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Full Name cmv Age Story Digraph Full Relationship Job Description Description
Haber, Charlotte     PG   sec to Madeline Odell Narrow forehead; small mouth
Hackett,     CO   but to Louise Robilotti Never fazed
Hackett, Henry H.     HW     Alias that Thomas Root used to Wolfe
Hackman, Earl   dead BP H of Marguerite Hackman Salesman Deceased at age 42
Hackman, Marguerite   a40 BP Sis of Richard "Dick" Thompson; W of Earl Hackman at Queens Services  
Haft, Julian m a50 MH   Pres Parthenon Press Barrel chest; cagey; glasses; toothpick legs
Hagh, Eric   d PB Ex-H of Priscilla Eads pro gambler from Venezuela
Hagh, Priscilla     PB     See Priscilla Eads
Hahn, Willard K.     FA   Bank VP Square jaw & shoulders
Haight, Gilbert   20s OD S of Morley Haight; BF of Alma Greve Gas station attendant Lanky; long neck; tall; from Timberburg, MT
Haight, Morley   mid OD F of Gilbert Haight Sheriff Bully; lanky; long neck; loudmouth; from Timberburg, MT
Halloran,     PB   NYPD cop Plump face
Halloran,     PY   assist DA Bronx, NYC  
Halloran, Tom     FA DR   Garage attendant where AG parks Wolfe's car  
Halsey, Mr     ZC   Doctor at Montrose Hospital  
Hammond, Dana   mid BF   VP Metropolitan Trust Co, NYC Giggles; stocky
Hank     CO   Garage attendant  
Hanna, Mr     MB   Book pub  
Hannah, Paul m 20s AB CM Tenant of Hattie Annis Actor in "Do as Thou Wilt" & "The Pleasure is Mine"; counterfeiter Chubby cheeks; protruding ears; small nose
Hansen, Rudolph     BM   Lawyer for LBA Baritone; big ears; gray skin; long thin neck
Harding, Hattie   mid SS   assist dir of PR for NIA Competent; skeptical eyes; tall; well-dressed
Harding, Jill     DD     See Jill Cather
Harriet     IM   Cook to Theodore Huck Extra chins; little; plump
Harrigan, Hawk     BP NY Giants pitcher  
Harris, Nathan   a35 MB   PI operative of Ferdinand Dolman Bony face; brown eyes; large knuckles; from Los Angeles, CA
Harrison, William R.     LM   Judge; LA  
Harriton, Dolly     MB   Lawyer at Corrigan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs Good chin; gray eyes; tough
Harry     BF   Guard to Arnold Zeck  
Hart, Alice   30s NW   Switchboard supervisor at Bagby Answers, Inc Collects Van Gogh paintings; flat cheeks; sharp brown eyes & chin
Hartig, Carl   d PG F of Madeline Odell Tycoon  
Hartig, Madeline     PG     See Madeline Odell
Harvey, Jerry     SC   Communist Party USA member Husky; sharp eyes; well-assembled face
Harvey, Philip   mid PY   NAAD & BPA joint com chairman; writer NAAD; round face, shoulders & belly; short
Haskins,     RB   NYPD cop  
Haskins, Bud     GS   Nightman at Nunn's Garage  
Haskins, Mr     BF   Chicken farmer Raises blueberry-fed chickens for Wolfe; from NJ
Hatch, Emil     CP   at Bottweill's workshop Short; skinny; sour
Hatten, Doris v   DM fd of Cynthia Brown; mistress of Homer Carlisle    
Hausman, Ernst   72 G Godfather of Sarah Blount Retired broker Chess fanatic; elegant little hands; GC; mustache; neat face; offered Wolfe $50,000 bribe; snob
Hawley, Jim     OB   Staff worker at flower exhibit  
Hawley's Orinoco     SB     Guernsey bull
Hawthorne, April c 36


sis of May & Noel Hawthorne; sis of June Dunn; ex-E of Duke of Lozano Actress in "Scrambled Eggs" Beautiful; rippling voice
