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The 1957 European Community became the European Union in 1992.
Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium
View flag of European Union

Year: Country Admitted for Membership
1957: Belgium; France; Germany; Italy; Luxembourg; Netherlands
1973: Denmark; Ireland; United Kingdom
1981: Greece
1986: Portugal; Spain
1995: Austria; Finland; Sweden
2004: Cyprus; Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Malta; Poland; Slovakia; Slovenia
2007: Bulgaria; Romania
2013: Croatia

Candidates: Albania; Iceland; Macedonia; Montenegro; Serbia; Turkey

Potential Candidates: Bosnia-Herzegovina; Kosovo

Dependent Territories: Azores; Canary Islands; French Guiana; Guadeloupe; Madeira; Martinique; Réunion

Withdrew from the EU in 1985: Greenland

Cooperative States in Europe: Andorra; Liechtenstein; Monaco; Norway; San Marino; Switzerland; Vatican

Euro monetary system adopted in 2002.

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