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Story Information:
A&E Nero Wolfe Series (DVD Movie Collection)
Alternate Title: The Twisted Scarf
First Composed: 1950
First Published: 1950
From Collection: Curtains for Three
Location: New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Doris Hatten
Murderer: Mrs. Carlisle
Motive: Knew Hatten was her husband's mistress
Weapon: Strangled
Client: None
Fee: None

Victim #2: Cynthia Brown (in Wolfe's office)
Murderer: Mrs. Carlisle
Motive: Knew Carlisle killed Hatten
Weapon: Strangled with scarf
Client: Wolfe's ego and anger with Cramer
Fee: Make Cramer look bad

Story Synopsis:
      Nero Wolfe's maneuvers to expose the murderer get Archie Goodwin wounded in the shoulder and nearly a trip to the morgue as a third strangled victim. Hundreds of flower lovers from the Manhattan Flower Club invade the old brownstone home, but one leaves as a corpse. A second contingent (Inspector Cramer's homicide cops) is tolerated until Cramer orders the office sealed. Wolfe is so furious that he refuses to feed the police and tackles the case without a fee. Even Fritz Brenner becomes physical as he prevents a suspect from leaving the house. Wolfe solves the case and Cramer has his nose wiped.
Disguise for Murder
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