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Tibet (Territory of China) Kurile Islands (Territory of Russia) Izu-Shoto (Bonin Islands - Territory of Japan) Chagos (British Indian Oceana) Sikkim (Territory of India) French islands in the Indian Ocean Hainan Island (Territory of China) Mustang (Pricipality of Nepal) Svalbard Islands: Territory of Norway Russian Federation People's Republic of China Republic of Kazakhstan Central Asia: Countries State of Mongolia Caucasus Region:  Countries Near East: Countries and Territories Turkey Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Sultanate of Oman Republic of Yemen Islamic Republic of Iran Republic of India Islamic Republic of Pakistan Pakistan Republic of Indonesia Federation of Malaysia Republic of the Philippines Japan and Okinawa People's Democratic Republic of (North) Korea Republic of (South) Korea Republic of China (Taiwan) East Timor State of Brunei-Darussalam Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Republic of Singapore Socialist Republic of Vietnam State of Cambodia (Kampuchea) kingdom of Thailand Union of Myanmar (Burma) People's Republic of Bangladesh Bangladesh Kingdom of Bhutan Kingdom of Nepal State of Qatar State of Bahrain United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Lao People's Democratic Republic People's Democratic Republic of Laos Macau: Territory of China Hong Kong: Territory of China Oceania: Countries and Territories Republic of the Maldives Republic of Seychelles Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros Africa: Countries and Territories Europe: Countries and Territories
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