Maryland: Baseball in Baltimore
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Lesson: Baseball in Baltimore

Setting the scene:

      The family receives an invitation from a friend named John to watch a professional baseball game in Baltimore. Later in the week they visit a Civil War (also called the War between the States) battlefield.
      This particular ballgame starts on a sunny Saturday morning. Traffic is backed up on roads near the ball stadium. Eventually, John parks in a spacious parking lot and they all enter the busy stadium.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; John (baseball fan); Mel; Mom; Wes
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    Wes:       Hot dog, this will be fun! Glad to get some action of a different type. No offense, Dad, but this is a good change of pace.

    Mel:       Wes is right, Dad. [Points to the well-kept baseball diamond in Camden Yards stadium.] We need to enjoy a game today.

    Dad:       Don't worry about it, Mel. I need a break, too. After the game, I plan on taking everyone to the beach at Ocean City. What do you think of that?

    Mel:       I like it! You agree, Wes?

    Wes:       Bet your life! That's a terrific plan! For now, though, I better get a hot dog and soda.

    John:       You can purchase them at the concession stand inside or just order from any of the venders here in the bleachers. Oh, look! The teams are taking the field. The game will start now. I hope everybody enjoys it.

    Mom:       Yes, John. It is very kind of you to invite us here. You've always been a good friend.

    John:       Well, I wanted to return your hospitality. I remember the welcome to your home in the past. Don't want to seem a mooch.

    Mom:       Nonsense! You were never a freeloader!

    [Two days after the ball game and beach outing, John drives everyone to visit Antietam, site of an American Civil War battle on September 17, 1862.]

    John:       I know some of you have been here before, but your Dad studies history and likes to see such places. This once was scene of a horrible battle.

    Dad:       Correct, John. More soldiers died or were wounded in this one-day action than on any other single day of combat between Union and Confederate forces.

    Mel:       It's hard to imagine. Looks very peaceful along this dirt path.

    Dad:       This was nicknamed Bloody Lane due to the number of dead.

    Mom:       How sad that so many people suffered and the nation underwent internal strife.

    Dad:       Which is why people should study history. So they will not repeat mistakes from the past.

    John:       Speaking of history, I understand you'll visit more historical sites in Europe next week. Is that true?

    Mel:       Yep. We're excited to see a famous castle in Bavaria.

    [The family returns to Europe, this time to southern Germany. Click here to see the following story: Neuschwanstein Castle.]

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