Mexico: Teotihuacan Pyramids
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Lesson: Teotihuacan Pyramids

Setting the scene:

      The family makes another weekend trip to see ancient ruins. They take two friends, Juanita and Marco, to the large pyramids not far from Mexico City.

People in This Story:
  • Juanita; Marco; Mel; Wes
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    Wes:       Dad's going to have a field day here because he enjoys ruins and historical sites.

    Mel:       That's right. Look, he and Mom already are climbing up the Temple of the Sun pyramid's stairway. I wonder how large it is.

    Wes:       How about it, Marco? It certainly is much larger than that Temple of the Moon.

    Marco:    Most assuredly, my friend. In fact, the base measurements are about the same as Khafre's pyramid. However, this one is quite a bit lower - although it probably had a temple at the peak.

    Juanita:   From the top, you can see the Temple of Quetzalcoatl.

    Mel:       Who was that?

    Juanita:   Many people believe Quetzalcoatl was Jesus Christ, who visited the ancient people after his resurrection.

    Mel:       Oh. I better get a picture of that with Dad.

    Wes:       Pyramids were supposed to be manmade mountains for ancient worship. Dad said he hopes to take us to some of them. I think we can count on seeing Borobudur and Silbury Hill.

    Juanita:   Where are those located?

    Wes:       Silbury Hill's in England; the other is in Indonesia.

    Marco:    You both are fortunate to visit so many fabulous places!

    Wes:       You can say that again. Uh-oh, our parents are climbing down now. Looks like it's time to bug out.

    Marco:    What does that mean? I do not understand most of your slang.

    Mel:       It means time to go. Dad wants us to visit another site on the coast later this week. If I remember correctly, the place is called El Tajin.

    Juanita:   I know that place. My family spent a weekend at the beach near there last month. It is in Tamaulipas State.

    [The family completes the assignment in Mexico and travels to Montana. Click here to see the following story: Mountain Indian Cave.]

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