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Full Name cmv Age Story Digraph Full Relationship Job Description Description
Sachs,   a35 PY   NAAD lawyer Broad shoulders; compact; sharp eyes
Sackett, Mr     SB   Doctor Little; no neck; stocky; from Crowfield, NY
Safford, Wayne c 28 FO Loves Audrey Rooney Owns Stillwell Riding Academy Big bones; high-pitched voice; husky
Salzanback, Mr     RB   Farmer Sells goat kids to Wolfe
Sam     CI FD   Owns Sam's diner AG often eats in his diner
Sam     FD   Soda jerk  
Sam     PG   Workman at Midtown Home Service Corp Cleans weekly at Wolfe's home
Sam     SS   Doorman  
Sam     WW   Bartender at Wellman's Bar  
Samek, Michael     IM   Cook to O.V. Bragan  
Sampson, Sinclair     MB     Pseudonym
Samuels, Alan     MD     Alias of William Donahue to Dol Bonner
Samuels, Alan     MD     Member Charity Funds Investingating Com; retired broker
Sanders, Larry     BP   "Gazette" reporter  
Sandler, Jack     PY   Literary agent  
Santini, Enrico     LM   Art dealer from Italy
Saunders,     FD   NY state police Capt Belligerent; from White Plains, NY
Savage, Ann     WM     See Ann Horne
Savage, Margaret     WM W of Raymond & M of Richard & Ann Savage; aunt of Sidney Karnow   Big; extravagant
Savage, Mr     TR   PR counsel  
Savage, Raymond     WM H of Margaret & F of Richard & Ann Savage    
Savage, Richard "Dickie"     WM S of Margaret & Raymond Savage Stock holder Big; womanizer
Savarese, F.O.     AV   assist prof of math at Columbia U Big; blonde; bouyant; tall
Schane, Morton m   BD BF of Angelina Murphy; fiance of Beulah Page Blackmailer Dark eyes; glasses; strong chin
Schipple,     G   assist DA  
Scholl, Mr     MB   Book pub  
Schriver, Benjamin     PA   Shipping magnate Round ruddy face
Schult, Mr     BM   Associate ed Clock mag Broad; tall
Schuster, Paul   29 CO   Lawyer Prodigy; quick dark eyes; thin nose
Schwab,     MC   NYPD cop  
Schwartz,     BF   Arnold Zeck guard Pasty face; pointed chin
Schwartz,     OD   Police Sgt Square jaw; from St Louis, MO
Schwartz, L.A.   60 BD   Lawyer to Dazy Perrit Glasses; silent; skinny
Scott, Pitney c   LM   Cab driver; LA A lush
Scovil, Harlan v 60s TR   Rancher Eyes twinkle; low voice; tall; tobacco chewer; weathered; from Wyoming
Seaver, Ronald   old TM     Alias of Kenneth Meer
Sebor, Dorothy   50 FH   Man of Seber Shopping Service Blue eyes; gray hair; smart
Servan, Louis   old TM   Chef at Kanawha Spa, WV Dean of Les Quinze Maitres; gray mustache; wrinkled face
Seymour, John Mortan     TC   Lawyer to Thomas Yeager  
Shanks, Charles E.     GW RB SB   Catalog pub; orchid grower Fat; keen eyes; short; two chins
Shanks, Mabel   mid WW   rec at Glenn Prescott firm  
Shattuck, John Bell m   BT     See Lucy Valdon
Shawn,     HW   US Army Col  
Shepherd, Al     AV F of Nancy & H of Mrs Shepherd at storage warehouse Large brow & eyebrows; surly
Shepherd, Mrs     AV W of Al & M of Nancy Shepherd   Graying hair; small round shoulders; thin pointed nose
Shepherd, Nancylee "Nan"     AV D of Al & Mrs Shepherd Man of Madeline Fraser Girls' Club Chatterbox; cute; gray eyes; light yellow hair; nosy
Shiff, Oscar     MB     Pseudonym
Shuvalov, Dmitri     TB   Russian secret police Arrogant; from Albania
Sievers, George     RD   Police Lt Bald; large jaw; from Evansville, IN
Skinner,     F   Mechanic to Manuel Kimball  
Skinner, Bill     Some     See Main Characters
Slim     SB   Jail guard; trustee Large Adam's apple; skinny; tall; from Crowfield, NY
Slocum, Joe     GS   Racketeer  
Small,     F   but to Peter Oliver Barstow Skinny; tall
