China: Forbidden City
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Lesson: Forbidden City in Beijing

Setting the scene:

      The family arrives in Beijing on Saturday morning. A guide named Mei and her uncle take them from their hotel to several famous city sites. It is a cool spring morning. Birds chirp in nearby trees.

People in This Story:
  • Ching (old man); Dad; Mei (guide); Mom; Mel; Wes
  • Brand Name or Company Name item is in green.
  • Slang terms are linked to the Slang Dictionary. Click on the term to view its meaning.
  • "Speed Talk" is in pink; meaning is in [brackets].


    Ching:    Welcome to China and Beijing. My company directed me to act as your guide while you are here. I am honored to serve. This is my niece, Mei. She also works in the company and asked to accompany us.

    Mei:       Hello, my friends. What do you wish to see first?

    Wes:       I've got a hankering to see the famous Great Wall of China. What about that?

    Mei:       Oh, we scheduled that visit for tomorrow. May we take you somewhere else?

    Mel:       [Laughing] Cool your jets, hoss. Mom already thought of another place.

    Mom:       I think we should see the Forbidden City.

    Ching:    A most excellent desire, which we are pleased to fulfill. Please come this way. We have a vehicle just around the corner.

    Dad:       Thank you, Mister Ching. I appreciate that the company did not schedule my class until Wednesday. It gives me a chance to wind down.

    Ching:    Yes. We anticipated that need. In addition, we hope you will enjoy the beauty of our city.

    [They ride across town together and arrive at an extensive city square. The vehicle halts near a sprawling set of structures.]

    Ching:     Here is the entrance to the Forbidden City at Tian-An-Men Square.

    Mei:       Please follow me. Soon you will see a spacious court.

    Wes:       That's a passel of people! What's in the building over there, Mister Ching?

    Ching:     It contains the Throne Room. Not far away, we can stop at Nine Dragons Wall.

    Mel:       That sounds interesting. Dad, I'll take a picture of your mug at that Dragon Wall.

    Dad:       Make it a good one, Mel.

    Mom:       Let's stop inside this building. I see an exquisite jade carving. There certainly is much to see in the Forbidden City.

    Mei:       Do you have time to visit our zoo? I hoped to show you a Giant Panda.

    Mel:       That's a peachy idea. Let's go.

    Wes:       Right on! I'm actually keen about that.

    Mom:       Mister Ching and Mei, I think we'll need a break after the zoo. Otherwise, we'll be too tired for tomorrow's trip.

    Ching:     Of course, I understand and agree with you. Last stop for today will be the zoo. Then, you can eat dinner with us at a fine Chinese restaurant.

    Mel:       It better be good. Mom is a great cook. She makes excellent Sweet and Sour Chicken.

    [The family visits a section of the ancient Great Wall of China. Click here to see the following story: The Great Wall.]

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