Hawthorne, Daisy     WW W of Noel Hawthorne   Cold; malevolent; wears veil to hide an arrow-scarred face
Hawthorne, June     WW     See June Dunn
Hawthorne, May c 41 WW sis of April & Noel Hawthorne; sis of June Dunn Chemist; Pres of Varney College Panics; sweet
Hawthorne, Noel v 49 WW B of April & May Haw-thorne; B of June Dunn Multimillionaire  
Hays, Peter     AD G     Alias used by Paul Herold
Hazen, Barry v   D H of Lucy Hazen Extortionist; PR counselor  
Hazen [Postel], Lucy c young D W of Barry Hazen Ex-sec to Jules Pretty; straight-forward smile
Heath, Charlie     OB TR   NYPD Sgt Tall
Heath, Henry "Hank" Jameson   a50 HR   Collects bail for communists; wealthy Glassy eyes; round pudgy face
Heaton, Jim     AW S-in-law of Mrs Robert Dobbs    
Hebe     BF M of Nobby; dog of Calvin Leeds   Doberman Pinscher
Heery, Ellen     BM W of Talbot Heery    
Heery, Talbot   40s BM H of Ellen Heery Pres Heery Products, Inc Broad shoulders; offers AG $20 & Wolfe $10,000 bribes; tall; taunt skin
Herreran,     FO   NYPD mounted cop in Central Park Arrogant; big bright eyes; pushed-in nose; rugged face
Hefferan, Florence     DT M of Joseph Pitcairn's bastard child    
Heim, Leopold     GS     Alias Saul Panzer used at ASSADIP
Helen     FO      
Heller, Leo c v   BM ZC   Math prof at Underhill College; probability expert Lightweight; thin voice
Helmar, Perry   a60 PB   Lawyer; trustee of Priscilla Eads estate Bony; high-strung; raspy voice; square jaw; tall
Henchy, Thomas   a50 RD   ROCC exec dir Black; broad shoulders; pudgy cheeks; short neck
Henderson, Mr     MW   at Naylor-Kerr, Inc  
Hennessy,     WK   NYPD inspector at uptown homicide Bony face; silver hair; straight; tall
Henny     LM   Cook to Anne Burton  
Henrietta     OD   Bootlegger Black eyes; leathery skin; part Indian; stringy black hair; from Lame Horse, MT
Henry     WK   Soda jerk at Gale's Pharmacy, NYC  
Herold, James R. c 61 AD F of Paul & Marjorie Herold Owns Herold Hardware Co Alert eyes; clear skin; "cold fish"; thin mouth; from Omaha, Nebraska
Herold, Marjorie     AD D of James & sis of Paul Herold    
Herold, Mrs     AD W of James Herold; M of Marjorie & Paul Herold   Impatient; little; waspish; from Omaha, Nebraska
Herold, Paul     AD G S of James & B of Marjorie Herold; loves Selma Molloy Copywriter at ad agency; U of Nebraska grad Bulging chin; cocky; framed for theft & murder; hollow cheeks; thin lips
Herrick, Joseph     EP   Gazette photog  
Hettinger, Perry     AD      
Hewitt, Lewis c   BO Some     See Main Characters
Heydecker, Miles   47 EM   Law partner of Lamont Otis Big; broad shoulders; pinch-penny
Heydt, Carl   mid MC   Designs women's clothing Quick dark eyes; round face; wide mouth
Hibbard,     BM   Lawyer for Clock mag Skinny; tall
Hibbard, Andrew "Andy" c a50 LM Uncle of Evelyn & Ruth Hibbard Harvard grad; LA; prof of psychology at Columbia U, NY Author of The Chasm of the Mind; pointed nose; runt
Hibbard, Evelyn c 20s LM Niece of Andrew & sis of Ruth Hibbard   Dark; intelligent; little; pointed nose
Hibbard, Ruth   young LM Niece of Andrew & sis of Evelyn Hibbard    
Hickory Buckingham Pell     SB Bull of Monte McMillan   Guernsey bull
