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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Easy Sexually promiscuous (Senior class boys say Nikki is easy.)
Easy as pie Very easy to do (Jim thought climbing the mountain was easy as pie.)
Easy come, easy go Something easily acquired also is easily lost
Easy does it Be careful (Easy does it or you'll lose our support.)
Easy money Money made without effort (Jack claims the work is easy money.)
Easy on the eyes Pretty (Pauline is easy on the eyes.)
Easy street Luxurious life (I enjoy living on easy street.)
Easy to be with Enjoyable company (It feels so easy to be with Janet.)
Easy way out To commit suicide (Unfortunately, that debter took the easy way out.)
Eat crow To recant; be humble (Events forced my detractors to eat crow.)
Eat (his) words To recant; take back (Looks like you'll have to eat your words.)
Eat (my) dust To remain behind another person (The whole crowd can eat my dust.)
Egg on To encourage (Jim egged on the racers.)
Egg on the face To be embarrassed (They were left with egg on the face.)
Egghead An intellectual person [rude] (Bobby is the class egghead.)
End of the line Last place; finish (This is the end of the line for us.)
End of the road Last place; finish (Skagway in Alaska is the end of the road.)
End-run Go around; avoid a direct confrontation (Ross ordered troops to make an end-run.)
Every last stitch All clothing (Joe removed every last stitch for an operation.)
Eye-opener Interesting; a surprise (Her wedding announcement was a real eye-opener.)
Eyes glued to Fixated (Bobby's eyes are glued to a video game again.)
Excess baggage Useless (The company fired people who were considered excess baggage.)
Excess weight Not worth keeping (Jill's old clothes were just excess weight.)

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