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Kermadec Islands (Territory of New Zealand) Australian islands in the Indian Ocean Midway and other U.S. Pacific Ocean islands Torres Strait Islands: Territory of Australia Wake Island: Territory of USA Guam: Territory of USA Republic of Palau Christmas Island: Territory of Australia Norfolk Islands: Territory of Australia Independent State of Papua New Guinea Republic of Nauru Tahiti Islands Tokelau: Territory of New Zealand Republic of Fiji Republic of Vanuatu Republic of Kiribati Federated States of Micronesia South West Pacific State of Tuvalu New Caledonia: Territory of  France American Samoa: Territory of USA Kingdom of Tonga Cook Islands: Territory of New Zealand Pitcairn Islands: Territory of United Kingdom French Polynesia: Territory of France Niue: Territory of New Zealand Wallis & Futuna Islands: Territory of France Independent State of Samoa Republic of the Marshall Islands Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Territory of USA Solomon Islands Commonwealth of Australia Dominion of New Zealand Hawaii Asia: Countries and Territories Republic of Indonesia
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