Hickory Caesar Grindon v   SB Bull of Monte McMillan   Guernsey bull
Hickory Gabriel     SB Bull of Monte McMillan   Guernsey bull
Higgam, Mr     LM   at Metropolitan Trust Co  
Hildebrand, Byram     SM   Artist of Dazzle Dan comic strip Gray hair; impressive; large; squeaky voice
Hinckley, Marian   24 DR Fiancee of Morris Althaus on research staff of Tick-Tock mag "A dish"; blue eyes; brown hair
Hirsh, Nathan     BW MH   Lab owner Wolfe uses his services
Hitchcock, Ethelbert (called Geoffrey in TB)     OB RB TR   PI that Wolfe uses in London, England Thin pale lips
Hoag, G.M.     SC   Orchid grower  
Hobart, Clark     FD   DA Westchester Co, NY Big ears; keen eyes; strong jaw
Hoehn, Mr     CI     Wolfe sent him a letter
Hoff, Sumner     MW   Civil engineer; technical advisor to Naylor-Kerr stock dept Aggressive; double chin; offered AG $5,000 bribe; pudgy
Hogan, Phillip   old AD      
Holcomb,     RM   Cowboy; rodeo contestant  
Holcomb, Arthur     AD      
Holland,     IM   NY state Governor  
Hollis, Art     FA   CBS News rep  
Hollomb, Arthur     AD      
Holt, Mira c 20s MM W of Waldo Kearns; fd of Judith Brown; loves Gilbert Irving Model Attractive; big brown eyes
Holt, Philip v   JP   URWA dir  
Hombert,     Some     See Main Characters
Hopkinson, Lawrence S.     BP Wolfe's banker Senior VP at Continental Bank & Trust Co.   
Hopp,     IM   NY state police Lt  
Horan, Claire     GS W of Dennis Horan Ex-movie actress Attractive; blonde; blue eyes
Horan, Dennis   40s GS H of Claire Horan Blackmailer; lawyer to ASSADIP Long lashes; thin tenor
Horan, Phillip   30s KN   Salesman at Mercer's Bobbins Broad shoulders; long arms; long bony face; quick brown eyes
Horgan, Phillip   a62 AD      
Horne [Savage], Ann   26 WM W of Norman Horne; ex-fiancee of Jim Beebe   Attractive; clever; kidder
Horne, Norman     WM H of Ann Horne Ex-football player at Yale U "Man of distinction"; mooch; tall
Horowitz,     SS   NYPD cop on staff of Lt Rowcliff  
Horrocks, Francis   30s TR Nephew of Marquis of Clivers British diplomat Chilly blue eyes; spare body; stuffy
Horrocks, Helen   d CI D of Jervis Horrocks    
Horrocks, Jervis     CI F of Helen Jervis    
Horstmann, Theodore     Most     See Main Characters
Hoskins,     CI   but to Bess Huddleston  
Hotchkiss, Mortimer M.     FH   VP Continental Bank & Trust Co 34th St branch, NYC  
Hough, Austin     TC H of Dinah Hough assist prof of English literature at NYU Broad forehead; erudite; intelligent gray eyes; long bony face
Hough, Dinah "Dye"   30 TC W of Austin Hough   Curvy; brown hair; hazel eyes; level-headed; man-chaser; pretty; short; wide mouth
Howell, Arthur v a40 IE Loves Martha Poor at Beck Products Corp  
Howell, Mr     CK   Goldenrod Barber Shop customer  
Howie, Mr     FD   Sausage maker to Wolfe  
Huck, Beryl v d IT W of Theodore Huck; sis of Herman Lewent    
Huck, Theodore m old IT H of Beryl Huck Millionaire Broad shoulders; gray hair; invalid; uses motorized wheelchair
Huddleton, Bess c v a47 CI sis of Daniel & aunt of Lawrence Huddleston Arranges parties for the rich Bright black eyes; offered AG $500 & Wolfe $2,000 to act at a party
Huddleston, Daniel   mid CI B of Bess & uncle of Lawrence Huddleston Chemist "Shrunk & faded"; skinny
