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Full Name cmv Age Story Digraph Full Relationship Job Description Description
Macklin,     CM   NYC DA  
Macy, Arline     AD GF of Paul Herold    
Maddox, James   a50 GS   Lawyer to Damon Fromm Sour
Maffei, Carlo v   F B of Maria Maffei   Italian
Maffei, Maria c   F sis of Carlo Maffei   Italian; mother hen; neat
Magee, Bert   a60 OD   Wrangler for William Farnham Squint-eyed; thick gray hair; weathered skin; from Lame Horse, MT
Magnus, William     RD   NYU student Handsome; husky; self-assured
Mahany, Zoltan     MC PA   Maitre d'Hotel at Rusterman's Rest  
Mahwah Gallant Masterson     SB     Guernsey bull of Daniel Cullen
Malfi, Alberto   a36 TM   1st assist to Phillip Lazio ex-entree man to Jerome Berin Compact; Corsican; dark-skinned; wiry
Mandel,     FD MC MH RD   NYC assist DA Big; broad; saggy jowls; scanty chin
Mandelbaum, Irving     Some     See Main Characters
Manzoni, Salvatore     FH   Waiter at Sardi's Rest Italian
Marcy, Sylvia   young IT   Nurse to Theodore Huck Big dark eyes; brown hair; coos
Mardus, Carol v 30s MH Ex-W of Willis Krug Distaff mag fiction ed Attractive; narrow nose; pointed chin; smooth walk; wide forehead & mouth
Maresco, Philip     MD   Member Charity Funds Investigating Com  
Maresco, Philip     MD     Alias of William Donahue to Steve Amsel
Markham, Hale v 73 BV BF of Gretchen Frazier Political Science Professor Cantankerous; Conservative; Healthy; Inflexible; Author of "Bleeding Hearts Can Kill"; at Prescott University, NY
Marley, Lewis     IE   Dentist to Arthur Howell  
Marquis of Clivers (aka George Rowley)   64 TR Uncle of Francis Horrocks Diplomat; English Peer Red face; right ear lobe missing; tired gray eyes
Mart     BF   Owner of a diner  
Martin, Alec     RB   Orchid grower Wolfe detests him
Martin, Felix     Some     See Main Characters
Martin, Helen     WM     See Helen Rabson
Martin, Jerry     RB     Cover name AG used for Perren Gebert to police
Martingale, Joseph     CI fd of Wolfe prof at Harvard  
Mavel, Herbert     DM   Two-bit PI Big ears; mole on jaw; muscular; skinny
Maslow, Max     MC   Fashion photog Screwball; twisted smile
Mason, Reed     BP NY Giants best hitter  
Maturo, Susan   a23 ZC   RN Attractive
McCray, Bertram     FH   VP Seaboard Bank & Trust Co Big ears; small nose
McCue, Lawrence     MB     Pseudonym
McCue, Mark     MB     Pseudonym
McDade, Mr   d BM   at ad agency  
McFarland, Oliver     OD     Old client of Wolfe
McGee, Julia   29 TC   sec to Thomas Yeager Attractive; brown hair & eyes; firey
McGrue,     TR   Club owner  
McKenna, Wallace c   LM   Congressman; LA from Illinois
McKinney,     G   Lawyer  
McLeod, Duncan m mid MC F of Susan McLeod Farmer; sells corn to Wolfe Gray-blue eyes; seamed face; tanned
McLeod, Susan   20s MC D of Duncan McLeod Model Blonde; born with a come-on; flighty; pretty
McMillan, Monte m mid SB   Stockman Big; GLM; scraggly hair; tired face
McNab, Bill     DM   Gazette ed MFC
McNair [Crandall], Anne   d RB W of Boyden & M of Glennanne McNair    
