Thailand: Elephant Ride
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Lesson: Elephant Ride in Lampang

Setting the scene:

      The family travels to the north Thailand province and town of Lampang. It was a part of the ancient Mon kingdom of Hariphunchai [modern Lamphun]. Later, it was part of the Lanna kingdom, centered in Chiang Mai. Rival Thai kingdoms were centered at Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. Their traditional enemy was from Burma.
      Purpose for the trip is to visit an elephant training school, one of two in the world. The other school is in Sri Lanka.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Mel; Prasong (tour guide); Wes; Wirat (elephant trainer)
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    Wes:       Here's Prasong, our tour guide. But I don't see a bus or taxi. How are we going?

    Mel:       Don't sweat it. I'm sure something will turn up soon.

    Dad:       I think our bus is coming now.

    Wes:       Zowie! Now, that's what I call a bus!

    Prasong: We call that an upcountry bus. It is a very comfortable tour bus.

    Wes:       Right as rain. This is a great bus.

    Mel:       Let's see the elephants.

    [All climb aboard the bus, which takes them to an elephant camp located in the hill country.]

    Wirat:     Do any of you want to ride the elephant?

    Wes:       I do. Let me take a crack at it.

    Mel:       Me, too. Can we both ride at the same time?

    Wirat:     Of course. Please climb up and sit on the gondola.

    Prasong: Mister Wirat will sit on the elephant's neck. He trains the elephant and must guide it.

    Dad:       Mel and Wes, you go ahead and ride. I'll stay here and take pictures of you.

    [Wirat steers the elephant along a narrow path. They go near a typical hill village and much later they see distant rice fields. The 30-minute ride eventually ends.]

    Wes:       That was a blast! What did you think, Mel?

    Mel:       Same here; it was top notch! Dad and Mom should have gone. They wudda [would have] liked it. The scenery was outstanding, too.

    Wirat:     I am pleased that you enjoyed the ride and my country.

    Wes:       Thailand is a great country. Plenty to see and do. I'm glad that we came.

    Mel:       That goes double for me.

    Dad:       Nice to know that you had fun. I think we better head back now.

    [The family travels to Chiang Mai in north Thailand. They participate in the Thai new year "Water Festival" between 13 and 15 April. Prior to the joyful activities, they visit city sites and Doi Inthanon. Click here to see the following story: Water Festival.]

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