Huddleston, Lawrence     CI Nephew of Bess & Lawrence Huddleston; loved Janet Nichols assist party arranger Dim-wit; supercilious
Humbert,     BP NYC police com  
Hutchins,     OD   Coroner from Timberburg, MT
Hutchins, Mr     SB   Judge from Crowfield, NY
Hutchinson, Pete     SB   fd of Tom Pratt  
Hyatt, Albert m a40 MD   Lawyer; special dep of NY sec of state Dark eyes; smooth
Iacono, Helen   21 PA   Actress in "Jack in the Pulpit" Beautiful; dark velvet skin; deep dark eyes; self-concerned; wavy black hair
Ide, Harland     MD   PI Bony; gray temples; hawk nose; high standards; tall
Igoe, Benjamin   64 FA   Electronics engineer; VP NATELEC Baritone; worry lines
Imbrie, Neil     DT H of Vera Imbrie but, handyman & chauffeur to Joseph Pitcairn  
Imbrie, Vera     DT W of Neil Imbrie Cook to Joseph Pitcairn Facial disorder
Imhof, Reuben     PY   at Victory Press "Bantam"; big ears; BPA; slick hair; wiry
Ingalls, F.L. c   LM   LA; at travel agency  
Ingalls, Pete     OD   Post grad student at UC Berkeley, CA; ranch hand to Lily Rowen Muscular; in Lame Horse, MT
Ingalls, Ralph     NW fd of Bella Velardi    
Innes, Iris     EP Ex-fiancee of Henry Frimm Senorita mag photog  
Irby, Albert M.     PB   Lawyer to Siegfried Muecke Bald; chubby; sweaty pate
Irene     DR   Cleaning woman at 63 Arbor St  
Irving, Gilbert     MM H of Mrs Irving; loves Mira Holt on Wall Street Bony face; gentleman; strong jaw; tall
Irving, L.M. c   LM   LA; social worker  
Irving, Mrs m   MM W of Gilbert Irving; fd of Phoebe Arden   Deep voice; little curved mouth; round face; slender
Irwin     MC   NYPD cop  
Irwin, Blanche   mid CO   Doctor; Man of Grantham House Blunt; compact; quick; wide-spaced eyes
Irwin, Fanny     AD W of Thomas Irwin   Blonde; comely
Irwin, Thomas     AD H of Fanny Irwin exec at printing Co Baritone; handsome; slender; small mustache
Isabel     MW fd of Rosa Bendini    
Jack     TR   NYPD cop  
Jackson, Amy
(aka Julie Jacquette)
    DD fd of Isabel Kerr Nightclub singer Blunt; showy; tall
Jackson, Edgar     BP   Ex-H of Caroline Jackson Willis Rich
Jacobs, Mrs   mid PY W of Simon Jacobs   Brown hair
Jacobs, Simon v 62 PY H of Mrs Jacobs Author of Barrage at Dawn; shyster Scrawny; stutters; thin; white hair
Jacquette, Julie     DD     Pseudonym of Amy Jackson
Jaffee, Dick   d PB H of Sarah Jaffee Major US Army  
Jaffee [Gilliam], Sarah v 28 PB Widow of Dick Jaffee; D of Arthur Gilliam; fd of Priscilla Eads Part owner of Softdown, Inc Comely; coward
James, Clara   young GW D of Gifford James   Blue eyes; glistens; pale; slim; stupid; tense
James, Gifford   a50 GW F of Clara James Opera singer Broad shoulders; cocky strut; proud
Jameson,     PA   Doctor  
Jameson, Mr     SB   assist of Tom Pratt  
Janet     AD GF of Michael Molloy    
Jaret, Nora   20s PA   Actress Big brown eyes; dimples
Jarrell, Lois     DS D of Otis Jarrell   Attractive; dimples; good dancer; greenish-brown eyes; pony tail; tanned
Jarrell, Otis c 53 DS H of Trella & F of Lois & Wyman Jarrell Financier Flabby; offers AG $60,000; sense of humor; sharp brown eyes; womanizer
Jarrell, Susan m 20s DS W of Wyman Jarrell   Attracts men; glides; low voice; pretty; oval face; slender; small
Jarrell [Foote], Trella     DS 2nd W of Otis Jarrell   Blonde; blue eyes; flirt; plump
