Mexico: Butterfly "Snow"
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Lesson: Butterfly "Snow" in Mexico

Setting the scene:

      The family left Bangkok and made a brief stop on Guam, before flying to Mexico. Since the flight arrived late on Friday afternoon, the weekend was free time. Dad hired Santiago to drive the family northwest to a monarch butterfly sanctuary. While there, they met a local girl named Anna.

People in This Story:
  • Anna; Dad; Mel; Mom; Santiago; Wes
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    Mom:       I hope the company is not short-handed and makes Dad start work today. I'm looking forward to seeing the Monarch butterflies.

    Wes:       Fat chance! Dad won't let them push him around. Besides, he can always pull rank on them.

    Dad:       No need to worry. My computer course begins on Monday. I just want to slum around today.

    Mel:       Here comes our guide, Santiago.

    Santiago: Buenos dias. [Spanish for Good Morning] Are you ready to leave? It will take about two hours to drive, unless we get stuck in traffic.

    Dad:       Let's go now. I don't want to encounter a traffic jam.

    [The trip is uneventful. It is another hot, slightly humid morning in a mountainous countryside.]

    Santiago: Here we are. The butterflies congregate each year at this site. They come from up north in the United States.

    Mel:       You mean the same butterflies fly all the way from here to there and back each year? That's a lot of flying!

    Wes:       I think you missed the boat, Mel. They aren't the same generation of butterflies.

    Anna:       Hola, amigos. [Spanish for Hello Friends] My name is Anna and I overheard you. The handsome young man is correct. The butterflies you see did not originate from here. Look, you can see them now.

    Wes:       Man, it looks just like orange snow! There must be millions here.

    Anna:       Yes, over 15 million come each year. Do you enjoy the sight?

    Mel:       Fabulous. I wouldn't miss this for the world!

    [The family travels to the Yucatán peninsula. They visit numerous ruins of Mayan cities, such as Chichén-Itzá and Palenque. Click here to see the following story: Mayan Ruins.]

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