McNair, Boyden v   RB H of Anne & F of Glennanne & B of Isabel McNair Fashion designer; owns Boyden McNair, Inc Nervous; Scotsman; thin voice
McNair [Frost], Glennanne c 20 RB WW D of Anne & Boyden McNair; foster D of Calida Frost; marries Llewellyn Frost Model/fashion designer at Boyden McNair, Inc Attractive; brown hair & eyes; slender
McNair, Isabel     RB sis of Boyden McNair   from Camfirth, Scotland
McNeil,     AW   Lawyer to Johnny Arrow from Canada
Meade, Sinclair     MB     Pseudonym
Meadows, Bill   young AV   assist to Madeline Fraser Blonde; handsome; synthetic smile
Meegan [Ryan], Margaret   20s LD W of Richard Meegan Nightclub singer Attractive; clever; dark hair & eyes; slender
Meegan, Richard m   LD H of Margaret Meegan photog Blonde; gray eyes; long bony face
Meeker, Thumbs     BD   Racketeer Large; quick draw; tall
Meer, Kenneth m 32 PG   CAN; Chief assist to Amory Browning Long pointed nose; tired face; wide square chin
Megalech,     WK   NYC DA Bald
Mercer, John "Big M" m 61 KN   Pres Mercer's Bobbins, Inc White hair
Meredith,     MW     Case of Inspector Cramer
Meyer, Mr     LM     from Boston, Mass
Michaels, Hilda     AV W of W.T. Michaels   Fat; interrupter; rude; snaps; ugly
Michaels, W.T.     AV H of Hilda Michaels Gynecologist Cultured; well-built; well-dressed
Mike     TC   Maid to Meg Duncan Square jaw; strict
Milbank, Irene   mid 20s BP D of Orson Milbank; sis of Mark Milbank    
Milbank, Mark   late 20s BP S of Orson Milbank; b of Irene Milbank    
Milbank, Orson David     BP F of Irene & Mark Milbank; h of Elisa DuVal NY state senator Blue eyes; chisled features; lean; pompous; white hair
Milhaus, Frank     OD   Doctor Bald; from Timberburg, MT
Miller, Dora     FA     See Dora Bassett
Miller, Mrs     SB   Cook at Methodist State Fair grub tent Shrew; superb cook
Miltan, Jeanne     OB W of Nikola Miltan   Peasant looking; plain-spoken; shrewd eyes
Miltan, Nikola     OB H of Jeanne Miltan Owns fencing & dance school, NYC Moustache; runt; slow-witted; thin; wiry
Mion, Alberto v   GW H of Margaret Mion Opera singer Tempermental
Mion, Margaret "Peggy" c a27 GW W of Alberto Mion; marries Frederick Weppler   Brown eyes; "so-so"
Mister     CI     Chimpanzee of Bess Huddleston
Mitchell, Lee     LM   Represents Colland & Gaines "A bird"
Mitchell, Mr     BF   Banker to Wolfe  
Mitchell, Thelma   20s RB   Model at Boyden McNair, Inc Blonde; dark blue eyes; pretty; strong nerves
Mollen, William "Turtleback"   d TR   Cowboy from Silver City, Nevada
Mollew, Sandy     RB   PI  
Mollison, Archibald c   LM   LA; prof  
Molloy,     PG   NYPD Sgt  
Molloy, Michael M. v 43 AD H of Selma Molloy Crook; real estate broker Mean
Molloy, Selma   29 AD W of Michael Molloy; loves Paul Herold EX-model; ex-sec to Michael Molloy Nice hands; photogenic
Mondor, Marie   mid TM W of Pierre Mondor   "Built like a duck"; fuzz on upper lip; little black eyes; plump; from Paris, France
Mondor, Pierre   mid JP TM WK H of Marie Mondor Chef/owner of Mondor's Round face; plump; pop-eyed; from Paris, France
Montgomery,     GW     Alias AG tells Frederick Weppler to use
Montrose, Delia v   BF      