Jarrell, Wyman   27 DS H of Susan & S of Otis Jarrell Play producer Brown eyes; narrow shoulders; thin nose; tight little ears
Jarrett [Baldwin], Adele   d FH W of Eugene Jarrett    
Jarrett, Catherine     FH D of Cyrus & sis of Eugene Jarrett    
Jarrett, Cyrus M.   76 FH F of Catherine & Eugene Jarrett; F of Floyd Vance Ex-BD chairman of Seaboard Bank & Trust Co Cold gray-blue eyes; lean; long bony face; offers AG $1,000 bribe; white hair
Jarrett, Eugene E.   43 FH S of Cyrus Jarrett; B of Catherine & H of Adele Jarrett VP Seaboard Bank & Trust Co Gray-blue eyes; impotent; square shoulders
Jarvis, Ashley     DR   Actor Distinguished; fat; impersonates Wolfe
Jasper, Carol     CM Ex-tenant of Hattie Annis Actress  
Jay, Laura   20s RM Marries Cal Barrow Rodeo contestant Blonde; liar; scatterbrain; trouble-maker
Jay, Peter     MC   at ad agency Large chin; thick hair
Jay, Phyllis     NW fd of Robina Keane Actress  
Jensen, Ben v mid HW F of Emil Jensen pub "A poop"; big; bony; gray hair
Jensen, Emil     HW S of Ben Jensen US Army Major Handsome
Jerin, Paul v 26 G   Does magic; gambler; writes greeting cards Chess genius; good dancer; screwball
Jerome, Leo   a30 CP S of Mrs Jerome Playboy Big ears; bony long arms; tall
Jerome, Edith     CP Widow of Perry Porter Jerome Owns Bottweill's Good manners; plump; pushy
Jerome, Perry Porter   d CP H of Edith Jerome    
Jessel, Herman     IM   NY Attorney Gen Big ears; round red face
Jessep, Thomas R.   41 OD   Co Attorney Slim; trim dresser; from Timberburg, MT
Jet     LD     Name AG gives to dog Bootsy
Jett, Gregory   36 EM Fiance of Ann Paige Law partner of Lamont Otis Deep dreamy eyes; extravagant; playboy; pointed chin; sulky mouth
Jin     TB   Secret police clerk from Podgorica, Yugoslavia
Joe     MC TB   Chef at Rusterman's Rest Large
Joffe     CK   NYPD cop  
Johnson, Elga     BM   Housekeeper to Louis Dahlmann  
Johnson, Mr     CO   Band leader Broad shoulders; square jaw
Jones, Jewel     LD     Alias that Margaret Meegan used
Jones, Mr     SC     Cover name for Wolfe's communist informant
Jordan, Maud     RD     Alias that Marjorie Ault used
Jordan, Mr     GS   Orchid grower  
Jordan, Mrs Arthur P.     MH     from Sarasota, Florida
Jordan, Pete   young SM   Artist of Dazzle Dan Broad hips; narrow shoulders; small
Judd, Albert O.   40s FA   NATELEC lawyer Smooth
Judd, Guthrie   old BE B of Martha Judd Promotes cereal Cold gray eyes; hard jaw; shrewd; thin mouth
Judd, Martha   a50 BE B of Guthrie Judd; M of Philip Tingley   Slick; slim
Judd, Mr     KN     Cover name AG used for Cramer
Kadany, Diana   20s OD   Actress in "Not Me You Don't" Attractive; flirt
Kallman, Rae   20s RD   ROCC worker Curvy; full lips
Kalmus, Daniel v 51 G Loves Anna Blount Lawyer to Matthew Blount GC; good chess player; skin & bones
Kampf, Phillip v   LD Owner of Bootsy Writer  
Kane, Webster (aka William Reynolds) m   BF SC   Economist at Continental Mines Corp Big head; secret member of Communist Party USA
Karlin, Nan     RM Loves Mel Fox Hotel maid; rodeo contestant Attractive; brown hair; deep tan
Karn, Naomi v a28 WW Mistress of Eugene Davis & Noel Hawthorne Ex-sten at Glenn Prescott law firm Captivating; cocky
Karnow, Caroline     WM     See Caroline Aubry