Smalley, Dave     SB   Hired hand to Tom Pratt Cockeyed nose; dense; fired by Clyde Osgood; runt; skinny
Smith, John   50 SS     Cover name of Frank Erskine's lawyer; offered Wolfe $300,000 bribe to frame Alger Kates, Don O'Neill or Solomon Dexter for murder
Smith, Sally     BD     Alias of Angelina Murphy in Salt Lake City, Utah
Smokey     RB   Custodian at NYC Homicide West HQS Lame; little
Snyder, Joan     KN     See Joan Ashby
Soffer, Horton     WK   Giants doctor Bald; glasses; long torso; short legs
Sol     SM   NYPD cop  
Sommers, Bonny     BW     See Bonny Kirk
Sopko, Mr     PG Ex-client of Wolfe   Owns yacht "Happygolucky"
Sorell, Morton     EM H of Rita Sorell Multimillionaire  
Sorell [Ramsey], Rita m young EM W of Morton Sorell Ex-actress in "Reach for the Moon" Alluring; blonde; careful; greedy
Sperling, Gwenn   22 SC D of James Sr & sis of Jimmy & Madeline Sperling; GF of Louis Rony Smith grad Comely; curious; freckles; round face; stubborn
Sperling, Mrs   mid SC W of James Sperling Sr; M of Gwenn, Jimmy & Madeline Sperling   Illogical; protective; vacuous; wide mouth
Sperling [Pendleton], Madeline   26 SC D of James Sr & Mrs Sperling; B of Gwenn & Jimmy Sperling   Attractive; big dark eyes; crush on AG at age 17; oval face; protective; slim
Sperling Jr, James U. "Jimmy" c a28 SC S of James Sr & Mrs Sperling; B of Gwenn & Madeline Sperling Private pilot Slender; smooth skin; wide spoiled mouth
Sperling Sr, James U. c mid SC F of Gwenn, Jimmy & Madeline Sperling Chairman Continental Mines Corp Aggressive; big bones; smiles like an angel; weathered skin
Spero, G.G.     SS   FBI agent  
Stahl, Janet   20s CK   Manicurist at Goldenrod Barber Shop Comely; brown eyes; flighty; long lashes; nice chin; small jaw; straight nose; wants to be an actress
Stahl, Mr     OB TB   FBI agent Good eyes & shoulders; polite
Stapleton,     MW   at Naylor-Kerr, Inc  
Stara, Alex     TB     Alias of AG in Yugoslavia
Stara, Tone     TB     Alias of Wolfe in Yugoslavia
Stauffer, Osric "Ossie"   a40 WW   assist to Noel Hawthorne Handsome; offers AG $1,000 bribe
Stebbins, Purley     Most     See Main Characters
Steck,     DS   but to Otis Jarrell Long, sad narrow face; tall; thin
Stepanian, Woodrow "Woody"   60s OD   Owns cultural hall Black eyes; intelligent; white hair; from Lame Horse, MT
Stephens, Curly     LM     Character in Paul Chapin's novel
Steve     LM   Garage mechanic  
Steve     TR   NYPD cop Short; tenor
Stevens, Harold     BD     Alias AG used to Beulah Page
Stevens, Mr   mid SC   Member Communist Party USA Glasses; pale; skinny; thin brown hair
Stritar, Gospo     TB   Secret police chief Husky; large jaw; from Podgorica, Yugoslavia
Strong, Tully     AV   sec Madeline Fraser's Sponsor's Council Glasses; long neck; thin lips
Sturdevant, Ellen     PY   Author The Color of Passion  
Sturgis,     RB   NYPD Sgt  
Sturgis, Cleve     LM fd of AG   in Pike Co, NY
Sturtevant, Mr   young SB   Commercial aviator Clean face; good-looking; from Crowfield, NY
Styce,     RB   but to Boyden McNair  
Sullivan,     CK   NYPD cop  
Tabb, Jerome     PY   Author; Pres NAAD  
Tabby     EP   Sneak thief Quick; small
Tailor     TC     Code name of AG for Cramer
Talbot, Anne     D W of Henry Talbot   Pretty; shapely
Talbot, Henry Lewis     D H of Anne Talbot Banker  
Talbott, Victor m 30s FO Fiance of Dorothy Keyes Industrial salesman Bold; handsome
Tatento, Victor     LD   Lawyer Dark eyes &skinned; hooked nose
Tanzer,     F   but to Burke Williamson  
Tassone, Henri     TM   Chef at Shepheard's Hotel from Cairo, Egypt
Tauber, Gil     MD   PI from Albany, NY