Monty     OD     Horse of William Farnham in MT
Moore, Mabel     MB   Typist at Corrigan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs Glasses; little; skinny
Moore, Waldo Wilmot v 30 MW   Checks correspondence at Naylor-Kerr, Inc High forehead; lots of hair; womanizer
Moran, Philip   30s KN   Salesman at Mercer's Bobbins, Inc Bony face; broad shoulders
Morgan, Lucy   20s PA   Actress Chubby; throaty voice
Morgan, Mr     RB     Cover name Fritz uses for Saul Panzer when Cramer is in Wolfe's office
Morley, Dick     F LM RB TR fd of Wolfe Lawyer at NYC DA's office  
Morley, Nicholson   mid DM   Psychiatrist Darting eyes; thick hair
Morrison, Mr     DR   FBI agent  
Morrow, Dan     BP   "New York Times" reporter  
Mort     OD   Jailer Little; scar on left cheek; wiry; from Timberburg, MT
Mortimer     TB     Murderer in prior Wolfe case
Mortin     MM fd of Waldo Kearns    
Moschenden,     TR     Prior Wolfe case
Mosconi,     GS   Billiards player  
Moses     CI     Alligator of Bess Huddleston
Mother Cecilia     TM   Nun; taught Constanza Berin from Spain
Motta, Tony     BP Partner of Lenny Packer Thug of Franco Bacelli Stocky
Moulton,     TM   Headwaiter at Kanawha Spa, WV Black; half an ear chopped off; runt
Moyse, Lila   young WK W of William Moyse; niece of Dan Gale   Dark brown eyes; light brown hair; lovely
Moyse, William "Bill"     WK H of Lila Moyse Giants 2nd string catcher Heavy; tall
Muecke, Siegfried m   PB Pretends to be Eric Hagh pro gambler Blonde; blue eyes; handsome; strong; from Perú
Muir, Ramsey   mid TR   VP Seaboard Products Corp Bony; brown eyes; gray hair; pointed ears; vincidtive; womanizer
Muller, Ernst     DR   Car thief  
Murdoch,     SC   NYPD Capt  
Murger,     LM   Owns book store, NYC  
Murphey, Angelina "Angel Food" v 20s BD GF of Morton Schane; pretends to be Violet Perrit Blackmailer; wanted felon Bold; comely
Murphy,     AD   NYPD Lt at missing persons bureau  
Murphy, Aloysius     SC   Agent of Arnold Zeck; lawyer to Louis Rony  
Murphy, Carrie   30s BE      
Murphy, Jimmy     PY   Taxi driver  
Murphy, Joe     FA   Head of NYPD homicide bureau  
Murphy, Timothy     BO LM RM ZC   NYPD detective  
Musgove, Keith     BP Pollster to Orson Milbank High-pitched voice; jittery; myopic (thick glasses); nearly bald; small (5' 5")
Nagle, Florence     DD   Breeds Irish wolfhounds from England
Nash, Bernard     G   Steward at Gambit Club Long sad face; narrow; tall
Nasir ibn Bekr     PG   Pretends to be PLO terrorist Big nose; dark; Jew; short; slim; wiry
Nauheim,     BO CI     from prior Wolfe case
Naylor, George   old MW F of Cecily Pine & Kerr Naylor BD chairman at Naylor-Kerr, Inc Baritone; withered
Naylor, Kerr v 30s MW S of George Naylor; B of Cecily Pine Stock dept head at Naylor-Kerr, Inc Calulating; egotist; eyes glint; natural food freak; pale; runt; small mouth; thin tenor
Neary,     GS   NYPD dep com  
Negron, Jimmy     OD   Chicken farmer from Timberburg, MT
Neill, Nat     WK   Giants centerfielder  
Nellie   old BP   Runs grocery store in Wappingers Falls, NY Little; wizened
Nelson, Alan G.     BP   Pseudonym Archie Goodwin used when impersonating a reporter  