Karnow, Sidney v   WM 1st H of Caroline Aubry; nephew of Margaret Savage US Army Officially listed as killed in action in Korea
Karp,     FA   Judge  
Kates, Alger m   SS   BPR research dept High thin voice; short; slight
Katherine     CO   at Grantham House  
Kauffman, Bernard   d FH   Founder of Kauffman Management Corp  
Keane, Robina   young NW W of Leonard Keane Ex-actress Pretty
Kearns, Mira     MM     See Mira Holt
Kearns, Waldo     MM H of Mira Kearns Artist Critical; fidgets; little ears; shallow; squirrel face; womanizer
Keems, Joseph "Johnny" v   AD Some     See Main Characters
Keith, Ramsey   a60 TM   Chef at Hotel Hastings in Calcutta, India Red face; runt; Scotsman
Kelefy, Adria   young IM W of Theodore Kelefy   Attractive; dainty; silky black hair; sleepy dark eyes; small
Kelefy, Theodore m   IM H of Adria Kelefy Ambassador from unnamed country Poor accent; pudgy; offers Wolfe bribe of large, flawed emerald ring; short
Keller, Jonah     BP Head of Northland Realtors Beefy; big-shot; bully; loudmouth; ruthless; tough; stocky
Kelly,     DS   NYPD com  
Kemp, Mrs     HR   Cook/housekeeper to Benjamin Rackell  
Kent, Beverly   30 CO   Minor UN official Big ears; discreet; long; narrow
Kent, Nora   47 DS   sten to Otis Jarrell Brown hair; competent; gray eyes; quick witted
Kerner, Ralph     FA   Represents Town House Services  
Kerr, Jay     MD   PI Glasses; "roly-poly"; semi-bald
Kerr, Isabel v 28 DD Mistress of Avery Ballou; sis of Stella Fleming Doxy; ex-showgirl Blue eyes; honey hair; oval face; small ears
Kerr, Stella     DD     See Stella Fleming
Keyes, Dorothy c 20 FO D of Sigmund Keyes; fiancee of Victor Talbott   Good chin; lifts eyebrows; rude; soft voice
Keyes, Sigmund v mid FO F of Dorothy Keyes Industrial designer  
Khaldah, Ferid     TM   Chef at Cafe de l'Europe from Istanbul, Turkey
Khoury, Jules m   D   Inventor long thin nose; no hips; swarthy; wiry
Kiernan, Alfred   30s CP   Business Man at Bottweill's Handsome; Irish
Kimball, E.D. v   F F of Manuel Kimball Grain broker Large
Kimball, Manuel m   F S of E.D. Kimball Amateur pilot Argentine; Black hair & restless eyes; deep voice
Kinney, Art     WK   Man Giants baseball team  
Kipling, Robert Service     DD     Alias of Barry Fleming
Kirby, Dale   30s DR   Actor Calm; handsome; impersonates AG
Kirk [Sommers], Bonny v 26 BW W of Martin Kirk Ex-sec Beautiful; promiscuous
Kirk, Jimmie m   CK   Ex-convict; Wolfe's barber at Goldenrod Barber Shop Curly lips; dancing eyes; handsome
Kirk, Martha   20 AB CM Tenant of Hattie Annis Actress in "Short & Sweet" Cute; dimple in chin; ornamental
Kirk, Martin c 34 BW H of Bonny Kirk; marries Rita Fougere Architect Lanky; quiet; tall
Knapp, Gerald     PY   Pres Knapp & Bowen pub Big; blonde; BPA
Knapp, Mr     FD     Alias of Jimmy Vail
Knudsen, Mr     BM   Senior ed at Clock mag Bony; tall
Kommers, Arthur c   LM   LA; sales Man  
Koppel, Deborah v   AV sis-in-law of Madeline Fraser; sis of Lawrence Koppel Man of Madeline Fraser Black hair; fat; large shrew eyes; short
Koppel, Lawrence c d AV H of Madeline Fraser; B of Deborah Koppel    
Korby, Flora   20 JP D of James Korby   Dark brown eyes & hair
Korby, James     JP F of Flora Korby Pres URWA Bald; pudgy; short
