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Catalan Republic Principality of Sealand European Union Principality of Seborga Republic of Italy Russian Federation Republic of Transnistria Mount Athos (Theocratic republic in Greece) Vatican City (Holy See) Republic of Romania Republic of Lithuania Republic of Latvia Republic of Estonia Central Europe Countries Republic of Ukraine Republic of Belarus Republic of Moldova Republic of Bulgaria Balkans Countries Republic of Macedonia Hellenic Republic Republic of Albania Republic of France and Corsica Kingdom of Spain Republic of Portugal Principality of Andorra Swiss Confederation Switzerland German States Republic of Poland Republic of Finland Kingdom of Sweden Kingdom of Norway Kingdom of Denmark United Kingdom (England, Isle of Man, North Ireland, Scotland, Wales) Republic of Ireland Republic of Iceland Kingdom of the Netherlands Belgium Kingdom of Belgium Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg Netherlands Faeroe Islands: Territory of Denmark Gibraltar: Territory of United Kingdom Most Serene Republic of San Marino Kazakhstan Africa: Countries and Territories Caucasus Region:  Countries Asia: Countries and Territories Republic of Turkey Near East: Countries and Territories Principality of Monaco Republic of Malta
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