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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

X-rated Pornographic
Y'all You; you all [Southern dialect] (I hope y'all can join us for dinner tomorrow.)
Yank British term for a person from the United States of America
Yankee 1. American from a northeastern state
2. Any northern soldier who fought Confederates in the U.S. Civil War
3. Member of the Yankees professional baseball team in New York City
Yeah Yes
Yellow Cowardly (We don't want anyone who is yellow.)
Yellow streak down back A coward (He has a yellow streak down his back.)
Yellow-belly A coward (That yellow-belly will desert at the first shot.)
Yep Yes
Yo Hello
Yokel Country bumpkin (City dwellers often laugh at local yokels.)
Yonder There; that (Delia wants to visit yonder place.)
Yo-yo A silly young man (He's a yo-yo.)
You bet Yes, you can believe this. It is so.
You betcha Yes. You can bet on that.
Yum; yummy Delicious (Mom's food is always yummy.)
Yup Yes
Zap To shock (Sam zapped his friend with static electricity.)
Zero A loser (No one wants to marry a zero.)
Zero in on To focus on (We should zero in on the most important point.)
Zilch Nothing (We got zilch from that tightwad.)
Zip Nothing; anything (Danny doesn't know zip about me.)
Zip gun Crudely made pistol (The gang made a few zip guns.)
Zip the lips To be silent (Jeff should zip the lips about what happened in school.)
Zonk out To sleep (Betty can zonk out faster than anyone I know.)
Zowie! Expletive to show extreme surprise
Zzs Sleep (You'll feel better after a few zzs.)

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