Kosor, Stan     TB   SBM insurgent  
Koven, Harry c mid SM H of Marcelle Koven Artist/creator of Dazzle Dan comic strip Chronic liar; coward; large; nervous
Koven, Marcelle m young SM W of Harry Koven   Devious; gray eyes; small; wide smooth brow
Krasicki, Andrew c   DT SC Fiance of Dini Lauer Orchid tender to Joseph Pitcairn; worked for Lewis Hewitt; works for Wolfe Athletic; big; blonde; blue eyes; handsome
Kreis, Emil     PA   Codex Press BD chairman  
Kremp, Mrs     HR   Cook/housekeeper to Pauline Rackell Competent; sentimental
Kretzmeyer,     CI   Meat supplier  
Krool, Haggie     SM     Dazzle Dan comic strip character
Krug, Willis   a40 MH Ex-H of Carol Mardus Literary agent to Richard Valdon Bony; flat ears; long head; tall
Kuffner, Paul     GS   PR expert Short; smiler; thick lips; thin brown mustache; wide mouth
Kurtz, Mrs     LM   Housekeeper to Anne Burton  
Kustin, Louis   30s MB   Lawyer Sleepy dark eyes; small
Laghi, Tony     G   Cook at Gambit Club Bald; little; round
Laidlaw, Edwin c 31 CO F of Faith Usher's child; marries Celia Grantham pub at Malvin Press Little; unkempt hair
Lake, Emmett "Emmy"   40s OD   Cowboy at Lily Rowen ranch from Lame Horse, MT
Lake, Sam     SB   Sheriff from Crowfield, NY
Lambert,     MD fd of Albert Hyatt assist DA of NY Co  
Lamm, Nils     ZC   Guard at Leo Heller apt  
Lamont, Mrs     RB   Saleswoman at Boyden McNair, Inc Handsome; tall
Landy, H.R.   d OF 1st H of Mrs Whitten; F of Jerome, Phoebe & Mortimer Landy; F of Eve Bahr Founder of Ambrosia Rest chain  
Landy, Jerome   33 OF S of H.R. Landy & Mrs Whitten; B of Mortimer & Phoebe Landy & Eve Bahr Real estate agent Dark hair; small; wiry
Landy, Mortimer   31 OF S of H.R. Landy & Mrs Whitten; B of Jerome & Phoebe Landy & Eve Bahr   Big; big-mouth; incompetent; red face; wide-spaced eyes
Landy, Mrs     OF     See Mrs Whitten
Landy, Phoebe   24 OF D of H.R. Landy & Mrs Whitten; sis of Jerome & Mortimer Landy & Eve Bahr Vassar grad Attractive; blue eyes
Landry,     PG   Gazette rep  
Lang, Sidney c   LM   LA; real estate  
Langwater Reveller     SB     Guernsey bull
Lanzetta,     RB   Lawyer at NYC DA office Hates Wolfe
Lasher, Rose   20s BO Mistress of Harry Gould Ex-store clerk Attractive; belligerent; crude
Latham, Mrs     DS   Housekeeper to Otis Jarrell  
Lauck, Molly v 20s RB   Model at Boyden McNair, Inc  
Lauer, Dini v young DT Fiancee of Andrew Krasicki Nurse to Mrs Pitcairn Attractive; brown hair; flirt; nice hands
Lavery, Tim     CI   Stableman Scarred cheek
Lawson Jr, Kenneth     BT S of Kenneth Lawson Sr Lt US Army Intelligence; secret aide to Gen Carpenter Big; handsome
Lawson Sr, Kenneth     BT F of Kenneth Lawson Jr Eastern Products Corp tycoon Ladies' man
Laszio [Rossi], Dina m 30s TM W of Phillip Laszio; ex-W of Marko Vukcic; D of Domenico Laszio; paramour of Raymond Liggett   Brunette; high white brow; long sleepy eyes; "Swamp-woman"
Laszio, Phillip v old TM H of Dina Laszio Chef at Hotel Churchill, NYC Chunky; clever eyes; devious; "slick all over"; smooth skin
Lawson,     BP   NYPD Lt  
Lawson, Ruby     BO     Alias of Rose Lasher
Leach, Albert     AB CM   Secret Service agent Balding; "final type"; round shoulders
Leach, Benjamin "Bennie"     RB   Lawyer to Llewelyn Frost Plump; quick smart eyes; round pink face
