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YEAR PICTURE EVENT (General Period of Occurrence)
4001 BC
Adam and Eve located at Adam-Ondi-Ahman.
3678 BC
Gihon River (aka Nile) flood during the time of Cain.
3017 BC
City of Enoch taken from the earth.
2349 BC
World flood during the time of Noah. His ark later rested on Mount Ararat.
2016 BC
General timeframe for the Tower in Babylon and later destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
1793 BC
Famine in ancient Egypt during the time of Joseph.
1518 BC
Moses led Israelites from ancient Egypt and received Ten Commandments from God.
1466 BC
"Long Day" during the time of Joshua.
1335 BC
Troubles of Job in the land of Uz.
1045 BC
Turmoil in the time of Saul and David.
687 BC
Jonah warned Nineveh. Siege of Jerusalem in 701 BC that resulted in the death of 185,000 Assyrian soldiers during the reign of Hezekiah.
335 BC
Construction of a second temple by Haggai.
28 AD
Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
312 AD
Cross in the sky during the reign of Constantine in Byzantine Empire.
707 AD
Drought in Mayan Empire.
1054 AD
Guest Star during the Song Dynasty of China.
1378 AD
Various paintings of the star. Fall of the Byzantine Empire.
1697 AD
Various paintings of the star during an era of empires (England, Spain, etc).
2013-2021 AD
Opening of seals mentioned in the New Testament Book of Revelation; fall of Mystery Babylon.
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