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I deliberately have included some rude words, but avoided vulgar terms. These should not be used. Terms with (pronoun) or (noun) indicate that alternate words can be used within the ( ).

If that don't beat all That is unbelievable.
I'll be! I am surprised!
In a bind Tight situation (I'm afraid me might get in a bind.)
In a pig's eye Not at all (In a pig's eye, you said that!)
In a pinch Difficult situation (Can you help us in a pinch?)
In a rut Boring (I'm tired of being stuck in a rut.)
In a stew To worry (Mother is in a stew about what to wear.)
In a tight squeeze Difficult predicament (Dan's resignation put the company in a tight squeeze.)
In cahoots To collaborate (Police believe the two suspects are in cahoots.)
In clover Easy life; rich (I'd love to be in clover like you.)
In (my) book (Someone's) opinion (In my book, you are making a big mistake.)
In the back Cowardly (Watch out! That guy might get you in the back.)
In the bag A sure thing; success (Don't worry. It's in the bag.)
In the bargain To include; in addition (You can have this in the bargain.)
In the big leagues Important position (Dad is working in the big leagues now.)
In the cards Inevitable (Your fate is in the cards.)
In the chips To be lucky (He's in the chips tonight.)
In the clear Safe (Don't worry. Paul is in the clear.)
In the dark 1. To be unaware; ignorant (Jane is still in the dark.)
2. In secret (That agency loves to work in the dark.)
In the doghouse To be in trouble (Oh boy, Dennis is in the doghouse now!)
In the groove Skillful; good (Your music was in the groove tonight.)
In the know To be aware (Do you think Dad's is in the know?)
In the nick of time Timely; before it is too late (Jake's help came in the nick of time.)
In the pink To be happy (You're certainly in the pink today.)
In the raw Natural; no pretense (I like his art because it's in the raw.)
In the same boat Together (We're in the same boat on this project.)
In the soup In trouble (You're in the soup because you forgot Joan's birthday.)
In the works Currently being done (Bob has another project in the works.)
In two shakes Quickly; soon (Jill can be ready in two shakes.)
In with it Knows current trends (People admire Belinda because she's in with it.)
Inside job Illegal activity committed by someone who works at the crime location.
Into (it) Understand; participate (Maria is into (yoga) now.)
Itching To be anxious (Jonathan is itching for a fight.)
Itty-bitty Very small (I don't like that itty-bitty Italian car.)
I've had it! I will not tolerate any more nonsense!

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