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Story Information:
A&E Nero Wolfe Series (DVD Movie Collection)
First Composed: 1958
First Published: 1962
From Collection: Homicide Trinity
Location: New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Bertha Aaron (in Wolfe's office)
Murderer: Rita Sorell
Motive: Threatens to expose Sorell's fraud
Weapon: Jade chunk to head; strangled with Wolfe's necktie
Client: Nero Wolfe
Fee: Assuage his self-esteem

Story Synopsis:
      Both Archie Goodwin and Fritz Brenner are irritated with Nero Wolfe's attitude, so much that they refuse to dispose of a soiled necktie left on his desk. The murderer uses the convenient tie to kill the victim. Wolfe becomes so incensed that he refuses to eat dinner and determines to expose the murderer. One female suspect escapes from the brownstone via a window; Wolfe hugs a woman tightly to save his own life.
Homicide Trinity: Eeny Meeny Murder Mo
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