Hawaii: Outer Islands
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Lesson: Outer Islands of Hawaii

Setting the scene:

      The family takes a break, flying to Maui. Dad is scheduled to teach at Hilo on the Big Island. Dad's close friend named Ralph accompanies them to the outer islands.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Mel; Mom; Ralph (old friend); Wes
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    Ralph:    Hello, everyone. Good to see you again. Thought I'd join you for sun and fun in Hawaii.

    Dad:       Nice to see you again, you old fart. It's always good to share with a friend. We're flying to Maui today and plan on visiting other islands in the next few days. Howz that grab ya? [How does that grab you?]

    Ralph:    I like it! I was booked solid, but will rearrange my schedule.

    Mom:       Ralph, we're all happy you can go with us.

    [The group flies to Maui and stay at a hotel in Lahaina.]

    Dad:       Heads up, everyone. This is the Kihei Coast, where I once worked as a landscaper for an international hotel near here.

    Ralph:    That was a tough time, buddy. We first met there, which is why I wanted to come with you today. Sort of like reliving the past.

    Dad:       Yeah, but we had fun after work.

    Wes:       Dad, wasn't Uncle Ralph a beach bum then?

    Ralph:    [Laughing] Whadaya [What do you] mean was? I still am!

    Dad:       Ralph's not a bum, he's a quasi-bum. Just a part-time bum.

    Mel:       Dad, can we look inside the old volcano crater?

    Dad:       Sure thing. It's called Haleakala.

    Mom:       We should also show you kids the town of Hana.

    Ralph:    Good idea. Charles Lindbergh's grave is near there.

    Wes:       He flew the Spirit of Saint Louis that we saw at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

    Ralph:    That's right, Wes. After we see those places, where do you plan to go?

    Mel:       I vote for the Big Island. Let's walk on the black sand at Punaluu Beach.

    Wes:       And go up Mauna Kea to see snow on the mountain. It actually is the tallest mountain in the world, not Mount Everest, if you measure its base from the ocean floor to its peak.

    Mel:       Good job, Wes. I didn't know you studied so much about geography.

    Mom:       He generally knows more than you give credit for. As for me, I truly want to visit Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai.

    Mel:       Mom, wasn't the movie South Pacific filmed on Kauai?

    Mom:       Yes, so was part of Elvis Presley's movie of Blue Hawaii.

    Ralph:    Another good view on Kauai is of the Hanalei Taro Fields.

    Dad:       I remember that place. But I don't like eating poi. It's a paste-like goo made from taro roots. Tastes like crud.

    Mel:       Dad, will we be able to visit the small island of Ni'ihau? I heard tourists don't go there.

    Dad:       That's because it's a private island restricted to Hawaiian people. So of course, we can't visit it. Anyway, we have plenty to see on the other islands. Now, let's get cracking.

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