Nero     LD     Name AG gave to dog Bootsy
Nesbitt, Mrs Jame R.     MH      
Nichols, Janet m   CI Loves Lawrence Huddleston assist to Bess Huddleston "Like a school teacher"
Nick     TR   NYPD cop  
Nieder, Cynthia c 21 MA Niece of Paul Nieder Model/fashion designer at Daumery & Nieder Attractive; blue eyes; pleasant voice
Nieder, Paul v a40 MA Uncle of Cynthia Nieder loved Helen Daumery Fashion designer at Daumery & Nieder Beard; slick brown hair
Nikita     OB   King of Montenegro  
Nobby v   BF Pup of Hebe   Doberman Pinsher of Sarah Rackham
Noel     FA   Ex-employee at Rusterman's Rest  
Noonan, Con     BF DT SC   NY state police Lt Big; bully; hates AG & Wolfe; nasty; sneers; tall
Norris, Paul     PY   Literary agent to Richard Echols  
Norton,     ZC at U of Winslow    
Northrup, Bill     RB   NYPD cop  
O'Brian, John R.     BF   NYPD cop  
O'Brien, Vera     WM   sec to Jim Beebe  
O'Conner,     GS     Alias that Fred Durkin used to Danny Pincus
Odelette     IT Mistress of Herman Lewent   from Toulouse, Italy
Odell, Frank     DR   Ex-con; real estate sales "A peanut"; elegant; fair hair
Odell, Gershom     TM   House detective at Kanawha Spa, WV Lazy
Odell [Hartig], Madeline c   PG W of Peter Odell; D of Carl Hartig   Brown eyes; obstreperous; stubborn; wide cheek bones & mouth
Odell, Peter J. v   PG H of Madeline Odell VP of CAN  
Odom, Bert     BW   Janitor at James Vance apt Little; square
O'Farrell, Marty     BP   "Straw Boss" at Polo Grounds Husky
O'Garro, Patrick     BM     Brown hair & eyes; LBA; quick clever eyes
Ogilvy, Jane v a29 PY D of Mrs Ogilvy Shyster; poet Dreamy-eyed; flighty; nice figure; pretty
Ogilvy, Mrs   mid PY M of Jane Ogilvy   Strong chin; tall; upright
Oglethorge, Mr     LM   Book pub  
O'Gorman, T.M.     RB   Orchid grower  
O'Grady,   young F   NYPD homicide squad cop Athletic; conscientious; rude
O'Hara,     AV WW   NYPD dep com Bombastic; nincompoop
Ohrbach, Mr     FA   Officer at Town House Services, Inc Repairs Wolfe's home
O'Leary,     DS   NYPD cop  
Olga     PB   Maid to Sarah Jaffee Big; "Valkyrie"
Oliver, Mrs Victor   60 D Widow of millionaire broker   Jowls; silver hair; ugly; yellow eyes
Oliver, W.B.     WW   Gazette ed  
Ollie     SB   Jail warden Plump; sleepy-looking; from Crowfield, NY
Olmstead,     PA   NYPD Capt  
Olsen,     LD   Janitor to Phillip Kampf apt  
O'Malley, Conroy m   MB   Disbarred lawyer at Corrigan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs Bitter; hot temper; liar
O'Neil, Daphne   young PB   Stylist at Softdown, Inc Babydoll; lovely
O'Neill, Don     SS   Chairman NIA dinner com; Pres of O'Neill & Warder, Inc Bright; like a vacuum salesman; offers AG $5,000 bribe; talkative
O'Neill, Roger     PG     Name AG used to get information
Orchard, Cyril v   AV BF SC   Arnold Zeck operative; blackmailer; pub Track Almanac  
Orcutt, John     TR   Cowboy  
Orwin, Gene     DM S of Mimi Orwin Lawyer Boot-licker; mean; narrow eyes
Orwin, Mimi   mid DM M of Gene Orwin; widow Wealthy MFC; Narrow eyes; plump; round face
Osborn, Mrs James Frank   old TM   Guest at Kanawha Spa, WV Fat
