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Lesson: Loch Ness and the Search for Nessie

Setting the scene:

      The family crosses the border of northern England in a quest to see Loch Ness, site of Nessie -- the famous "monster". They also visit a few other well-known locations.

People in This Story:
  • Angie; Dad; Mel; Mom; Wes
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    Mom:       I believe this is Glen Coe, the supposed birthplace of Ossian.

    Dad:       I'm not familiar with that name, but it rings a bell. Was he an ancient Scottish poet?

    Mom:       Yes. James Macpherson actually wrote the poems, which influenced Sir Walter Scott. I found them interesting and wanted to see this place.

    Dad:       Now I remember. It has something to do with Fingal's Cave in the Hebrides Islands.

    Wes:       Dad, let's keep trucking or we won't get to the Loch and our Bed and Breakfast.

    [They eventually arrive at the Loch and settle for a quiet evening. Insects flit through cool air and crickets chirp in tall grass. Early the following day, Mel and Wes stand in front of a Nessie sign. A local girl named Angie takes the picture for them.]

    Mel:       Thank you, Angie. Do you mind if I twist your arm about something? Have you ever seen Nessie?

    Angie:    [Laughing] Well, I dinna [do not] want to lie about such an important matter. Last summer in mid August, while I was standing near the shore, I saw two humps moving in the water.

    Mel:       So, was it Nessie?

    Angie:    I dinna ken [do not know], but prefer to believe it was the beastie. Well now, Lassie [Miss], will you be leaving for Edinburgh soon?

    Mel:       Righto, I see Dad with the car now. And my kid brother is waving for me to hurry up. Goodbye, Angie.

    [Once again, the family travels to another destination.]

    Wes:       That local girl was nice but nutty as a fruitcake.

    Mel:       Come off it, Wes. There was nothing wrong with Angie. She just believes in Nessie. And I like to think a modern-day dinosaur can exist.

    Dad:       Actually, the concept is not as far-fetched as some people might think. There still are rumors of small dinosaurs in Borneo.

    Mom:       Where's that?

    Dad:       It's a large island in Southern Asia. Northern Borneo is in Malaysia. Southern Borneo is in Indonesia. We'll travel there later this year because I accepted a request to teach courses in both countries.

    Mom:       That sounds like a fun trip for us. However, for now, I want a family photo in Edinburgh.

    [The family stays a few more days in Scotland before they depart Europe and return to North America. Their next destination is Washington D.C. Click here to see the following story: Sight-Seeing Trip.]

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