Teabag     OD     Horse of William Farnham
Teague, Mr     TB   sec at US embassy in Rome, Italy
Tedder, Harold F.   d FD 1st H of Althea Vail    
Tedder, Margot   a21 FD D of Althea Vail; sis of Noel Tedder   Pain in the neck; slender; snob; stiff hips
Tedder, Noel c 23 FD S of Althea & Harold Vail; B of Margot Tedder College dropout Broad shoulders; spoiled; tenor
Telesio, Paolo   mid TB One-time fd of Wolfe "SBM insurgent;" Yugoslav agent Dark; gray hair; quick eyes; wide mouth; from Bari, Italy
Tenzer, Anne   20s MH Niece of Ellen Tenzer sec with Stopgap Employment Service Attractive; blond
Tenzer, Ellen v a60 MH Aunt of Anne Tenzer Retired RN Gray hair & eyes; from Mahopac, NY
Tescher, Susan     BM   assist dir of research, Clock mag Brassy hair; comely; gray eyes; slender; "smart"
Thales, Milton     DD     Alias of Barry Fleming
Thayer, Paul     IT Nephew of Theodore Huck Offbeat pianist "Built like a bull"; oddball
Thistleleaf Lucifer     SB     Guernsey bull of Fred Osgood
Thomas, Mr     MW   BD Naylor-Kerr, Inc  
Thompson, Bill     PA   Cheesemaker from NJ
Thompson, George     MB     Alias of AG to Peggy Potter
Thompson, Mr     CP   Orchid grower from England
Thompson, Mr     DR   VP Bruner Corp  
Thompson, Mr     OB   Lawyer to Nathaniel Driscoll Gray hair
Thompson, Richard "Dick" m
29 BP B of Marguerite Hackman Decorated WW2 marine Bachelor; committed suicide after a botched murder; drug addict; hot temper; undependable
Thorne, Emmy m   MJ Finacee of Alec Gallant dept head at Alec Gallant, Inc Fine teeth; gray eyes; pretty
Thorne, Emmy     FM   dept head at Alec Gallant, Inc Blue eyes; pretty; white gold hair
Thorne, Raymond     FH   TV producer  
Tiger, Beth   21 RD   sten at ROCC Attractive; black; long lashes; low voice
Tillotson, Albert     ZC H of Henrietta Tillotson    
Tillotson, Henrietta     ZC W of Albert Tillotson   Fat; liar; matron; offers cop $500 bribe; wrinkled
Timms, Maryella     CI   sec to Bess Huddleston Demure eyes; large brow; southern drawl; taught Wolfe several recipes
Tingley, Arthur v 50s BE Uncle of Amy Duncan; S of Thomas Tingley Owns Tingley Tidbits  
Tingley, Philip   a30 BE S of Martha Judd & Thomas Tingley   Bony face; broad; deep-set eyes; tall
Tingley, Thomas   d BE F of Arthur & Philip Tingley    
Tinkham,     BT   Col US Army Intelligence; ex-PI Mustache; undersized
Tite, Mr     BM   pub Clock mag  
Tolman, Barry   young TM Loves Constanza Berin Prosecuting attorney Athetic; handsome; from Marlin Co, WV
Tom     BD   Meat agent to Dazy Perrit  
Tony     AV   Cab driver from Atlantic City, NJ
Tony     TR   Coal seller  
Toracco, Philip     CK   Barber at Goldenrod Barber Shop Ex-inmate at sanetarium
Tormic, Neya c   OB     Alias of Vladanka Donevitch to Wolfe
Townsend, Mr   young F   Sells sporting goods "Like a football player"; snob
Tracy, Anne   20s BO D of Mr Tracy sec to W.G. Dill "Artistic legs"; attractive; composed
Tracy, Mr   old BO F of Anne Tracy Ex-assist superintendent at Rucker & Dill Geezer; gray hair; old felt hat
Traub, Nathan   30s AV   Ad agency exec Dark hair; smooth, low voice
Travis, Mr     SS   FBI agent  
Treble, Gus   young DT fd of Andrew Krasicki assist gardner to Joseph Pitcairn Loyal
Tremont, Mrs     AV     from prior Wolfe case
Troy, Helen   mid MB Niece of Frederick Briggs sten at Corrigan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs Giggles; pimples; plump
Truett, Peggy   young OD     Blonde; from Timberburg, MT
Truett, Peter     MW     Cover name of AG at Naylor-Kerr Inc
Trumbic,     TB   Secret police from Podgorica, Yugoslavia
