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Lesson: Famous Shrines and Mountains

Setting the scene:

      Hitomi guides the family to various shrines and mountains in central and northern Japan. Wes is impatient because she is late, and he wants to leave early.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Hitomi (teenage girl); Mom; Mel; Wes
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    Wes:       What's the deal? Where's Hitomi? I thought we were supposed to take off on time. What's keeping her?

    Mel:       Don't knock her, Wes. There's no rush.

    Mom:       Your sister's right. We have time. Besides, Hitomi and her father are very kind not only to guide us, but also to let us stay in their country homes.

    Dad:       Here she comes now.

    [Hitomi arrives in a taxi. She hurries to the family and bows.]

    Hitomi:    I am very sorry to be late. Please excuse me. My father said that I should show you Mount Fuji on our way to Byodo-In shrine. There also is a replica of it in Hawaii.

    Mom:       That's all right. We have plenty of time.

    Wes:       Say, Hitomi. How do we bop on out of here? It's too far for a taxi. Do we take a plane?

    Hitomi:    I have tickets for us to travel by bullet train. It is convenient and fast.

    [Later that day in Kyoto, everyone visits a peaceful site.]

    Hitomi:    This is Higashi Ottani Mausoleum. My father will meet us at another famous place in Kyoto, Ginkakuji. That is the Silver Pavilion. My favorite time to view it is in winter.

    Dad:       Is it possible for us to see Himeji Castle? It's a fine structure. Japanese history also is of interest to me.

    Hitomi:    Certainly. My father plans to show you the castle tomorrow. Otherwise, it would be too much travel for one day.

    Mom:       I agree. Let's not try to see so many places all at once.

    Mel:       That goes for me. I'd rather spend more time at one place than be in a rush to see a dozen.

    Dad:       I get the message, everyone. I'll tone it down. We'll visit fewer shrines and historical sites.

    Wes:       Good call, Dad. let's see some mountains or the ocean.

    Hitomi:    We can visit the Inland Sea if you like. Or perhaps see Mount Koya.

    Dad:       Either one will be fine with us. Let's discuss this with your father. We only have two more days in Japan before I must teach at a company in Beijing.

    [The family next boards a flight to China. Click here to see the following story: The Forbidden City.]

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