Leacraft, Harvey M.     PA   Corp lawyer  
Leamis, James R.     RD   Globe Man ed Graying hair; wrinkles; from Racine, Wisconsin
Leconne, Marie     AV   Owns beauty parlor Slippery
Leddegard, Ormond   mid HR   Labor-management relations expert Fumble-fingers; lanky
Leeds, Calvin m   BF Cousin of Sarah Rackham Arnold Zeck operative; dog trainer; owns Hillside Kennels Graying hair; walks fast; weathered face
Leeds, Cora v 87 NE M of Miss Leeds   Pidgeon lover
Leeds, Miss     NE D of Cora Leeds Landlady Bossy; hefty; pidgeon lover
Leeson, David M. v a40 IM H of Sally Leeson US assist sec of State Baritone; cool
Leeson, Sally     IM W of David Leeson   Light brown hair; quick brown eyes
Leggett, Arthur M.     MD   Pres Metropolitan Citizens League  
Leggett, Arthur M.     MD     Alias William Donahue used to Jay Kerr
Leo     TB   Chef at Rusterman's Rest Narrow
Leonard, Phillip c   LM   LA  
Lercari,     GS   Jeweler from Paris, France
Lesser, William   25 AD Fiance of Delia Brandt Softdrink salesman Narrow shoulders; slim; tall
Levine, Bernard     GS B of S. Levine Owns clothing store Glasses; round shoulders; from Newark, NJ
Levine, S.     GS B of Bernard Levine    
Levinson, Mr     CK     Goldenrod Barber Shop customer
Levstik,     TB   Secret police from Podgorica, Yugoslavia
Levy,     DM   NYPD cop  
Lewent, Beryl     IT     See Beryl Huck
Lewent, Herman c 56 IT B of Beryl Huck   Gray eyes; pinched mouth; slim; small
Liggett, Raymond m mid TM Lover of Dina Laszio Man/part owner of Hotel Churchill, NYC Medium size; small gray eyes
Lindquist, Hilda c mid TR D of Victor Lindquist   Large; square face; from Nebraska
Lindquist, Victor   79 TR F of Hilda Lindquist Wheat farmer from Plainview, Nebraska
Lindstrom,     CM   assist DA NYC  
Linville, Mrs     SB W of a stockman   from Crowfield, NY
Lippert, Mr   d BM     LBA
Lippin, Marjorie   d PY   Author of Sacred or Profane  
Lipscomb, Vincent     GS   pub Modern Thought mag Booming voice; flat nose; massive shoulders; tall
Liss, Portia     MB   Filing clerk at Corrigan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs Bad teeth; laugher
Littauer, H. Ernest     RD   Lawyer to Ault family  
Livsey, Hester   24 MW Engaged to Waldo Moore sec to Mr Rosenbaum Alluring; brown hair
Lloyd, Nicholas m   GW   Surgeon to Alberto Mion Dark eyes; lined handsome face
Loendenkrantz,     TR   NYPD cop  
Loftus,   mid LD   NYPD canine cop Rimless glasses; stocky
Logo     CI     Bear of Bess Huddleston
Longren,     MB     Prior Wolfe case
Lopez     RM   Cowboy & rodeo contestant  
Losseff, Nicholas     MH   Owns Exclusive Novelty Co Big ears; button expert; little; white hair
Lovchen, Carla     OB     Alias of Anna Wolfe
Lowell, Patricia     SM   Agent to Harry Koven Attractive; brown eyes; cool; pink cheeks; throaty voice
Lowenfeld, Mr     SC   at NYC police lab  
Lucile     PG   Worker at Midtown Home Service Corp Black; broad shoulders; husky
Lucy     FO fd of Audrey Rooney    
Ludlow, Percy v 30s OB   British spy Courteous; intelligent eyes
Lugos, Helen   a27 PG Mistress of Amory Browning CAN; sec to Amory Browning Pretty
Lulu     CI     Bear of Bess Huddleston
Lurick, Bill     BM   Gazette rep  
Lyons, Leonard     AV