Oscar     FH   but to Cyrus Jarrett Servile
Osgood, Clyde v 26 SB S of Frederick & Marcia & B of Nancy Osgood; loves Lily Rowen   Slender; tall
Osgood, Frederick c a50 SB H of Marcia & F of Nancy & Clyde Osgood Stockman Arrogant; broad shoulders; domineering; GLM; long legs; paunchy
Osgood, Marcia   a50 SB W of Frederick & M of Nancy & Clyde Osgood ex-fiancee of Tom Pratt   Good looking
Osgood, Nancy   22 SB D of Frederick & Marcia & sis of Clyde Osgood; loves Jimmy Pratt   Lips tremble; nice chin; yellowish-brown eyes
O'Shea, Cassie   30s IT Widow Housekeeper to Theodore Huck Brown hair; deep blue eyes; hip-swinger
Oshin, Mortimer     PY   Playwriter of "A Barrel of Love" Chain-smoker; deep-set eyes; NAAD; slouches; thick lips
Oster, Harold R.     RD   ROCC lawyer Baritone; black; broad; domineering; tall
Ostrow, Irwin     PG   Psychiatrist  
Otis, Lamont   75 EM   Lawyer; Sr partner Long, deeply-lined bony face; tall
Otto     FA   Parking attendant at Rusterman's Rest  
Owen, Fred     AV   PR to Hi-Spot Co Well-dressed
Packer, Lenny     BP Partner of Tony Motta Thug of Franco Bacelli Tall
Page, Beulah     BD     Cover name of Violet Perrit
Paige, Ann   20s EM Fiancee of Gregory Jett at Lamont Otis law firm Oval face; pretty
Palmer, Delbert     MC Neighbor of Duncan McLeod Farmer Little; skinny
Palmer, Lewis c   LM   Federal Housing Administration; LA  
Panzer, Saul     Most     See Main Characters
Papps, Spiros     IM   Financier hair; broad shoulders; gravelly tenor; little; wiry
Parker, Nathaniel     Some     See Main Characters; called Henry Parker in PB & Henry George in SM
Pasic, Josip   young TB   SEM insurgent Bitter; large
Paul     TB fd of Anna Wolfe    
Pavey, Mr   young SB   assist to Tom Pratt Blonde; neat
Peacock, Sam v a30 OD   Wrangler to William Farnham Short; thin bony face & scrawny neck; from Lame Horse, MT
Peckham,     GS   but to Laura Fromm Aristocratic nose
Pemberton, Agnes     MA   Vogue mag fashion critic  
Pendexter,     CK     Previous client of Wolfe
Pendleton,   d SC H of Madeline Sperling    
Pendleton, Madeline     SC     See Madeline Sperling
Perazzo, Jim     DR   at NY state PI licensing services  
Perdis, Ambrose     D   Shipping tycoon Husky; offers AG $50,000 bribe
Perez, Cesar c   TC H of Felita & F of Maria Perez Man of Thomas Yeager apt Broad shoulders; bushy eyebrows; chunky; pug nose; short
Perez, Felita c   TC W of Cesar & M of Maria Perez   Black eyes; domineering sharp; tall
Perez, Maria v 18 TC D of Felita & Cesar Perez   Beautiful; graceful; honey-color skin; straight; tall; warm eyes
Perlman,     PG   Gazette rep  
Perlman, Abe     CO   Owns paper Co  
Perlman, Nina     MB   sten at Corrigan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs Big dark eyes; satin voice; straight; tall
Perrit, Dazy c v mid BD F of Violet Perrit "King of the Black Market"; racketeer Big face; fat; piercing eyes
Perrit, Violet (aka Beulah Page)   21 BD D of Dazy Perrit; fiancee of Morton Schane Columbia U student Chubby; comely; light eyes
