Thailand: Temples in Bangkok
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Lesson: Temples in Bangkok

Setting the scene:

      It is early Saturday morning and the family just finished eating breakfast. They are waiting in the hotel lobby for their friend, Jiap, who will act as a tour guide. She previously promised to show them Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha; located near the Grand Palace). They likewise expect to visit other Thai temples in Bangkok and Thonburi, a town across the river from Bangkok.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Jiap; Noi (river taxi driver); Mel; Mom; Wes
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    Wes:       Heads up, here comes Jiap.

    [Nobody appears to hear Wes, so he repeats the warning.]

    Wes:       Look alive everyone! Jiap is here.

    Mel:       Hello, Jiap. We're ready and raring to go. Where do we hit first?

    Jiap:       What? We do not want to hit anything.

    Wes:       [Laughing] Mel means where do we go first. She's not pulling your leg.

    Jiap:       Oh. We see the Emerald Buddha. Then other temples near there. They are beautiful and special places.

    Dad:       Enough chatter, kids. The taxi is waiting. Let's pile in and take off before it gets too hot.

    [They finally arrive at and enter the sprawling temple complex.]

    Mom:       Oh my, this is exquisite! The buildings are beautiful. I suppose those temple giants are to protect against unwanted intruders.

    Jiap:       Yes, but do not worry. They will not harm us.

    Dad:       Even though we are "farangs" [Thai word that means foreigners]?

    Jiap:       [Laughing] Yes. Just be careful here and remember to remove shoes before entering a Thai temple. That is a polite custom.

    Wes:       Good thing I don't have holes in my socks.

    [They spend a few hours at Wat Phra Keao and depart. Next stop: Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) across the river in Thonburi. The family must take a river taxi to cross the Chao Phraya river.]

    Noi:       Jiap ask I take you to Wat Arun. Special price for you; only 100 baht.

    Dad:       Yes, that's a bargain. Thank you. Let's go everyone, Whatcha [What are you] waiting for? Get in the boat.

    Jiap:       See that tourist boat? It takes people up and down the river. They stop at a regular dock, but we will land at a special dock. After the temple visit, we can stop to buy fruit.

    Mom:       No need for that today. Yesterday, I stopped at a local fruit market.

    [The family later travels to Lampang in north Thailand. They plan to take an elephant ride and enjoy various scenes, including temples and mountains. Click here to see the following story: Elephants in Lampang.]

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