestial order. This is similar to Earth's magnetosphere protecting against a Solar Wind from the Sun. See Kae-e-vanrash in Facsimile 1-3.
Folded Napkin
Old Jewish tradition that a folded napkin indicts the master has not finished (eating) and will return. After resurrection, Jesus Christ folded the napkin that covered His dead face as a clear indication that He will make a Second Coming.
Four symbolic horses of the Apocalypse that John the Revelator mentioned in the New Testament's book of Revelation. Horses are: 1. White (Conquest); 2. Red (War); 3. Black (Famine); 4. Pale Green (Death/Disease). Together they are to kill a quarter of the earth's population.
Friday the 13th
Infamous date in October 1307 AD, when Pope Clement 5 and King Philippe 4 of France had all Templars arrested or slaughtered. The asteroid Apophis (aka Wormwood) is expected to strike the Earth on Friday 13 in April 2029 AD.

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