California: Dinner at Home
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Lesson: Dinner at Home

Setting the scene:

      Wes returns home after his basketball game at the Mira Mesa park. Mel also enters the house and offers to help her mother. Father already is home from work.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Mel; Mom; Wes
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    Dad:       Hi, kids. What did you do today? How was school?

    Mel:       Hi, Dad. It was OK. Nothing special except that I got another A in my English class.

    Dad:       Thatís great! Iím always happy to hear that kind of news. I hope you do as well in math.

    Wes:       Hey, Dad. Guess what? I wiped the other team in basketball.

    Dad:       Well, thatís normal for you, son. Youíre so good at sports that I hope you become a professional player. Then you can take care of me in my old age.

    [Mother calls from the kitchen.]

    Mom:     Come to the table. Letís eat before the food gets cold. I fixed Mexican food tonight. What do you say to tacos and burritos?

    Mel:       Wow! Great idea, Mom. Youíre the best cook anywhere. Iím ready to stuff myself.

    Mel:       Donít pig out, Wes.

    [All sit down at the dining room table and begin eating. On the table are the following dishes: tacos with a hot sauce; beef burritos; lettuce salad with a ranch style dressing; and ice water.]

    Mom:     Dig in! If you want more, let me know. The rest of the food is in the kitchen. I made the taco sauce a bit hotter than last time.

    Dad:       Tastes very good. Please pass the sauce, Mel.

    Mel:       Sure, Dad. Better watch out. Itís much hotter than before. Even so, I think itís delicious. I want seconds!

    Mom:     Thank you. I really feel happy to see you eat well.

    Wes:       Did any of you hear about the fire downtown?

    Dad:       Yes. There was a serious fire in Fashion Valley Shopping Center. It started in a Vietnamese restaurant and spread to ten other shops before firemen could control it. People say a cook was careless. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

    Wes:       A couple of the guys were there. They said it happened so fast that a lot of people were stuck in a bookstore. Then a store clerk yelled for everyone to run out the back door. They were lucky because the books burned quickly.

    Dad:       Yes, the store was a total loss.

    Mom:     Oh, I almost went shopping there today! Please talk about something else. Thatís too depressing.

    Mel:       Right, Mom. Did you finish sewing my dress for school?

    Mom:     Yes, Mel. Itís upstairs on my sewing table. You can try it on tonight.

    Mel:       Iím finished eating. May I be excused? Iíll try it on now.

    Mom:     Go ahead. Be sure to watch out for pins in the shoulders.

    [Mel runs to her room while the family continues to eat. Click here to see the following story: Downtown San Diego.]

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