Tufitti, Giuseppe     FH   Rest owner Italian
Turner,     WW   but to Noel Hawthorne  
Turtleback     TR     See William Mollen
Tuttle, Louise   mid AW W of Vincent Tuttle; sis of Bertram, David & Paul & D of Mr Fyfe   Bony; clips words; nice looking; short hair
Tuttle, Richard M. c   LM   Head of Boys' School; LA  
Tuttle, Rose   26 CO     Blue eyes; cheerful; pony tail; round face; voluptuous
Tuttle, Vincent m mid AW H of Louise Tuttle Owns drug store Bald; rumbles
Unger, Dorothy     SS     Cover name for Phoebe Gunther
Unger, Guy     NW BF of Marie Willis Blackmailer Big round face; mean eyes; offers Wolfe $10,000 bribe; small mouth; womanizer
Updegraff, Fred   young BO Loves Anne Tracy Gardner at Updegraff Nurseries Serious chin; wholesome
Upson, Edith     CO     Alias of Elaine Usher
Upton, Manuel   50s MH   ed Distaff mag Sad eyes; shrimp; weak; wrinkled
Urquhart, Ernest     FA   Lobbyist Quick eyes; white hair
Usher, Elaine   a40 CO M of Faith Usher Prostitute Blonde; close-set blue eyes; good skin; oval face
Usher, Faith v 20s CO D of Elaine Usher & Albert Grantham; roommate of Helen Yarmis Ex-waitress; salesgirl at Barwick's Florist Attractive; dainty face & figure
Utley, Dinah v a30 FD   sec to Althea Vail Comely; cool; good hands
Vail [Purcell], Althea (called Maude in ZC) c m 48 FD ZC W of Jimmy Vail; widow of Harold Tedder Ex-actress in "Meadow Lark" Flabby white face
Vail, Jimmy v 34 FD 2nd H of Althea Vail Ex-comedian Dark eyes & hair; thin; white face; wide mouth
Valdon [Armstead], Lucy c 26 MH RD Widow of Richard Valdon   Attractive; big gray eyes; flirt; narrow face; thin
Valdon, Richard   d (42) MH H of Lucy Valdon Author of Never Dream Again; His Own Image Womanizer
Vallenko, Sergei   a50 TM   Chef at Chateau Montcalm, Québec, Canada Blonde; Russian; scar under ear
Vance, Elinor   a22 AV   Script writer to Madeline Fraser; Smith grad Attractive; brown eyes
Vance, Florence   d FH M of Floyd Vance; mistress of Cyrus Jarrett Waitress  
Vance, Floyd m 50s FH F of Amy Denovo; bastard S of Cyrus Jarrett & Florence Vance PR counselor Flabby cheeks; puffy eyes; saggy shoulders; smooth talker; thin hair
Vance, James Neville m   BW   Musician; real estate owner Baritone; egotist; large chin; smooth face; undersized
Vardas, Carl c   CK H of Tina Vardas Hat & coat custodian at Goldenrod Barber Shop Dark; illegal alien; wide mouth
Vardas, Tina c young CK W of Carl Vardas Manicurist at Goldenrod Barber Shop Blue eyes; fair; illegal alien; pointed chin; shapely; smooth face
Vardis, Helen   young IE Loves Joe Groll Worker at Blaney & Poor Big ears; shallow temples; shapely
Varr, Ethel   19 CO     Comely; distinctive face; intelligent
Vassos, Elma c 20s KN D of Pete Vassos; finacee of Andrew Bosch sten at Mercer's Bobbins, Inc Comely; Greek; nice dark hair; small body & face
Vassos, Pete v mid KN F of Elma Vassos Bootblack to Wolfe Greek; square leathery face
Vaughn, Carlotta "Lottie"     FH M of Amy Denovo sec to Adele Jarrett See Elinor Denovo
Vaughn, Peter v   RD S of Samuel Vaughn Car salesman at Heron Manhatten, Inc Blinks; lanky; long; narrow bony face
Vaughn, Samuel     RD F of Peter Vaughn Car dealer  
Vawter, Johnny     OD S of Mort & Mabel Vawter   from Lame Horse, MT
Vawter, Mabel   mid OD W of Mort & M of Johnny Vawter   from Lame Horse, MT
Vawter, Minnie     F fd of Mrs T.A. Carter    
Vawter, Miss     TR   sten to Ramsey Muir; exec rec at Seaboard Products Corp Cold; jutting ears; thin lips
Vawter, Mort   mid OD H of Mabel & F of Johnny Vawter Owns Vawter's General Store from Lame Horse, MT
