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A Quick Guide to Help Identify Graphic Languages

WARNING: This "quick and dirty" guide does not always contain complete alphabets or detailed analysis of the languages listed here. See Omniglot on the Worldwide Web for language details.

Individual Languages:

Click on a Language/Script box to view the script's home page, which contains links to unique characters to the script and common words in text.

Lithuanian Macedonian Malayam Malaysian Arabic Script Maldivian Moldavian Mongolian Norwegian Oriya Somali Pashto Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Shan Sinhalese Slovak Slovene Spanish Swahili Swedish Tagalog Tajik Tamil Tausug Telugu Thai Tibetan Turkish Turkmen Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese Latvian Lao Lanna Korean Kirghiz Khmer (Cambodian) Kazakh Kannada Japanese Italian Indonesian Hungarian Hindi Hebrew Hausa Gurmukhi Greek German Georgian French Finnish Estonian Dutch Devanagari Danish Czech Chinese Burmese Bulgarian Bengali Belorussian Azeri Armenian Arabic Amharic Albanian Afrikaans

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