Washington D.C.: Sight-Seeing Trip
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Lesson: Sight-Seeing Trip in Washington D.C.

Setting the scene:

      The family arrives in Washington DC, where Dad teaches computer courses for two weeks. They spend time sight-seeing and shopping.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Mel; Mom; Sam (an old friend); Wes
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    Sam:       I'm glad to see all of you here. I expect that you had a good time in the United Kingdom.

    Dad:       Hello, Sam. We certainly did! I became engrossed in the many historical and cultural sites. The British Museum especially was exciting.

    Mom:       Good to see you again, Sam. What have you planned for us to do?

    Sam:       Sight-seeing, of course. Wes, if I've got your number right, you'll enjoy exhibits at the Smithsonian.

    Wes:       Great! How do we go? Can we see it first?

    Dad:       Why not? We can take the metro and get off near the Washington Monument.

    [The ride is quick and everyone rides an escalator from the subway's lower level to the top. They exit the metro station and walk across a large grassy area. Before entering the Smithsonian museum, they view other famous landmarks.]

    Mel:       Look, that's the Lincoln Memorial.

    Mom:       Yes, and over there is the White House. I wonder if the President is inside now or traveling somewhere.

    Sam:       Later today, I promise to take your picture near the capitol building.

    Wes:       Here we are. A lot of people are inside today. Even so, I see Charles Lindbergh's airplane, the Spirit of Saint Louis. It was the first solo, nonstop flight across the ocean from New York City to Paris.

    Dad:       Good memory, son. Let me take a picture of your mother by a replica of the Lunar Module.

    [After a few hours of looking at exhibits, the family departs.]

    Sam:       There are other sites you should see here on the mall. One is the Jefferson Memorial. Another is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Off the beltway [major highway that circles Washington D.C.] in Silver Springs is the Mormon Temple.

    Mom:       Perhaps we can stop there another day. We have seen so much already. Besides, I think we're going to Baltimore on Saturday.

    Dad:       That's right. I'm taking you to a baseball game.

    Wes:       Great idea, Dad! Bottom line is we need to have more fun and fewer monuments.

    Mel:       That's what I say! Give us a break, Dad! Personally, I want to hit a shopping mall.

    [The family takes a side trip to nearby Maryland. Click here to see the following story: Baseball in Baltimore.]

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