Vawter, Pete     FA   Head of PI agency  
Veale, Mr     OD   Attorney Gen of MT  
Vedder, Malcolm     DM   Actor in "The Primitives" Elegant fingers; runs fingers through his hair
Velardi, Balla     NW   Switchboard operator at Bagby Answers, Inc Bets on horses; long eye lashes; sassy little face; snappy black eyes
Venner, Sylvia     PG   TV actress in "The Big Town" Attractive; dimples
Vetter, Dick     JP   TV master of ceremony Handsome; sugary voice
Vick, Dorian     MB     Pseudonym
Victor     BP   Bodyguard of Franco Bacelli Thug
Viden, Mr     BM   Farmer Strong jaw; tall; from Montenegro
Vilar, Roman   40s FA   Pres Vilar Associates (industrial security) Offers AG $36,000 & Wolfe $120,000 bribes; pointed chin, nose & shoulders
Vince   young RM   Cowboy & rodeo contestant Chunky; little
Vincent     BM   Doorman at Rusterman's Rest Square jaw; tall
Vinson, Ernest     MB     Pseudonym
Vinson, Ted   23 BP   "White Plains Dispatch" reporter  
Viscardi,     HW   Sells tarragon to Wolfe  
Volk, Mr     MW   BD Naylor-Kerr, Inc  
Vollmer, Edwin A.     Many     See Main Characters
Vollmer, Bill     FD S of Edwin Vollmer    
Voss,     HW   Col US Army G-2  
Voss, Bianca v   FM MJ W of Alec Gallant   Abrupt; rude
Vukcic, Danilo     TB Nephew of Marko Vukcic; H of Meta & F of Ivan & Zosha SBM insurgent Deep-set eyes; wide mouth
Vukcic, Ivan   5 TB S of Danilo & Meta & B of Zosha Vukcic    
Vukcic, Marko     Many     See Main Characters
Vukcic, Meta   young TB W of Danilo & M of Ivan & Zosha Vukcic   Black eyes & hair; pretty
Vukcic, Zosha   3 TB D of Danilo & Meta & sis of Ivan Vukcic    
Waddell, Carter     SB   DA Crowfield, NY Bubbles; politician; pudgy
Wade,     PB   NYPD dep com  
Waldron, Clara     MH     Alias of Carol Mardus
Wallen, Jacob v   CK   Cop at 20th precinct, NYC  
Waller, Jake     FD   Caretaker at Althea Vail estate Lanky; tall
Walsh,     PG     Pseudonym of AG
Walsh, Michael c v 60s TR   Night watchman Crusty; runt; wiry
Warder, Henry A.     SS   VP & treasurer at O'Neill & Warder, Inc  
Watrous,     GS   Billards player  
Watson,     BO   Horticulturalist  
Watson, John H.     FM MJ     Alias of AG tp Alec Gallant, Inc
Wayne, Nora     WM     Witness to 2nd Sidney Karnow will
Weber, Hans c   LM   LA  
Webster, Arlene     BP Acquaintance of Elise DuVal   Catty
Weed, Theodore   30s D Loves Lucy Hazen Broucher writer to Barry Hazen Brown hair; large bony jaw
Weinbach, Mr     CI SC   Chemist at Fisher Lab Hisses; Wolfe often uses him
Welch, Ed     OD   Deputy Broad shoulders; dull-witted; weathered; from Timberburg, MT
Wellman, Joan v 26 MB D of John Wellman Reader at Scholl & Hanna pub; Smith grad Attractive
Wellman, John R. c mid MB F of Joan Wellman Wholesale grocer Bald; glasses; plump; short; small nose; from Peoria, IL
Wellman, Miss     F   Artist  
Weltz, Helen   20s NW   Switchboard operator at Bagby Answers, Inc Blonde; blue eyes
Weltzer,     WW     Prior Wolfe case
Weniger,     G   Cheese dealer  
Wenger, Arthur   a50 TC   Locksmith Balding; big ears; skinny
Wengert, Bill     FA   Times rep  
Wengert, Mr     HR fd of AG FBI official  
Weppler, Frederick   34 GW Marries Margaret Mion Gazette music critic Deep-set gray eyes; well-fitted jaw
Wheelock, Carol   32 BM W of James Wheelock   Deep-set eyes; emaciated; from Richmond, VA
Wheelock, James R.     BM H of Carol Wheelock Bookkeeper from Richmond, VA
Whipple, Art     BM   NYPD detective Foot dragger
Whipple, Dunbar   23 RD S of Paul Whipple; fiance of Susan Brooke ROCC worker Black; handsome; jaunty
Whipple, Mr     BE   Lab analyst  
Whipple, Paul