Perry, Anthony D. (aka Rubber Coleman) m 60s TR   dir Metropolitan Trust Co; Pres Seaboard Products Corp Clever eyes; gray hair; healthy skin; high forehead; smokes cigars; square jaw
Pete     NW   Garage attendant where Wolfe's car is parked  
Pettigrew, Sam     TM   Sheriff Ruffian; square jaw; squint-eyed; from Marlin Co, WV
Phelps, Emmett   a50 MB   Lawyer at Corrigan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs Broad shoulders; tall
Phillips,   young SB   Police sten Pimples; from Crowfield, NY
Phillips,     SS   NYPD cop  
Pierce, Oliver A.   34 BF Loves Dina Darrow NY state assemblyman Broad shoulders; homely; plastic smile; smooth
Pincus, Danny     GS   Bookie; owns Danny's Bar & Grill, NYC  
Pine, Cecily   a40 MW W of Jasper Pine; D of George & sis of Kerr Naylor   Compassionate; irrational; offers Wolfe $10,000 bribe & to sponsor AG in his own office; wholesome
Pine, Jasper m a50 MW H of Cecily Pine Pres Naylor-Kerr, Inc Deep voice; distinguished; stoop-shouldered; tells wife everything
Pinelli, Lil     MC   Notary public that Wolfe uses; sec  
Pinkie     LM     Nickname Fred Durkin gave to an incognito Andrew Hibbard
Piotti, John     G PA H of Mrs Piotti Rest owner Italian
Piotti, Mrs     G PA W of John Piotti   Italian
Pitcairn, Donald m young DT S of Joseph & B of Sybil Pitcairn; loved Dini Lauer   Dark deep-set eyes; moody; sensitive
Pitcairn, Joseph G.   mid DT H of Mrs & F of Donald & Sybil Pitcairn   Cold gray eyes; domineering; off-center nose; womanizer
Pitcairn, Mrs   mid DT W of Joseph & M of Donald & Sybil Pitcairn   Injured back; offers Wolfe $100,000 bribe; plain; plump; short
Pitcairn, Sybil   20s DT D of Joseph & sis of Donald Pitcairn   Argumentative; green eyes; pointed chin; pretty
Pitkin, Oliver   a50 PB   sec/treasurer Softdown, Inc Anti-feminist; neat; squirt; suspicious lips
Pizzi, Augustus     EP   photog Allover Pictures, Inc Black hair; barrel-shaped; slick
Plank,     TM   WV cop  
Platt, Mr     MW     Code name for Saul Panzer
Plehn, Raymond     BO NE RB SB WW   Horticultural expert at Ditson & Co; orchid grower  
Poggett, Frederick     MD   Bank clerk  
Pohl, Ferdinand c a60 FO   Put Sigmund Keyes in business Creased face
Poletti,     AW fd of Anne Goren    
Polk, William   d FH   Building Man  
Pompa, Virgil   68 OF fd of Marko Vukcic Chef/food consultant to Ambrosia Rest chain Crusty; yeller
Poole, Beula v   AV   Arnold Zeck agent; blackmailer; pub What to Expect  
Poor, Eugene R. c v a40 IE H of Martha Poor Blaney & Poor novelties Cigar smoker
Poor [Davis], Martha m 30s IE W of Eugene Poor Ex-factory worker at Blaney & Poor Comely; hates men; short
Portchester Compton     SB     Guernsey bull
Porter, Alice   a35 PY   Author The Moth that Ate Peanuts; shyster Close-set eyes; devious; fat; round face; small nose
Posner, Al     MH   Co-owns Posart Camera Exchange  
Postel, Titus v d D F of Lucy Hazen Inventor  
Potter, Clarence O.     MB H of Peggy Potter   "Bubblehead"; from Glendale, CA
Potter [Dykes], Peggy   30s MB W of Clarence Potter; sis of Leonard Dykes   Honest; plump; round face; twinkling eyes; from Glendale, CA
Pratt, Bill     NE   Courier rep  
