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Story Information:
Alternate Title: Nero Wolfe and the Communist Killer
First Composed: 1951
First Published: 1952
From Collection: Triple Jeopardy
Location: New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Arthur Rackell
Murderer: Pauline Rackell
Motive: She learned Arthur was an FBI informant against communists
Weapon: Potassium cyanide in vitamin capsule
Client: Benjamin & Pauline Rackell
Fee: $3,000 retainer

Story Synopsis:
      Nero Wolfe again exposes a communist-murderer in a case both the FBI and the police try to keep hushed. Two female suspects smack it out in Wolfe's office and one drunken woman pats him on the head after pouring scotch in his beer. The feds and cops try to raise hell when they learn that Wolfe offers to "bribe" a suspect.
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