F of Dunbar Whipple

Waiter at Kanawha Spa, WV
assist prof at Columbia U; Howard U grad

Big; black; muscular

Balding; glasses; saggy cheeks

Whitten, Floyd v a40 OF 2nd H of Mrs Whitten Ambrosia PR head Coward; opportunist; smoothie
Whitten [Landy], Mrs m 54 OF PB W of Floyd Whitten; M of Jerome, Mortimer & Phoebe Landy & Eve Bahr   Bossy; firey eyes; healthy; pointed chin
Wilkes,     BF   Jail guard at Westchester Co, NY
Wilkinson,     MA   Judge  
Willetts,     TM H of Mr Crisler's D US ambassador  
William     DD   Elevator man at Barry Fleming apt Pasty face
Williamson, Burke c 40s AM F TM F of Tommie & H of Lillian Williamson Owns hotel chain Brown hair; deep voice; eats once a year with Wolfe
Williamson, Lillian   mid AM F W of Burke & M of Tommie Williamson Active in charities Elegant; tall
Williamson, Richard A.     PB   Cotton broker Previous c of Wolfe
Williamson, Tommie   4 AM F S of Burke & Mrs Williamson Said to be 8 in AM story; likes Archie
Willis, Arlene   young BP Sec to Jonah Keller Dimples; perky brunette
Willis, Caroline Jackson     BP GF of Jonah Keller Twice divorced Man-hungry gold-digger; pretty; rich socialite
Willis, Lance     BP   Ex-H of Caroline Jackson Willis Rich
Willis, Marie v young NW GF of Guy Unger; fan of Robina Keane Switchboard operator at Bagby Answers, Inc Aspiring actress
Wilts,     BF   Racketeer  
Winslow, John R.     ZC     Big; titters
Winston, Charles     BM   NY Times rep  
Winterhoff, Mr     SS   NIA exec com Man of distinction; mustache
Witmer, Mr     GS     Witness to Peter Drossos murder
W-J (Wrestler-Jockey)     DM   Two-bit PI operative to Herbert Marvel Barrel torso; small legs