Pratt, Caroline   26 SB sis of Jimmy & niece of Tom Pratt Golf pro Athletic; strong wrists
Pratt, George R. c   LM   LA; politician  
Pratt, Jimmy   young SB B of Caroline & nephew of Tom Pratt; loves Nancy Osgood Architect  
Pratt, Thomas "Monte Cristo" c a50 SB Uncle of Caroline & Jimmy Pratt; loved Marcia Osgood Owns Pratteria Rest chain Brown hair; narrow temples; wide jaw
Pratt, W.R.     PY   at Owl Press Business-like
Prentis, Con     WK   Giants shortstop Tough; wiry
Prescott, Glenn m a50 WW Loved Naomi Karn Lawyer to Noel Hawthorne Fat
Prince, Anita     FM MJ   Fitter & designer at Alec Gallant, Inc "All eyes"; small; smooth voice; trim
Pritchard, Del     RB   Head of PI agency  
Proctor, Al     G   Gazette rep  
Pronn, Nyura     F     Woman in prior Wolfe case
Prosch, Carl     MM   Artist  
Protic, Stefan     TB   SEM insurgent Broad shoulders; narrow face
Purcell, Ralph   a50 FD B of Althea Vail   Avoids eye contact; balding; bung-eyed; gambler; round face
Purdy, Mr     TM     Code name AG used for Cramer
Purvil, Bill     TR   NYPD detective  
Putti, Lisette   young TM Mistress of Ramsey Keith   Cute; from France
Putz, Jonas     FM      
Pyle, Vincent v   PA   Teatrical agent Caustic; womanizer
Qarmat, Armad     PG     Pseudonym of phoney PLO terrorist
Quayle,     SS   NYPD cop  
Quayle, Timothy   a40 DR Loves Marian Hinckley Sr ed of Tick-Tock mag Aggressive; broad shoulders; firm jaw; "hero"
Quest, Bernard   81 PB   VP Softdown, Inc Firm voice; sharp-gray eyes; white hair
Quinn, Marjorie   20s PA   Actress  
Quinn, Mr     TC      
Quon, Cherry   20s CP Fiancee of Kurt Bottweill rec at Bottweill's, Inc Calm; chirps; Oriental; pretty; statuesque
Rabson, Arthur     WM H of Helen Rabson Garage owner from Florence, SC
Rabson [Martin], Helen     WM W of Arthur Rabson Ex-sec to Jim Beebe  
Rackell, Arthur v   HR Nephew of Benjamin Rackell Undercover FBI agent at Rackell Importing Co  
Rackell, Benjamin c   HR H of Pauline & uncle of Arthur Rackell Pres Rackell Importing Co Long broad torso; long narrow head; mournful looking; short limbs
Rackell, Pauline c m   HR W of Benjamin Rackell Communist Interrupter; pushy; thin lips; ugly; uses cliches
Rackham, Barry m   BF H of Sarah Rackham Arnold Zeck agent; ex-football player Extravagant; gives AG $6,000 bribe; good laugh; puffy eyes
Rackham, Sarah c v mid BF W of Barry Rackham; cousin of Calvin Leeds Wealthy Bony face; neurotic; plump; snaps
Rago, Paul m   FA JP   Sauce chef at Hotel Churchill, NYC Broad shoulders; graying hair; mustache
Ramsey, Rita     EM     See Rita Sorell
Randall,     GS PB   NYPD homicide cop Bony; narrow; tall
Randall, Richard     AD     Alias of Michael Molloy
Rattner,     HR     PI Fred Durkin used on Wolfe case
Reade, Belinda   young OB Mistress of Donald Barrett   Baby doll; blonde; lovely
Regan, B.A.     WW   DA Rockland Co, NY Bony; mustache; runt; wears straw hat
Regan, Oggie     LM   Tribune rep  
Rennert, Kenneth v 34 PY   Shyster Handsome; muscular; piercing brown eyes
Rentner, Abraham     GW   Surgeon at Mt Sinai hospital  
Reyes, Ella v a30 AD   Maid to Rita Arkoff Black; neat; small
