Montana: Mountain Indian Cave
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Lesson: Mountain Indian Cave in Helena

Setting the scene:

      The family stays a week with friends in Helena. They also take a trip to Glacier National Park near the Canadian border.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Mel; Mom; Wade; Wes
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    Wade:      Howdy, folks. Glad you could make it here. What are your druthers? If you're hungry, I've got flapjacks, crisp bacon, hot biscuits and blackberries. Everything will be ready in two shakes.

    Wes:       I'm always ready for good grub. Where do I wash up?

    Wade:      You'll find Bear Grease soap around the corner. First door on your left. Hop to it, son.

    Wes:       Shake a leg, Mel. You don't want to lose out on a free feed!

    Mel:       Hah, I'm right behind you. Nobody's gonna gimme [going to give me] a bum deal when it comes to a meal.

    Dad:       Wade, there are at least two places that I want to see.

    Wade:      What are they?

    Dad:       The old Fire Tower, which is the only original one in the world that still stands. I also want to see petroglyphs in the indian cave on Mount Helena.

    Wade:      Right, we can see Mount Helena clearly from the Blue House.

    Mom:       What is the Blue House?

    Wade:      A home built by one of Helena's goldrush millionaires back in the 1800s.

    [After breakfast, everyone puts on tennis shoes or boots. Wade leads them on a narrow path between pine trees. They hike several hours during the arduous climb up and down the mountain.]

    Dad:       Thanks for taking us to the cave, Wade. It's too bad the petroglyphs aren't in better condition.

    Wade:      I reckon they would be if not fer [for] some local yokels. Riffraff enjoy defacing things because they're too lazy or dumb to build anything.

    Mom:       That was quite a long walk. I feel pooped out. I hope we aren't going anywhere else today.

    Dad:       No, dear. We'll take a break because Wade will drive us to Saint Mary Lake tomorrow.

    Wes:       Maybe we can spot a grizzly bear or a big horn sheep.

    [The family visits a dude ranch near Billings. Click here to see the following story: Punching Cows.]

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