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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

Nail 1. To have sex with (Roberto nailed his girlfriend last night.)
2. To hit hard (Rambo nailed the thief with his fist.)
Nail down To finalize (We nailed down that business contract today.)
Nail to the wall To make known (I'll probably have to nail this news to the wall.)
Narc Counternarcotics agent (Narcs arrested a gang formerly based in Colombia.)
Narco Narcotics trafficker
Natch Naturally (Natch, Jeanie really knows what is happening.)
Neat Enjoyable; good (This is a neat idea.)
Neck To kiss (I can see Nikki and Peter necking.)
Neck hug To hug [Southern dialect] (Johnny, come and give mamma a neck hug.)
Need a break Relax (We need a break after working all week.)
Need to Must (You need to consider other ideas.)
Needle To bother; pester (Sabrina needled her mother for more money.)
Neither here nor there Does not matter; unimportant (That's neither here nor there.)
Nerd Odd, intellectual person (School nerds sit together at lunch.)
Never hear the end of Continually (Ted never hears the end of his previous mistake.)
Never mind Forget about; do not worry (Never mind about the jacket. I don't need it.)
Nick of time Timely (Max saved his friend in the nick of time.)
Nifty Likable; convenient (That really is a nifty gadget.)
Night on the town To carouse (The soldiers intend to have a night on the town.)
Nincompoop Foolish person (Only a complete nincompoop will believe that nonsense.)
Nip and tuck Tenuous (It was nip and tuck during his escape from the narcos.)
Nitpick Find fault with trivia (You don't need to nitpick every new idea.)
Nitty-gritty Details (Let's discuss the nitty-gritty of your plan.)
Nitwit Stupid person (You can't trust anything that nitwit says.)
Nix Negative (Nix to that idea. It stinks!)
No account Worthless (He's nothing but a no account bum!)
No bed of roses Difficult (It's no bed of roses to study medicine.)
No big deal It does not matter; it is not important
No dice Not acceptable (No dice, I won't let you do that.)
No-hitter 1. No score in American baseball (The pitcher threw a no-hitter game.)
2. A failure (It looks as if Bill is a no-hitter with Alicia.)
No rush No hurry (There's no rush for us to meet with Alisa.)
No skin off (my) nose That does not concern me.
No slouch Diligent person (Chen is no slouch when it comes to hard work.)
No sweat Easy; no problem (No sweat. I can do that in my sleep.)
No way! Impossible (No way that we can ever do that!)
Noggin Head (She suffered a hit on the noggin.)
None of your bee's wax This is something that does not concern you.
None of your business This is something that does not concern you.
Nope No (Nope, I can't help you.)
Nose out of joint Discomfited(Watch out or I'll put your nose out of joint!)
Nosey Curious; intrusive (The neighbors are too nosey.)
Not in right mind Confused; crazy (Alphonso was not in his right mind.)
Not (my) bag Not (someone's) profession/activity (That is not my bag.)
Not worth a fig Worthless (Her promise isn't worth a fig.)
Now blow! Get out of here now! Don't bother me!
'Nuff said Enough has been said already
Numbskull Stupid person (Is Nobida really a numbskull or is it just an act?)
Nut, a Crazy; unusual and funny person (I like Lenny, probably because he's a nut.)
Nut farm Mental hospital (Watch out or the whitecoats will take you to a nut farm!)
Nuts 1. Expression of displeasure (Nuts! We won't do that!)
2. Crazy (Sometimes I think I'm going nuts.)
Nuts for To like very much (I admit that I'm nuts for Pauline.)
Nuts over To like very much (Peter isn't nuts over your plan.)
Nuts to Unacceptable (Nuts to that idea! It's no good!)
Nutty as a fruitcake Crazy (Some people think Daniel is nutty as a fruitcake.)

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