Reynolds, William     SC     Communist Party alias of Webster Kane
Ricci, Mrs     F   Landlady of Carlo Maffei Bossy; fat; Italian; pushed-in-nose; wet hands
Richards,     AV   VP of FBC  
Richardt,     LM   Orchid shipper  
Riff, Dorothy   young IT   sec to Mrs Theodore Huck Fair; gray-green eyes
Riley,     DS   NYC assist DA  
Riley, William A.   boy F   Caddy to E.D. Kimball Blue eyes; red hair
Riordan, Al     BM   AP rep  
Ritchie, Mr     WW   Executor of Noel Hawthorne estate 6 feet tall
Ritter, Miss     F   sec to assist DA Derwin  
Rizzo, Vito     TB     Alias of Peter Zov in NYC
Robbins, Mrs James     CO   Grantham House dir  
Robertson, Blair     F H of Mrs Robertson    
Robertson, Mrs     F W of Blair Robertson    
Robilotti [Grantham], Louise m a60 CO W of Robert Robilotti; Widow of Arthur Grantham; aunt of Dinky Byne   Bony; bossy; corrugated neck; deep-set gray eyes; snob
Robilotti, Robert "Robbie"   a45 CO 2nd H of Louise Robilotti   Effeminate; long nails; plucked eyebrows; thin mustache; from Italy
Roca,     ZC   NYPD cop Manly; seeks brownie points; snappy
Roeder, Pete     BF     Alias Wolfe used to infiltrate Arnold Zeck organization (Beard; lost 117 pounds; pleated face)
Rogers, Stanley     MD   Lawyer that Nathaniel Parker recommends to AG Red-faced; from Albany, NY
Rohde, Mr     SS   Man Hotel Waldorf  
Rollins, Harold   36 BM   History prof at Bemis College, Iowa Glasses; small; small nose & chin; superior smile; wide mouth; from Burlington, Iowa
Romeike, Ed     WK   Giants pitcher  
Rony, Louis v   SC BF of Gwen Sperling Arnold Zeck agent; blackmailer; "lawyer" Square jaw
Rookaloo v   SM     Monkey of Adrian Getz
Rooney [Annie], Audrey c young FO Loves Wayne Safford Ex-sec to Victor Talbott Fair; impulsive; pink skin
Root, Peter     HW S of Thomas Root; ex-fiance of Jane Geer Courtmartialed US Army Capt  
Root, Thomas m mid HW F of Peter Root Masquerades as Wolfe Eats cookies; fat; leers
Roper, Ward   a50 MA   Fashion designer at Daumery & Nieder Elegant; greasy voice; slender
Rose     DS   Maid to Otis Jarrell Broad flat nose; plucked eyebrows
Rose     LM   Maid to Mrs Burton  
Rosenbaum, Mr     MW   Structural metals service head at Naylor-Kerr, Inc Bald
Ross, Bernard     MC   Lawyer to Susan McLeod  
Ross, Otis     MD   Chairman Charity Funds Investigating Com  
Ross, Otis     MD     Alias of William Donahue to Wolfe
Rossi,     MB   NYPD cop  
Rossi, Domenico     TM F of Dina Lazio Chef at Empire Cafe, London, England  
Rowcliff [Copes], Diana     PG W of George Rowcliff; twin sis of Dennis Copes    
Rowcliff, George (J.M. in PB)     Some     See Main Characters
Rowen, James Gilmore   d OD F of Lily Rowen Sewer contractor; Tammany Hall politician  
Rowen, Lily     OD Many     See Main Characters
Rowley,     FO   NYPD Sgt  
Rowley,     PB Widow AG knew as boy   Cane; mutters to self; no teeth
Rowley, George     TR     Alias that Marquis of Clivers used in Silver City, Nevada
Rucker,     AD   Judge  
Ryan, Margaret     LD     See Jewel Jones
Ryder, Harold v   BT NE   Col US Army Intelligence; lawyer from Cleveland, Ohio