Wolfe, Anna

Britton, Anna







Adopted D of Wolfe

W of William Britton

Serving girl to Vladanka Donevitch

SBM insurgent

Attractive; headstrong; impulsive; long lashes; supple
Wolfe, Nero     All     See Main Characters
Woolf, S.J.     TR   Times interviewer/writer  
Worthington, James Odell     FH   Doctor to Eugene Jarrett Gray hair; shaggy black eyebrows; tired wide mouth
Worthy, Wade m   OD     Alias of Carl Yaeger in MT
Wragg, Richard   44 DR   FBI chief in NYC Balding; long face; pointed chin
Wright, Albert     LM   VP Eastern Electric  
Wright, Angela     GS   ASSADIP exec-sec Brown hair & eyes; clever; hard-nosed
Wyatt, Mr     MW   BD Naylor-Kerr, Inc  
Wylie,     EM   NYPD cop  
Wynn, Amy m 30s PY   Author Knock at My Door Ingenuous; NAAD; nose twitches
Yaeger, Carl (aka Wade Worthy) m young OD   Author The Head & the Heart; writing A Stripe of the Tiger: The Life & Works of James Gilmore Rowen Broad nose; full cheeks; square chin; from St Louis, MO
Yardley, Doug   30s BP   Campaign Man of Mona Fentress Sandy crew cut; square jaw
Yare, Sarah v   FM MJ   Actress in "Thumb a Ride" Pretty
Yarmack, Vincent   a50 DR   Sr ed Tick-Tock mag Glasses; pale eyes; round shoulders; squeaks; tight little mouth
Yarmis, Helen   young CO Roommate of Faith Usher   Big brown eyes; illogical; slender; tall; wide curved mouth
Yates, Gwendolyn m a60 BE   Production head at Tingley's Tidbits "Top Sgt"
Yeager, Anne     TC D of Ellen & Thomas Yeager College student  
Yeager, Ellen c mid TC W of Thomas Yeager   curious
Yeager, Thomas G. "Mr House" v mid TC H of Ellen & F of Anne & Thomas Jr Yeager exec VP Continental Plastic Products Pointed nose; small chin; squirrel-like face; womanizer
Yeager Jr, Thomas G.     TC S of Ellen & Thomas Sr & B of Anne Yeager at Continental Plastics Products  
Yerkes, Charles W.   44 G   Banker at Continental Bank & Trust Co GC
Yerkes, David     MB     Pseudonym
Yerkes, Miss   young NW   Switchboard operator at Bagby Answers, Inc  
Yerkes, Tom   60s CK   Barber at Goldenrod Barber Shop Bounces around; hot temper; white hair
Youmans,     GS   NYPD dep com  
Young, Percy     PG      
Younger, Philip   old BM     Irrassible; "Old King Cole"; white hair; from Chicago, IL
Zarella, Polly     MA   Production head at Daumery & Nieder Like a street-walker; thick lipstick
Zabeskie,     HW   US Army Major  
Zeck, Arnold








  High society; racketeer Cold voice; genius; large forehead; precise; shark eyes; thin hair; Wolfe's most dangerous foe
Zelota,     TM   Chef in Tarragona, Spain  
Ziegler,     AB   Treasury agent  
Zimmermann, Mr     PB     Wolfe returned his $40,000 retainer
Zodiac Willowdale     SB     Guernsey bull
Zorka,   d OB   Queen from Montenegro
Zorka, Madame     OB     Alias of Pansy Bupp
Zov, Peter m   TB   Double agent; secret police Flat nose; slanting forhead; ugly; from Podgorica, Yugoslovia