England: Hadrian's Wall
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Lesson: Hadrian's Wall and Central England

Setting the scene:

      Dad drives the rental car farther into central England, with the intention of enjoying a peaceful countryside. Likewise, the family hopes to visit a few historical sites. First stop is at Stratford-upon-Avon.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Ian; Mel; Mom; Wes
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    Wes:       Well now, I never expected to see a canal and barges here at Stratford-upon-Avon. Isn't this supposed to be where Shakespeare came from?

    Dad:       Yes. In fact, we should be able to spot his home somewhere on this street.

    Mel:       Just a sec there. I bet that's the Shakespeare house. Whadaya [What do you] think?

    Dad:       I think that is a good bet, Mel.

    [The family takes time to explore the town. Later, they enjoy watching a Shakespeare play at the renovated Globe Theater.]

    Mel:       Thanks, Dad. I really liked that! "Taming of the Shrew" probably is my favorite Shakespeare play.

    Mom:       I enjoyed it, too. What say we all grab a bite before bedtime?

    Wes:       Count me in. But, we better eat before I zonk out.

    [Early the next morning, after a light breakfast, the family drives to the Scottish border. They meet Ian, a friendly local farmer.]

    Ian:       May I help you chaps? You look lost.

    Mel:       Not exactly, however, we are trying to reach a place called Hadrian's Wall.

    Ian:       Well, Missy. It's just around the next bend in this road. I have a small farm a wee bit from the Wall.

    Wes:       If you want to bum a ride, maybe you can show us the way.

    Ian:       Eh? Oh, jolly good. Perhaps I can squeeze into the front seat. That way I can see better.

    Mom:       I'll scoot over and give you room.

    [Dad continues until they reach a section of the ancient Roman wall.]

    Ian:       Here we are. This is one of the best preserved segments of the wall.

    Mel:       Hey, I think this is where Hollywood filmed the movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." I want picture of Wes on it.

    Wes:       Make sure you get my best side. In fact, take a picture of me with Caesar.

    Mom:       Enough grandstanding, Wes. We need to saddle up and go to the next location. Time's a wasting.

    Dad:       That's right. We're driving to Scotland and see Loch Ness and Edinburgh. Thank you for helping us, Ian.

    Ian:       My pleasure. I hope you all have a good trip.

    [The family continues its vacation into Scotland. Click here to see the following story: Loch Ness.]

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