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Story Information:
A&E Nero Wolfe Series (DVD Movie Collection)
First Composed: 1958
First Published: 1958
From Collection: Three at Wolfe's Door
Location: Long Island and New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Vincent Pyle (in NYC Schriver home)
Murderer: Carol Annis
Motive: He seduced Annis
Weapon: Arsenic in blinis
Client: Fritz Brenner
Fee: $50 and Archie does not quite his job

Story Synopsis:
      One of the unfortunate times that Nero Wolfe is compelled to expose the murderer of a deserving victim. Nevertheless, he is incensed that his cook's food becomes the medium for dishing up death at a prestigious dinner, where lovely maidens in stoles serve an elite group of gourmets. Sergeant Stebbins catches Archie Goodwin advising several murder suspects, but later assists in nabbing the murderer in a second murder attempt.
Poison a la Carte
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